When do children become attuned to characters of fiction? My 16 month old girls have developed an obsession to Dora the Explorer. She is know as “Do-da” at our house. And their faces and screams light up the room whenever a slight visual clue is in place. We have not promoted Dora in anyway. The only merchandise we have is:

  • one small doll (a gift from Uncle for Christmas)Victoria Plum
  • one child folding mattress (a gift from Aunty on their birthday)
  • One singlet that is too big and resides on a stuff lamb (to make up for the one single doll)
  • Three small plastic purple bowls that daddy bought recently (where my breakfast was thrown on the floor as they clambered to take the bowls from my grasp)
  • Two hats which live at Grammy’s.

That’s it. I don’t think the list is that extensive really.

And Dora is not on our daily TV. We only get to watch her for maybe 20minutes a WEEK as she is on just before the TODAY show on Saturday morning. So where do they get it from?

I remember my little brothers as babies loved Thomas the Tank Engine and had merchandise everywhere (the bag, clothes, bedspread, videos, books, toys…).

Then my mother reminded me of my favorite 80s cartoons which I had forgotten about. All nostalgic iconic 80s cartoons characters (who in my search I found most have had relRainbowBriteStarlitepicaunches in the past years – cute cheery cartoons of the 80’s now look glamorous and teen but that’s for another post)

There was:

  • Victoria Plum –  a little fairy popular in English literature in the 80’s
  • Strawberry Shortcake –  another bright and energetic little girl with red hair and freckles.
  • Rainbow Brite and her friends who fight against the darkness.
  • The Care Bears

What was your favourite 80s cartoons?




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