Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

For the past year I barely touched my Pinterest account. I knew it was a source of traffic generation for blogging but had trouble understanding how I could leverage Pinterest for Business. In the past when I was renovating my house I started a few boards on images that inspired me for kitchen and bathroom renovations. As a mother of twins I loved images of multiples and articles of parenting twins. Then as I got engaged in January I started to search and save pins of weddings at the beach and variations of colours of orange and blue. But that was where my experience to Pinterest stopped.

Pinning images of a future world I would like to have like a gorgeous vision board. Pinterest to Profits

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But as an Internet Marketer more and more mentors and coaches started saying to have another look at the using Pinterest for Business. With Facebook changing its algorithms and getting harder and harder for followers to see your content without sponsoring paid posts, I logged back into my Pinterest account to have a look around. The first step I took was to find a short list of Pinterest for Business influencers and follow them and read the strategies they are using to maximise all the features Pinterest has to create profits for businesses.

One of the influencers I found was Pinterest Marketing with Vincent Ng and promptly bought his eBook, Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis. Click here to view more details Now my first impression when I bought the book was WOW this is a real book of over 200 pages of pure actionable content and video tutorials. A considerable amount of thought, research, testing and results have been put into this book and its not just a mishmash of blog posts that I see from other eBooks. I scanned the 7 page Contents Pages and realised there were heaps I wanted to know that I didn’t know I didn’t know, if that makes sense. This is not just a book on how to navigate Pinterest it is a book on strategy with various case studies on how successful businesses are leveraging Pinterest to increase lead generation, profile and ultimately converting that traffic into sales. I was eager to learn and quickly settled down to read it.

A book this size may be too large to print but I printed it off double sided so I could take it with me to highlight and write notes on what actions I could take immediately on my account and one of my client’s accounts to get us up to speed and networking on Pinterest. Over the last two weeks since I bought this book and actively applied some of these strategies I have noticed an increase in traffic of about 20%.

Here are my actions as a relatively new Pinterest to Business marketer since reading the ebook Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis by Vincent NG:

1. Review of my Boards to assist my primary business goals
As mentioned above, previously my boards were of personal interest (house renovations, parenting and wedding planning) and not business focussed. However I recognise I would certainly be a customer for businesses who are targeting people interested in the above so I moved those boards to a secondary level on my Pinterest account. I took a step back and reviewed who my ideal client would be and what they are interested in to create and start new boards following these interests. I have started a few new private boards until I have enough pins to publish.

As my main interest in Pinterest for Business is attracting clients who are building a small business and Entrepreneurship, I started boards about Business Books, Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Affirmations (rather than just another Quote board), Pinterest Marketing and Focusing on Blogging Traffic Generation. They will be my focus over the next few months.

2. Optimise your Pins for Keyword research
I want my pins, boards and my page to be found in the keyword research so I am diligently updating the descriptions to make it clear and inclusive of these words. Overall I updated the photo, description, board covers and names and moved them around a bit. I have also been spending a hour a day in researching excellent pins to include in my boards.

3. Networking and Collaboration
I started to readvertise in my email list, Facebook and Twitter an invitation to follow my Pinterest account to increase my Followers. I joined Facebook and Google Plus, Pinterest communities to meet like minded people and businesses and I’ve helped share their Pins in a group board activities. I also searched and joined a few good group boards and started to contribute to them.

4. Blog Promotion
I selected 30 of my top blog posts and had 30 new Pinterest optimised images created so I can republish the posts with the new images. Graphic design is not my core strength but from listening to one of Vincent Ng’s podcasts I was referred to where even I could turn an average image into something pin worthy. 🙂 Alternatively I recommend you go to or to hire a graphic designer to get a core selection of fresh new pins to promote your content.  I am now drip feeding and republishing my blog posts back into Pinterest.

As a social media/bookmarking platform, Pinterest can suck you in and can be addictive. Ten minutes can quickly turn into an hour especially if you are managing more than one account. I did the above also for a client’s account but this account also has the extra benefit of applying Rich Pin strategy (learn all about how you can sell products via Rich Pins in the Pinterest to Profits eBook) as they have an eCommerce platform. My strategy over the next month is to implement rich pins and continue to grow the account.

In summary, I would not have had a clear plan of action to build a Pinterest account for Business if I had not read the book Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis.

