Words to BanThis year I have decided to be a conscious writer and speaker. While starting some study into conversational hypnosis and embedded word commands I have decided to start with banning the following words in my vocabulary right Now. The most common words authors say to ban from your vocabulary are: But, Should, Don’t, Never and Have To. These words can be dis-empowering and secretly discouraging to the unconscious mind so good-bye they are to my emails and speech. Some of these words are not necessary wrong but what they do is they stop you from taking action. They fool us into thinking that we have no power or choice.  However I am carrying another 3 words I plan to ban as well. I thought about what words I use on a regular basis and why it may also serve to drop them. Do you recognize these additional 3?

No 1 is Try

In the past I might have said I would try my best to do something. The intention being I was unsure of the how or not confident of my success so I would say or write in an email that I would TRY. I would try to save money. I would try to lose weight. I would try to build a business online. But as I discuss the TRY phenomenon we all use I have now been taught that there is NO TRY.

“Do or Do not. There is no try.”

try or not to try

Actually while Googling for this article I found it was a Yoda quote. LOL I had no idea. Don’t you love Google?

My favourite two analogies are please try and pick up that pen. You either pick it up or you don’t. Or another favourite one. A tree does not try to grow. It either grows or doesn’t.

Are you a growing tree? I am.  Learning, stretching and reaching for the stars while bedding roots to secure me. So goodbye try that word no longer exists.

Another one I am eliminating in my writing is Hope.

Hope is like Try but has a feeling of helplessness. I hope for something better that will never come along. Hope gets me excited about things, makes me think that maybe things can be different, that something new that will change things for me is right around the corner. But it never is. I refer to hope in an email or speaking when I am hoping someone will do something I have no control over. No more Hope for me. It is a loss leader word and I am sure more empowering words of belief and and will, will replace it.


I get asked how I am or even more prophetic how has your last X years been and I usually reply, “Busy.” Sure we are all Busy. Busy to sum up my life has now been banned because all I am doing it attracting more busy in my life. Be gone! Instead my intention is for a cleaner, focused, streamlined life. I intend to remove the busy of activities and sum up my life. Cut out the stuff which is just stuff.

Talk to any personal development expert and you’ll hear that the words you use have the power to change your life — whether you’re talking to other people or to yourself.  Exchange words that sound negative and carry low energy (never, nobody, bad, guilt) for positive, uplifting ones (can, good, will, love), and you’re well on your way to a happier life. Now, it’s fairly easy to recognize how using undeniably negative terms can cut into your happiness bucket. But what about the more subtle words, the ones that sneak in and sabotage you in ways you may not know? Do you have words you want to take control of which will impact your thoughts, actions and life?

Reply in your comments below and I would love to share them.


Words to Ban from your Vocabulary Now

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