Avery Internet Shipping labels

Using the online Avery product wizard to create my label

For over a year now I have been selling products online either through eBay, HardtoFind or Quicksales. So I was happy to trial out Avery’s new Internet Shipping Labels for posting some of my latest online sales. The labels come in a number of sizes depending on the boxes or packages you are posting. They also cover everything underneath so packaging materials can be recycled. What I liked about them is the ease of the templates to design and print online. Many years ago when I attempted printing labels for sending catalogues to customers I remember having to look up codes in Microsoft Word for templates and I remembered it being quite a process. So I was pleased to find Avery have an online wizard you can use to do this instead. It also has some pre-designed templates you can use or just drag and drop the company logo like I did.

You can also use Avery software and the Templates in Microsoft Word but I preferred the online design and print instead because they can also be personalised or branding can be developed for small businesses and mumpreneurs.

Avery Internet Shipping labels

Logo added to the Avery Label

Another feature that I was happy to see is the creation of QR codes. QR Codes are barcodes you can create that can be read on your smartphone. I am now using them on business cards and next time will add it to my label.

So thank you Avery for recommending I try the Internet Shipping Labels as they were easy, professional and added value to my online sales.

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