Farce Photos behind parent work from home dreamParenthood has inspired plenty of families to seek home base businesses to spend more time with their kids at home. Since becoming a mum myself I have seen mums and dads start their own eBay businesses, consulting, network marketing, party planning, making stuff for the markets, sewing, taking up photography, tutoring…. with the same goal in mind.  The types of businesses have been endless as everyone tries to achieve that dream of working from home. In the same token I see those marketers who try to encapsulate the images of what it is to combine Work + Home or Work + Leisure.

Work + Home

Mom And Baby With Computer Working From Home You would have seen images like this one. Ahh to be that fresh faced, beautiful, manicured looking mum tapping away at her laptop while equally gorgeous bub smiles charmingly on in a happy blissful dream of earning an income while at home taking care of your baby. I hesitantly remember when I was home with baby twins juggling night feeding in daggy oversized trackpants while the most laptop tapping was Facebook updates of :


Don’t get me wrong – I have the dream too …especially if it involves a man in front of the computer doing paperwork with a baby sitting on his lap just waiting for daddy to finish. Maybe he can do my laundry, clean my house and cook my dinner too?

Father And Baby In Dining Room With Laptop

Have you actually tried to sit in front of the computer with a baby, toddler or 4 year old in your arms??? But my attempts of working with children are probably more realistic to this photo (minus the equally washed hair and manicure) but you get what I am saying.

business woman with laptop and her baby girl

Have you seriously ever tried working with children? Of course if you plan to park your kids in front of the television on Dora the Explorer re-runs 8 hours a day while you throw biscuits over the safety gates, sure it can be home biz bliss but is that the real dream you have for your kids?

Media say you can have it all – kids and career but there isn’t enough time in the day to be good at both at the same time.


Have you tried to take a business call while the kids crying for your attention in the background as you race around the house trying to find a quiet spot to finish the call? This is one I had quite recent as I was on a teleconference trying to manically silence my children in background while trying to concentrate on the conversation on hand was not an awesome impression.

parents work from home Mother Using Telephone

So what do REAL Parents do when they attempt to work from home with kids?  To tell you the truth from ‘my experience’ it is unrealistic to expect to be able to work more than a few hours at home on your business with children at home with no assistance. Sure when you have one baby and it just sleep and feeds at the start it could be achievable but as soon as you add another to the brood and babies become crawling, walking toddlers it is a challenge. In the end parents have had to look at either home help (nannys or babysitters) or assess the very reason they may have embarked on a home business by enrolling them in the dreaded daycare (which isn’t so bad from my experience) so you can have the quiet time to actually get that work done. You need to be super organised to work from home with kids with most parents then spending late nights after the family are in sleep to finish off tasks for the day. My personal favourite is outsourcing tasks that are labour intensive but cheap to delegate. Download my eBook how to start an online business part-time by clicking the banner to learn more. 

Work + Leisure

Mashing work and leisure images are creative images for the Make Money Online or Make Money at Home niches. What do you see? You see lovely fabulous people, sometimes wearing suits enjoying their work day away from the confines of a cubical office, horrid bosses and repetitive meetings to a glorious day at the BEACH. Its always at the Beach. A Beach equals holidays, freedom and lifestyle! The actor is also represented in a suit and is always accompanied with a laptop to marry the two images together as a wonderful solution to working form home.parents work from home

So it was no surprise when I hired my photographer to create some images of me at the beach working with my twins that made it all so real and hysterical at the same time. Would you really bring your laptop to the beach? Would I really bring my laptop to the beach and work and not mind the kids in the background? No not really.

I challenge you though to tell me what are the better images to inspire someone who wants to be a parent work from home?

How do you balance being an attentive awesome parent to growing a profitable business?

Why do these images capture the imagination of so many but are so hilariously unrealistic?

L xx