Setting up your Twins Sleep Schedule

Setting up your Twins Sleep Schedule

“Is your baby sleeping through the night?” Is a common question asked to new parents. Instead I would like to re-frame it to, “when did mum and dad sleep through the night?” Ahh sleep. The most precious and valuable commodity in the world. When I was amidst the newly home baby night routine I read somewhere that new parents driving with little sleep is comparable to drink driving. Try feeding twins to a schedule!

I thank the midwives for establishing a routine while the girls were in special care. The four hourly schedule consisted of waking baby, change nappy, feed, burp, and return to cot. Repeat every four hours.

Step 1. Change Baby

Step 2. Feed Baby

Step 3. Burp Baby

Step 4. Settle Baby

When we got home we kept to the routine but often I was told by well meaning people, “not to wake a sleeping baby” but the routine was working and the girls rarely cried to be fed. During the pregnancy I had read the usual popular pregnancy books but it was the multiple birth stories that I was most interested in. A Contented House with Twinssoon became my bible, “what does the book say?” was a common daily question. It aimed to start maximizing the daily feeds, keeping the babies up more while minimizing the night feeds and sleeping. It was hard because as the girls were four weeks early and I was never quite sure what stage they were supposed to be at; their actual age or corrected age. What was also difficult was trying to keep the girls awake. They were always sleepy and this was difficult breastfeeding as it just put them to sleep whereas the bottle was easier and efficient and measurable.Slowing moving away from the four hourly routine to this structure was a challenge.

My wonderful mother bought me a diary to record their feeding schedules and I now look at it with fond memories. 8 t

A 24 hour Twin Feeding Schedules. Moana top half and Adelaide bottom.

o 9 feeds a day times for two babies. Wow. I remember under the Christmas lights of the Christmas tree in the lounge room at Midnight, 2 am and 4 am as we changed nappies, heated up bottles and wondered if we would ever sleep through ever again. We negotiated a new schedule. I would sleep from the 6pm feed and woke up for the 3am feed. N would stay up until midnight and sleep through to 6am. He was better staying up and I was better waking early. If one baby woke up to be fed it was habit to wake up the second to keep to the routine.

Then one day I stopped waking the second baby and she slept through.

At 11 weeks Mum and Dad slept through.


Law of Attraction in Action

Law of Attraction in Action

Bright red flowers in my wealth corner

I am starting a regular segment on my Blog titled “The Law of Attraction in Action.” If you want to submit a short story (200 words) please email me on

I am looking for your everyday stories of success in family, health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Today my little story is attracting wealth.

Problem: A few months ago I was oblivious about what do with my laundry. Being a busy mum and back to work, clothes were haphazardly piling up in the nursery and in the corner of my bedroom floor. At the time I saw no connection between the wealth corner in my bedroom with the beautiful red flowering painting and the dirty laundry piling up in the corner. Until the day the bill arrived. Another $500 bill from the hospital arguing I owed another excess fee for twin number 2. After phone calls with the hospital and private health trying to sort it out, I came to the conclusion it was another bill I would just have to pay.


Solution: As I was learning more about LOA , I requested for the bill to disappear and I started to also look around my house to identify anything amiss. It was the laundry. On suggestion of K from Connect with Spirit. I moved the laundry to its rightful place, the bathroom.

Result: The very next day I received a phone call. The bill was a mistake. I was told to rip up the bill as I no longer had to pay. Yippee! That works for me.

What is your story of the law of attraction in action?


Friday is my day

Friday is my day

Mother’s guilt is live and well at my place.  I went back to work for three days a week when the girls were only 4 months old. I didn’t think too much of it as they were good babies and I only had them in childcare for one day. Daycare was across from work and I could drop by when ever I wanted. My mum and N were available to cover the other few days. Since then we have needed to readjust childcare as my work increased and N returned to full time work. Today I am finding it difficult. The girls are almost 9 months and we have them in childcare for two days and family daycare for one day. Besides that it is THREE days of paying for two children in childcare the most important thing is I am missing out. Other people have their routines and report on how the girls are going and although I keep telling myself that three days would be the complete limit, it is too much.

Mummy with Moana and Adelaide. 3 Months old.

Friday is my day. Friday is supposed to be my day to be a mum and spend time with my children but I confess lately it is a day filled with cleaning, emailing, laundry and shopping. Compared to daycare days where I hear the girls play, eat and sleep my day seems to be rush, busy and rush. I have read some emails and posts while trying to re-examine my goals and priorities as I think now something has to change – perhaps leave the chores to when they sleep and spend quality time when awake. They are growing up so fast; nine months old in a few days.

My annual leave is starting to dwindle so I need to make the jump officially to part-time and at the moment it is a bit of a psychological barrier – cut my salary 20% to be with the babies. I know it sounds terrible as it should not be barrier but things just are not working the way it is.

How do you juggle childcare with working and how do you spend your days with the kids?

Pilates and Lattés

Pilates and Lattés

My health and fitness goals have slipped (as I sit here eating leftover chocolate mud birthday cake). When the girls were almost 4 months I remember having a good sob as my body was alien and I selfishly wanted to find some resemblance of my body. Like most new mums, I had unrecognizable breasts, and saggy tummy and no clothes fit.

I would have loved to have gone with all the other mums to baby yoga, baby pilates, baby swimming classes or even baby bootcamp. But it is completely impossible to attend any of these fitness inspired baby classes with twins. You need another partner and then it is double the cost.

When I was pregnant I had daydreamed of moving to the beach and going for daily walks with my double stroller in the morning accompanying the bikes and runners before relaxing

"Holiday at the beach" entertaining 4 week old twin girls.

with other mums by the beachside sipping their lattes under a bright Queensland sun. It did not happen mind you. When the girls were 4 weeks old we packed up the house, car, bottles, double bazooka breast pump, clothes, bibs, nappies, blankets, bouncers and every other baby paraphernalia and trundled down to the beach to stay with my parents. It was a week of leaking boobs, and tired and cranky babies, and 4 hourly feeds. I remember MM sneaking off home for a night so he could have 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep while I had my parents help. My walks were short as the pram was still uncomfortable in my grasp and the girls were so small.

One who once hiked 96km across the Kokoda Track was now having a heart attack pushing a double pram up the hill home.

So my next search was to find a gym. I compared three local gyms – Fernwood, Goodlife and Fitness First. I attended the membership interviews and filled out their surveys. What I wanted was long opening hours, varied fitness program, preferably a pool and sauna (but willing to comprimise), TV or some sort of entrainment, clean and nice touches to the bathrooms and locker rooms, a good crèche with low adult to child ratios and crèche prices (I would have to factor in 2 additional crèche prices to the membership), membership price and general atmosphere. In the end I joined Fitness First as they topped all my criteria plus they waived the joining fee, gave a discount for private health care,  gave me three free personal training sessions, and 30 free crèche visits. Now I am back to work I am lucky to get there one day a week but I’ll get there.

Do you have any tips or exercises to get back into shape at home with your baby?

Getting out and about with the twins 4 months

My weekly mumpreneurs Interviews

My weekly mumpreneurs Interviews

As a regular blog segment I wanted to interview mumpreneurs who have taken control of their career and started a business from home. As I juggle with childcare and full time work, my dream job would be to come up with a great idea or exploit a skill and be my own boss.

Although my degrees are science and technology, I doubt I will be coming up with a new invention or medical breakthrough (although if you have please contact me I would love to hear about it) anytime soon. I have met plenty of professional science and business entrepreneurs but the mum niche market is something different altogether. Over the series of interviews we will discuss challenges, tips and how mums around the world did it.

If you have a question to ask these mumpreneurs please email me at lisad @