A list of 100 thingsI have recently had the opportunity to be on the Founding Team of a company called Global Mind Mastery. However as part of bringing a new team together on a new venture we were each asked to list the 100 things we want to achieve in our lifetime. Initially the list was relatively easy. Its a personal thing to write down some of your aspirations and dreams but as I got to about 30 it became a challenge. After talking to quite a few other people who complete their list of 100 things it appears there is transitional process people go through. You see the first part of your list is easy as it hits mostly materialistic items of desire like the dream home and great car. Then it might transition to love, marriage, kids and health. Most people then focus on travel and start listing all their desirable destinations around the world. But then most people stop. They never finish their list. It took me weeks to write and re-write this list and its not perfect. But the transition I saw was once you have all you desire you start to think about what you can give back to the world.

I have learned that wanting to be abundant is a great thing because you can give back and help more people. Successful entrepreneurs come to mind and then of all their charities and philanthropic activities. When you write the list yourself I would hope you too would impart on the world to be a better place. Send me your link to your 100Things in the comments below. For now welcome to mine.


  1. 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 1 study home on a semi-acreage property. It has a pool, spa and a meditation retreat and view. 1,000,000 Value.
  2. The land is also large enough for hobby cows, chickens and a dog.
  3. Own a 12 X 12 auto workshop with Hoist  for Nathan to pursue his auto mechanic passion
  4. Earn a min $30,000 + a month residual income
  5. A beach wedding . Twin daughters as flower girls
  6. Honeymoon in Cook Islands – Moana sands Hotel
  7. Multi-million dollar property portfolio
  8. Family holiday to France and Spain for 2 months
  9. Inspire and present to a crowd of 6000 people
  10. Have baby no 3 (1 boy)
  11. Grow a beautiful garden and a large sustainable vegetable garden
  12. Buy a building apartment block as part of investment portfolio
  13. Weekly meditations and fortnightly facials
  14. Motorhome road trip around New Zealand
  15. Breast enhancements
  16. Hire a Boxing personal trainer and box competitively
  17. Join a weekly art class
  18. Present my art work at my own art exhibit/show
  19. Learn to speak and read Spanish
  20. Move to Europe to live for a few years
  21. Go on an annual meditation and detox retreat
  22. Learn Burlesque and dance on stage at a show100 THINGS
  23. Learn Swing dancing
  24. Buy a new digital SLR camera and learn how to take professional photos
  25. Take the family and parents on an Australian outback adventure through the Kimberley’s and Broome
  26. Write a book
  27. Have a weekly radio program on entrepreneurship and mindset
  28. Trek the Grand Canyon
  29. Holiday in the Greek Islands of good food and culture
  30. Trek Mt Kilimanjaro
  31. Have baby no 4
  32. Swim with the dolphins
  33. Hire a tutor and re-learn the piano and practise daily
  34. Learn to play classical timeless piano pieces
  35. Give $15K each to family and friends
  36. Wear a pair of diamond earrings and diamond necklace
  37. Own a luxury Tag watch bought in Switzerland
  38. Learn to ride a bicycle
  39. Take the kids on a bike riding holiday to the Eiffel tower in France and Copenhagen
  40. Have a White Christmas in Europe
  41. Send my kids to Private high school
  42. Teach my kids financial independence
  43. Learn to Ski
  44. Own a BMW XG Silver
  45. Buy a Jet boat for Nathan
  46. Visit my World vision sponsored child in Bolivia and support the community in a project
  47. Donate to Kids Help Line
  48. Donate to Domestic Violence support networks
  49. Learn cake decorating and create awesome birthday cakes every year
  50. Meet Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood
  51. Earn $1M with Empower Network and be in the Million dollar club
  52. Go on an Ancient History study tour with the family through Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt
  53. Grow roses and have my own rose garden
  54. Complete a business/entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate at the Harvard Business School
  55. Visit silicon valley and meet some of the top technology/online business entrepreneurs
  56. Learn and implement sales and conversation hypnosis and NLP
  57. Go on an overseas Art tour and painting workshop with my mum
  58. Manage my own million dollar online internet business
  59. Be an authority for the latest Technological innovation trends and own the latest tools
  60. Go parasailing
  61. Support the World Scouting Association through grants in youth entrepreneurship and commercialisation
  62. Star in a Movie
  63. Hire a personal virtual assistant
  64. Win the Telstra Business Women’s Award
  65. Have laser eye surgery to fix short-sightedness
  66. Build a retirement home where residents can bring a pet
  67. Go on a shopping spree to New York, London and Paris
  68. Hire a personal shopper
  69. Hire a housekeeper
  70. Sponsor an orphanage and education programs for young women
  71. Fund and manage an annual grant for medical research in Australia
  72. Support medical research into dementia
  73. Be in the inner circle of entrepreneurs and millionaires
  74. Take the family on a 4 week holiday to Hawaii
  75. Live in Auckland New Zealand for a few years so the family can be part of the Maori culture
  76. Visit Denmark and meet Princess Mary and Prince Fredrick and their kids
  77. Own a holiday home in NSW on the country coast
  78. Get to and maintain a size 10 figure
  79. Hike to the South Pole
  80. Decorate my home with original art work from international artists
  81. Member of the Order of Australia
  82. Write a series of children’s books and illustrated with my mother
  83. Receive an Honorary degree PhD and give a Graduation Speech
  84. Have one day “off work” just for me
  85. Dye my hair pink
  86. Host regular family dinners for friends and family
  87. Have a personal chef on call
  88. Fly first class to London and New York
  89. Create 5 award winning and blockbuster mobile Apps
  90. Visit Claude Monet’s House and Gardens in France
  91. Take the family on an Alaska Cruise Vacation
  92. Have an annual family photo taken every year at Christmas
  93. Have a fortnightly date night with my husband (no kids)
  94. Have one weekend away with each of my children every year (one-on-one)
  95. Celebrate 50 years of happy marriage
  96. Perform in a dramatic play at the theatre
  97. Travel to Broome and the Australia Kimberley’s both luxury camping, helicopter and pearl farming
  98. Build a Family trust fund for education expenses for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  99. Support funding into aged care services and maintenance of facilities
  100. Die peacefully in my sleep at age 100 and have a wonderful funeral celebration