How would you like to feel more happiness today? I know life can get busy with work and tasks, and our busyness can sometimes drag us down. In order to combat this, there are simple things that you can do everyday in order to get those happy chemicals moving in your body.

There are many things you can do to spark happiness in your life and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to do so. There are even plenty of things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. Here are ten things you can do to feel happier today and make your happy brain chemicals love you.

1. Hang out with a friend. Friends make life happier. You can invite a friend over, play games, watch a movie, or simply talk. You can also go out to get coffee, go for a walk, go see some live music, or a host of other things. Friends are amazing to spend quality time with because you can have fun with them by just being together.happy brain chemicals

2. Watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. If you want to laugh, watch a comedy. If you want to cry, watch a dramatic movie. Watching movies can take your mind into new places and make you feel as if you are living the same experience.

3. Exercise. Exercising releases hormones called endorphins which is a natural mood lifter. It can make you feel powerful and accomplished, which in turn will make you happy. You’ll feel better physically and mentally; plus it’s great for your health.

4. Snuggle. Try snuggling up to your significant other and just relax. Relaxing and not having a worry in your mind is a great way to stay happy and loving. For some, snuggling makes them feel like nothing can go wrong and at that moment, everything is perfect.

5. Read. If you love to read, try finding a book that sparks your interest. Reading can bring your mind right into that book and nothing else in the world matters. Try sitting in a comfortable chair, drink some tea, and emerge yourself in a good book to help you relax and feel content.

6. Have a family or friend game night. Games can bring out your inner child and cause the whole environment you are in to change. Games usually bring laughter, and laughter is a key to being happy. Having a bunch of people together laughing can make you feel amazing and happy in every way.

7. Be grateful. If there are certain things in your life causing you to worry and stress, try focusing in the good things in your life. Try to not worry about things and trust that everything will fall into place and work itself out. Be grateful for what you have and what you have accomplished. Keep your focus on the positive in your life.

8. Healthy lifestyle. Feeling good about yourself physically can definitely affect how you feel about yourself emotionally. If you do not feel happy with yourself, you will not feel happy about much else in your life. Eating healthy and exercising are just a couple ways you can feel good about yourself and that can greatly affect your happiness.

9. Take a trip. An amazing way to clear your mind and forget the stress of everyday life is to go on mini vacation. Vacations do not necessarily need to cost a lot of money and you do not need to go somewhere fancy. Take a day trip into the city. Go for a night at your local campground. You can even try going to the next town over just to experience something new.

10. Avoid negativity. Avoid people who have negative feelings and negative energy. Staying positive about your life and focusing on the good instead of the bad will make you feel happy and content with life. Negative people tend to suck your happy energy right out of you. Steer clear as best as you can.

I hope that you can employ some of these tips into your life today and every day. It is a wonderful feeling to be happy in and throughout the day. Sometimes you have to make extra effort to get those happy chemicals going, so remember to do things that make you happy. Sure, life gets busy with duties that you may not necessarily love, so offset such tasks with fun, interesting activities that will warm you heart and bring you joy.

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