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Digital Parents Blog Carnival Host of the Month

Digital Parents Blog Carnival Host of the Month

March is my birthday month and I am super excited to be hosting the Digital Parents Blog Carnival. This month we received a great variety of blog posts including a few dads as well. Don’t forget to scroll all down to the bottom to check out all the posts and where possible write a comment or two to say you visited. Blogging is fun and it is always a pleasure to read what other bloggers are up too and what inspires them to share with the world. Enjoy!

Spirited Mama
Most beautiful toy stores in Paris
I visited Paris with my daughter at Christmas and visited the most beautiful and traditional stores in the city. This is what I found.
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The Mother Load Australia
Aldi – If You Dare
A little tongue in cheek post about my Aldi Supermarket shopping experience.Digital Parents Blog Carnival
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10 Percent Inspired
The Mixed Berry recall and budget righteousness
The mixed berry recall had a huge affect on the media (you know, until something else came up) but it also opened the door for a lot of talk that wasn’t overly helpful. Please, keep this in mind while the discussion is happening. Plenty of people aren’t cheap because their Scrooges, they’re cheap because they’re scrounging.
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They’re Here
The most frightening night of Chubba’s life… well almost. Home alone with 3 kids…. ahh the chills.
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A Tray of Bliss     
Preparing meals ahead to save big $$$  
A runsheet on shopping and preparing family meals to save money, eating well, and treating running your kitchen as if you were a chef, and your home, the restaurant.
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I came across some anti-choice protesters outside a women’s clinic that performs abortions and it reminded me of why I’m pro-choice.
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Birth Story
A story of how, in January 2014, a new life was brought into the world.
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Untabooing grief  
How do you talk about grief when the words don’t exist? You just do it anyway. My dad died 20 years ago. Here are the words I’m using to talk about it.
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No Excuses!
The next stage – teens driving me crazy!

“For years I have been dealing with dirty nappies, crying babies and toddlers, the terrible two’s and troublesome three’s, night feeds and sleepless nights.Then the school years began and life became more hectic with many appointments, including school excursions, sports carnivals, meetings, parent/teacher interviews, school concerts and rehearsals, other sporting commitments along with after school training, swimming, music or dance lessons; I went from being a stay at home mum to a taxi service!”

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Contributing to the Household as a SAHM
No matter if you work full time, part time or stay at home with your family, each contribution is important and the SAHM is no exception. From household duties to caring from children, it’s one of the busiest ‘jobs’ there is.
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Wish U.S Were Here
Get Pin-spired!
American online shopping from Down Under!

Barbie Bieber and Beyond

If You Are A Struggling Stay At Home Mum-These Are The Words You Need To Hear

It’s the hardest job. Sometimes no matter what we do or how we do it, we are sometimes left feeling like a failure. Every Stay At Home Mum needs to read this. It will give you a boost when you think you are doing everything wrong.
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11 Things to do with kids art
“Are you forever surrounded by little people’s finger paintings, endless crayon drawings and paper plate craft? Are you a sentimental hoarder like me? Seems I’m not the only one drowning in my little Picasso’s works of art. So here’s 11 things to do with kids art…”

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Talking Frankly
The magic (ahem) of parenting
A brief expose on the magic of parenting
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Where the Wild Things Were
When others try to crush your dreams…
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Pretty Wee Things
Raspberry chocolate layered zoats
Chocolate and Oat lovers, beware…I may be creating a new obsession for you! Raspberry chocolate layered Zoats (Zucchini Oats if you missed the new healthy-oat-craze memo).
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Toilets aren’t for Turtles
Secret Diary of an Australian Threenager
A ‘guest post’ from my delightful threenager ;)
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Disappointment is a big emotion: 4 ways to help your child
Teaching our kids how to bounce back from disappointment, sadness or negative life events – rather than fix it for them – is one of the most valuable gifts we can give our kids. Here are 4 ways you can help your child through disappointment.
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Gift Grapevine

Miss TT turns 5 – the party
Miss TT is officially 5. I share her afternoon tea party complete with party food, a foolproof chocolate cake and one very cool gift.


