Your mind is continually thinking thoughts and the kinds of thoughts it is thinking is playing a big role in what you are experiencing in terms of attracting abundance. Experts state that positive thoughts bring positive things into your life. On the other hand, negative thoughts tend to bring negative things.

According to the law of attraction, like attracts like. This being said, if it is abundance that you want in your life, you must hold positive thoughts the majority of the time and believe that abundance is yours in order for it to manifest in your life. You mindset plays a significant role.

How to Attract Abundance

Evaluate your thought life.

Every once in awhile, evaluate your thought life. Take a day or two and gauge what types of thoughts are running through your mind. Are they predominantly positive or negative? When the negative thoughts come do you let them run on and on and play out worst case scenarios in your mind or are you quick to change them?

A wonderful way to combat negative thoughts and beliefs is to recite positive affirmations on a daily basis. The repetition of the positive thoughts will help your brain to be trained to automatically think that way. There are plenty of affirmations that you can find online. Print them out and keep in a spot in which you can see daily. It is important to read them out loud so that you actually hear them audibly.

Beware of fears.

If you tend to have a fearful mindset, the fear tends to repel abundance. Fear has a low vibration and that Attract Abundancelow vibration attracts other things with low vibrations. Abundance will come in the form of things with a high vibration, so it is important to let go of fears and embrace courage and faith in order to begin attracting more abundance into your life.

Many times the fears that frighten people are actually irrational. Many people will admit to having plenty of fears and concerns that stressed them out but nothing ever actually came of them. They stress out, the feared event never happens, and they forget all about it.

Perhaps you can sit and write down what your major fears are and evaluate them. Are you afraid of being rejected? Do you feel like you will fail if you try? Do you feel unworthy? Then rationalize. Being rejected is not the end of the world. Plenty of people fail when they try something and get right back up and move on. Everyone is worthy. Rationalize your fears and tell them goodbye.

Leave doubt behind.

If you want a life full of abundance, but you allow doubt to plague your heart, your abundance may never come. When you doubt, it means that you really don’t expect what you want to come true. It holds you and your blessings back.

If you feel like you doubt deep down in your heart, try to get to the root of that doubt. Perhaps you feel unworthy or you’ve been disappointed in the past. Resolve to allow faith to rise up and overcome that doubt. See yourself living in abundance, full of peace and joy.

Remember to gauge your mindset on a regular basis and you will be well on your way to living in abundance. You are the designated creator of your life, so think positive, recite your positive affirmations, and watch abundance manifest right before your eyes.

Join the discussion. How do you attract abundance and leave the negative thoughts at bay?


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