When divorce was not included in my 2015 Shining Year Plan!

When divorce was not included in my 2015 Shining Year Plan!

Last January I attended a small retreat with online entrepreneurs to Bali where we challenged ourselves to be closer to free. We shared what was holding each other back from being successful and articulated what our ultimate lifestyle would be. I had 4 glorious kid free days connecting with likeminded women and relaxing by the pool writing in my 2015 Create your Shining Year workbook. And now as the year has come to pass I reflect on what happened and didn’t.

Things I definitely said I would do was get married in the Cook Islands, learn the piano, take kids camping and launch my first online product.

Things that were not written into my plan were also to get a divorce in the same year!

Does that mean I failed?

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The Top Pinterest Podcasts to Follow

Today’s podcasts are another brilliant way to share information and training online. As podcast listenership grows, so does the content so this inspired me to check out what Pinterest Podcasts there are for people like myself learning as fast as I can how to leverage Pinterest for business. From a quick search for Pinterest specific Podcasts there were only 3 that really focused just on Pinterest Marketing whereas other popular Podcasts were an accumulation of broader topics of Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing. In these other podcasts, Pinterest topics were certainly discussed at time to time but there were only 3 Pinterest Podcasts that continued to track and explore strategies to leverage your business with Pinterest.

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Dark Post Profits 2.0 Review and Bonus Facebook Ad Analytics

With 665 million active users each day, Facebook is massive marketplace to search and navigate especially if you have a product or service to sell. To be honest if you are a business or have a product to sell you cannot afford to ignore Facebook in your marketing strategy. But since Facebook is such a huge beast totally representing a large proportion of the world population you need to learn how to segment and leverage this platform to target your idea customer with accuracy otherwise you are marketing blind. Here is my review of Chris Record Dark Post Profits 3.0.

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The Power of Pinterest in Lead Generation

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