5 Reasons why selling Tupperware could help you build your business fasterMy first foray into a home-based business was joining Tupperware in 2007. A friend I worked with was selling Tupperware as a second job to earn a bit extra cash for the family. In the past I had always juggled two or more jobs but I was tired of the double shifts so I was initially attracted to Tupperware to the flexibility around my already busy full-time job. I had just bought a house, in a new relationship and no children so I signed up for my kit and entered the world of Tupperware. I have written briefly about my life as a Tupperware Consultant here.

So as a previous Tupperware consultant before starting my current business online I would have argued  Tupperware is one product/network marketing company that would be very difficult to sell and recruit online. The traditional party plan is live and well (especially in Australia) where people (mostly women) like to get together, touch the product, share stories and flip through catalogues. Not just last week I attended my to be sister-in law’s Tupperware afternoon tea to catch up and a few months before I attended a friends’ daughters’ housewarming Tupperware party. But what about the people who just don’t want to have a party. Not everyone knows a demonstrator to make a direct order.

What do they do? They search online.

Where to buy Tupperware Products Online

tupperware products online

Upfront, I do not encourage buying Tupperware products online through eBay. Usually these sellers are not Consultants and like most network marketing companies it is against their policies to sell products on eBay. What I have found in a lot of cases is that the winning bids are higher than the Retail prices! and then you have to cover the cost of Postage which is also quoted very high.

If I was a customer searching of where to buy Tupperware Products online I would be attracted to a website and blog of a Tupperware Consultant who passionately loves the company and product. I would read from a Consultant her why he/she started her Tupperware business. I would buy from a Consultant who was mostly likely a local and blogged about different product features and benefits. I would watch a Consultant demonstrate online how to cook with the products  and how each product was designed and what different uses it had.

5 Reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help you build your business faster

Tupperware is a business where the party plan is the life blood of the business but working online is just another marketing tool you can benefit from. So in summary here are my 5 reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help build your business faster:images

  1. Selling Tupperware products online is targeting people who just don’t want to have a party or are just too busy to have a party. Targeting this group of people will boost your sales.
  2. You can sell and recruit new Consultants 24-7 by your website and blog posts
  3. You can start to build an email list of potential customersor new recruits so when product launches, new season catalogues, and weekly specials are announced you can broadcast it to your email list to generate sales.
  4. You can be creative and run monthly online parties and competitions which work the same as offline parties without leaving your home.
  5. You can sell geographically a little bigger than your home town depending on postage and distribution of products.

How to sell Tupperware Products Online

You need an online presence if you want to grow your business online. You will need a blog like this one and some training in internet marketing to get the most up to date strategies that are working online today. By using a system you can literally sell your products and sponsor new reps 24 hours a day 7 days a week… even

whilst you’re asleep.

Some of the most up to date strategies you will learn would be:

  • Super advanced blog hacks to suck more leads into your sales funnel
  • “Compelling Content Mastery…” Aka: How to make $15,000 a month – just blogging
  • No creativity? No problem… You’ll discover our secret stash of places to get killer content that will keep your team and prospects foaming at the mouth for more
  • How to create massive traffic spikes using the one little trick
  • How to get even more free traffic using our sneaky syndication formula
  • The uncommon, outside of the box tactic we use to engage more readers and get them buying our stuff
  • The five step formula to creating simple videos that sell like crazy
  • How to use embedded commands in your videos and presentations that unconsciously cause people to click the buy button
  • How just one simple blog post ranked on Google page one and got 48,000 visitors
  • Learn the art of “Solo Ads” from 7 figure earners
  • Master the secrets of Email Marketing

For a much better explanation of how you can start selling Tupperware Products online, click the link below put in your email and watch the FREE  training video that will show you how you can take your Tupperware business to the next level…

tuppware products online