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I knew bits and pieces of what I should be doing by reading random blog posts here and there but by printing the book out and doing old fashion reading and note taking which then developed into a concise list of task to do each week/day and realigning my goals has even after a week showed dividends (i.e. increased followers and engagement and traffic to my website and my clients). I have a monthly goal now to work with Pinterest and I am already on track after reading and applying the strategies outlined in this ebook. Besides it being fun, knowing the strategies that Pinterest can do for your Business is really a no brainer but to save you time figuring it out yourself just download this eBook and by applying these strategies you will see a difference within a week.

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Comment below what your biggest tip you have learnt when applying strategies of Pinterest to your business. 

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My Beach Destination Wedding Invitation Recommendations

My Beach Destination Wedding Invitation Recommendations

In less than 3 months I am getting married. Eeeeeeek! Cant believe how fast the last 12 months have crept up and I am wondering if maybe we should have pushed it back a bit further. But no, the date is confirmed, the flights are booked and the invitations out. No cold feet now and to top it off we decided on a destination wedding.

Why a destination wedding?

Lots of people have asked us this question and to be fair I try to come up with legitimate reasons besides well because we wanted too… LOL  First reason no one was of course I have been dreaming of visiting the Cook Islands for years due to its unspoilt beaches and Polynesian culture. Secondly we wanted to also incorporate some culture into the wedding as Nathan has New Zealand Maori heritage. There were other factors like feeling a bit old to get married (already got the kids and mortgage right?) and just wanting to do something different. So after we got engaged in Tasmania last year we started the planning with  the roll out of Destination Wedding Invitations. Now it brings me a lot of joy to support small businesses as I understand how hard it is pursue and create a business around your passion so I wanted to share what we did in part of the Destination Save the Date plans.

Here are my Beach Destination Wedding Invitation Recommendations

  • Photography: Its always a bit of fun to get those engagement photos done. The first thing we did was booked a local photographer to meet us at the beach to take some photos which we could use in our Save the Date Cards. My local Brisbane recommendation is Kerrin Smith Photography. Check out her portfolio on her website.
  • Website: If you are having a destination wedding it is also recommended to do a little website with all the information about it too. is a great platform to get your Wedding website up and running really fast, free and easy. Its easy when you have some great photos to add to it.
  • Save the Date Cards: I Loved the cards that Weddingpaperdivas put together for us from the States. This was an all online self service where you picked the template, uploaded the pics, changed the text and had it approved by the graphic designer. The print and packaging was very good quality except the international postage was quite expensive. At a minimum you need to send out the Save the Date card twelve months in advance!
  • Wedding Invitations: So for the invites I looked locally to get them done and found Urban Weddings at a Bridal expo. We looked at all the traditional beachy themed invites and settled on a custom Passport! the Passport has proven to be a hit and fun to receive which is what it is all about when being invited to a destination wedding.

Enjoy the pictures! And I will keep you updated on the plans.



Save the Date Destination wedding

Beach Destination Wedding Invitation


It’s your Year with a Leonie Dawson workbook

It’s your Year with a Leonie Dawson workbook

Leonie Dawson 2015 WorkbookWell I probably should be starting my Leonie Dawson Workbook early in the morning with a fresh start but as we have it, it is late at night, kids asleep as I settle down with a late night coffee listening to music as I open my first pages. If you have not seen it but the 2015 Create Your Shining Year life workbook and calendar is an incredibly popular & useful tool to help you plan out & make happen your most incredible year in life or business (or both!).

What is apparent is fellow Queenslander (although I hear now moving to Tasmania) Leonie Dawson is an amazing artist where the whole workbook and her website is a unique piece of art. The workbook has a feel of creativity but she asks the tough questions of your business and your life. As I folded over each page reading each note, exercise and self analysis I knew this was a true life workbook not to leave on the shelf to the end of the year (like the baby record books I never got around to fill out) but a work in progress book. The Create Your Shining Year in Life and Biz workbooks are filled with dozens of pages of powerful worksheets & a printable calendar to help you create your amazing new year. What I love is it doesn’t matter how big your dream board is or how much you yell, wish or moan to the universe the things you want or dream about – unless you take action to make it happen things are not going to move in your direction.

The Leonie Dawson workbook is growing in popularity every year by a huge network of entrepreneurs, artists, mamas, creatives, coaches, teachers and women of all ages. There are no right or wrong ways to work with the workbook the underlying message was just about getting in the practise and routine of getting it done.

