bring best out on childrenMany thanks for today’s guest post by Micah Richard.

Getting children is not a difficult task but bringing them up nicely as they grow may be hectic. Many parents have failed to raise their children in the most desirable way due to one reason or the other. Some blame it on tight working schedules that keep them away from their children thus cannot be with them or study how they grow in terms of behavior and so on. However, the little time that they can have with their children can be of great importance in bringing them up in the best way possible. You as one of the parents can use the following ways that can lead to responsible children in future.

  • Always love your children without conditions-It does not matter how much they do their homework, behave in a good manner or do their house chores, but giving them love is vital. Do to them things that they will make them feel loved by you as their parent and they will actually feel it.
  • Behave in a way that you would like your children to-Come out strongly and show them a good example in terms of traits and qualities that you would like them to possess. If you have free time try to share it with them so that they clearly understand and learn from you and your daily experiences.
  • Speak and do actions that bring up a positive self-image and sense of belonging to your children –Put enough trust in your children and believe that they have the capabilities, strength and potential of doing things on their own. Try telling them that you have a lot of belief and hope in them and for sure, you will hear them telling you that they see that you have great faith in them.
  • Practice telling your children these three words phrase ‘I love you’– Try to tell them that you really care and have true love for them which should not be a problem for you at all.
  • Word your comments positively – Focus on the result that you desire. For instance, do this by telling them that ‘once you develop this trait or quality then you will be the most successful person on this planet’, and things like that. Avoid saying negative stuff to your children at all times as it may scare them.
  • Know that every child is different and unique– Take a close study at your children and understand each one of them in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Understand that not all children are the same and that each one of them can have problems, which you need to take into consideration when they arise. Avoid the cookie cutter method of disciplining them, which may inspire one child and discourage the other.
  • Learn to be patient in life– Developing character in your children or any other person is not a one-day job, it requires time. Your children can help you be a more patient person. Remember that when a problem arises among your children, try to speak a more balanced tone when correcting the problem

Finally yet importantly, remember that children will always grow the way you bring them. What you teach them will stick into their minds and they will never stop doing it. Additionally, severe beatings sometimes will not help them change their behavior but may worsen

 Author Bio:

Micah Richards is a blogger who deals with issues pertaining to children and how they can be brought up. Through sharing information from Sheryl Pouls, he has been able to come up with different ways of having good and well-behaved children.

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