Becci’s Domestic Bliss
This weeks Planner Theme
“This year I am using a Kikki K Large Time Planner in Mint to keep myself organised and motivated. This week I chose a colour theme. Yellow, Black and White.”
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Denise Mooney
Want to be a writer? Start here.
I receive a lot of emails from people asking much the same question. I want to reinvent myself as a writer. But where do I start? I can only tell you how I got started with my career. There is no blueprint. Your story could be entirely different.
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Adventure, Baby!
Why We Don’t Eat Fish: Conversations With My 3-Year-Old
A conversation with my 3-year-old about being a vegetarian.
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Eco Parents Australia
Fruit cakes
I add my latest fruit creation to the list. A healthy and sugar free alternative to a kids birthday cake. Adults seem to love them to.
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Sweet Words Pretty Pictures
How to Shoot an Outfit Post
A simple look into the world of fashion blogging and shooting your own outfit post.
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Living Your Balance
5 Ways Stay At Home Moms Can Show Themselves Some Compassion
This is a post about ways stay at home moms can show themselves compassion and why it is so important for them to do this.
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Ever-changing Life of a Mum
Does it really get easier as they get older?
“Little children, little problems – big children, big problems”. This post explores whether parenting gets easier as children get older.
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Six Little Hearts
My Cubby – Memorable Moments in Childhood
Remember how special cubby houses were when you were a child?
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Good Things*
A look at the unique nature of pet ownership and a remembrance of all the special pets I’ve shared my life with – including Lamby the, um, lamb!
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Our Urban Box
That one day I won lotto
A quick little humorous story about the day I won lotto. And wishing it would happen again.
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Practical Research Parenting
Kind and Firm, Consistent and Responsive, is it possible?
I have struggled to be both consistent and responsive in some situations. I found a lot of research on exactly this, and it has really helped me to clarify what is important when. This post explores what responsive (kind) and consistent (firm) mean and what behaviours fit both according to a wealth of research on the topic.
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The Laney Files
Secret Parenting Behaviour
When we become parents, things change. Standards get swapped for survival. And there’s no time to care! Just like Carrie Bradshaw talked about Secret Single Behaviour, this is Secret Parenting Behaviour.
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Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting
I’ve discovered the cause of the obesity epidemic
Let’s face it, the obesity epidemic is well and truly a #FirstWorldProblem. Ethiopia doesn’t have an obesity problem, nor do Somalia or Rwanda.
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Sustaining Community
What’s your parenting style?
Are you authoritarian, permissive, uninvolved or authoritative? An overview of four parenting styles and a link to a quick quiz.
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Patch Imperfect
Have you googled yourself lately?
A post about how to optimise your online profile and why those pesky statuses from 2007 can come back to haunt us!
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Baking Love: Almond Macarons
I love making macarons. Scratch that, i just love eating macarons! They can be so difficult to make, but check out my simple recipe to wow your family and friends!


How to use Pinterest Messaging for Business

Texts, e-mails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter – there seems to be a whole plethora of platforms to get in touch with people nowadays, which leaves us with a question, “Why should we really care about the Pinterest Messaging for business System and what added advantage would it bring to my business?” If you are just anotherContinue Reading

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Review and Bonus Facebook Ad Analytics

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Review and Bonus Facebook Ad Analytics

With 665 million active users each day, Facebook is massive marketplace to search and navigate especially if you have a product or service to sell. To be honest if you are a business or have a product to sell you cannot afford to ignore Facebook in your marketing strategy. But since Facebook is such a huge beast totally representingContinue Reading

How to generate More Subscribers with Retargeting

How to generate More Subscribers with Retargeting

A few years ago when I first heard of the internet marketing strategy of retargeting it was limited to the top end of town for blogs with massive traffic that could afford the services of expensive software that could track when a visitor left your website by following them around the internet with advertisements  encouragingContinue Reading

Get More Business Exposure by Using Pinterest’s Group Boards!

Get More Business Exposure by Using Pinterest’s Group Boards!

Pinterest has seriously taken the social media limelight by quickly evolving from being yesteryears’ niche startup to becoming a social media powerhouse that can be a marketing genie for any business. Rich content, consistent pinning, thriving follower growth, and more re-pins is what every business seeks, to get itself noticed on this digital soft board,Continue Reading

The Power of Pinterest in Lead Generation

The Power of Pinterest in Lead Generation

With an ever-growing fan following, Pinterest is no longer a network solely for Thanksgiving recipes, craft pictures and makeup tutorials. The rocketing popularity of this social media power house has gained it a sprawling reputation of being a lead generation machine and an important conversion tool in the eyes of marketing gurus. If you haveContinue Reading

The 3 steps taken towards my Liberation Shift

The 3 steps taken towards my Liberation Shift

A lot of people dream of change. Making something different of themselves. Setting themselves free from whatever is holding them back from achieving a life’s dream. Most people want the lifestyle, the travel, the income, the great love and flexibility but a lesser few will invest in themselves to make it happen. Making it happenContinue Reading

Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

For the past year I barely touched my Pinterest account. I knew it was a source of traffic generation for blogging but had trouble understanding how I could leverage Pinterest for Business. In the past when I was renovating my house I started a few boards on images that inspired me for kitchen and bathroomContinue Reading

My Beach Destination Wedding Invitation Recommendations

My Beach Destination Wedding Invitation Recommendations

In less than 3 months I am getting married. Eeeeeeek! Cant believe how fast the last 12 months have crept up and I am wondering if maybe we should have pushed it back a bit further. But no, the date is confirmed, the flights are booked and the invitations out. No cold feet now andContinue Reading

It’s your Year with a Leonie Dawson workbook

It’s your Year with a Leonie Dawson workbook

Well I probably should be starting my Leonie Dawson Workbook early in the morning with a fresh start but as we have it, it is late at night, kids asleep as I settle down with a late night coffee listening to music as I open my first pages. If you have not seen it butContinue Reading

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