Now I have always been an annual goal writer. I have other annual diaries spanning the last 12 years. In January on the clean crisp pages I neatly write out a list of things I want to achieve. One thing I don’t quite do as regularly is review them. So with that, are you aware of these stats?

  • 80% of people have NO GOALS
  • 16% of people think of goals but do NOT write them down. 
  • Just 4% of the population write their goals down BUT
  • JUST 1% of the population WRITE down their goals AND REGULARLY REVIEW THEM. And that 1% are among the highest achieving people in the population.2015 Create Your Shining Year workbook

Which one are  you? If you starting completing the 2015 Workbook (new link for 2016) it will keep you on track, accountable and motivated. PLUS you will be one of the incredible 1% of people who make their dreams come true.

So if you need help transforming 2015 into an incredible year for your life and biz, I can put my hand on my heart and say ORDER THIS Book!. Love to hear your comments below.


Leonie Dawson workbook

New Year new space balanced life

New Year new space balanced life

2015 and already it feels like a very good year. For once I have had no need to read through magazines and newspapers of lofty predictions of what they foresee of your average Aries girl. As I already know it will be a good year. This year routines are changing as the girls start school, we are learning new things like the piano, my work online continues to open up new opportunities and I am getting married. Unfortunately we are starting to grow out of our little blank canvas house. My office had a great spring clean this week to freshen up for the new year but our bedrooms are starting to feel small. The bunk bed I bought to make room in the girls room now just causes more daily arguments as the top bed is now abandoned and no one wants to sleep there. Another year older and wiser and ready to embark on some new adventures. Already I am booked to go to Bali, California, Cook Islands and UK this year. Brilliant. This year I am also getting back to basics with blogging. Blogging for fun and not to be all too stressed on topics, niche marketing, keyword analysis and traffic. After getting stuck in paralysis of analysis of what niche am I in? Making money online? I am not a fashion, pet, food, wedding,,,,, blog. I think I am a “Balanced Life” Blog.

Do you have a balanced life?

Here are the 5 F’s I follow to achieve a balanced life.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Faith
  4. Fitness
  5. Finance

This year in addition to writing goals for each, I am going to check in with each of these every week to make sure it is a good balance and one not being neglected over another I pursue one more strongly.

Happy New Year! And see you here soon,


Happy Mum Tips

Happy Mum Tips

It is the holidays and as a busy mum it is a great time to be home with the kids. It is also a good opportunity to pause and reflect. Are you a happy mim? If yes, great! If not, read some special tips below.

Look at your kids

Well, they are a blessing. Shopping for them or moving around with them is a blessing. Don’t turn it into a curse by not recognizing it.

Make a diary

Well, making a note of special or funny things they say will make you happy even years after it actually happened. So, make a note of it. If you do not have a dairy, place an order for it today. You can buy it online at too.

Record them

Yes, every mum loves it but some avoid it because it is difficult to carry a camera or camcorder everywhere. But do you need a professional device to click sweet memories? Not really. You can click their pictures, shoot a video from your smartphone too. However, if you do not have a good quality smartphone, buy a new one online. There are a number of coupons and promo codes that can get you lucrative deals and offers on your purchases. So, make the most of it.

Rock them to sleep

As a mother, you have done it when they were small. However, even as grown-ups, every child feels special when their mum makes an extra effort to put them to sleep. So, don’t miss that opportunity.

Play games

Kids love it and you know it too. So, spend quality time with them by watching kid’s movies or playing a board game with them. If you can, accompany them to the park and be with them while they are running around.


Laugh and cry with them

It is an amazing feeling to copy them. So, laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. However, do it occasionally. Let that feeling stay alive.

Gift them

You cannot gift them everything they love. So, know what they like and accordingly give those gifts. Costly gift items can be purchased from because yo

u can get amazing deals and discounts by using coupons that can get you best bargains on your purchases. Apart from the monetary transactions, it is important to give them love.

That is the best gift a mom can give her children.

Whisper when they shout

Adding to the noise, you are not helping him/her calm down. So, don’t should when they are shouting. Instead, whisper your responses. This will definitely help the volume drop.

Do things you like

Running behind your kids is one of the most important activities moms do. However, revise your ‘to-do’ list and include some interesting activities in it. Include activities like painting, gardening, reading novels, etc. This will act as a stress buster. If you are planning to buy some novels or movie DVDs, check for them online. Purchasing more than two items, you should look for promotion codes and discount coupons.

What are you tips to be a Happy Mum?

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