Happy Mothers Day! Today I would love to welcome to Jax Blunt from the UK to share a blog post with you in celebration of the International Blog Swap Day. Without further ado here is her post:-

I had this wonderful post all lined up for International Blog Swap day, where I was knowledgeable about blogging, warm and witty, charming and all the rest.

And then I woke up after another night where my two year old kept me up into the early hours, all blocked up with a stinking cold. And I had to rush to do the shopping so that we could have lunch things in before my eldest daughter and Tim went off in the car for yet another swimming gala (cross your fingers for her, she’s doing her first 400 IM today.) And there was post to do and children to feed and change and clothe, and change again, and chop strawberries for, and clean the chocolate off…

There’s not a great deal of room in my days at the moment for me to hand craft warm and witty blog posts 😉

But I did want to talk about what blogging means to me. My blog is older than three of my children. It’s been with me through the good times, and some pretty awful moments too. It’s where I pour out my hopes and fears, it’s where I share those little parenting moments every week, building an archive of mini triumphs to treasure.

Because of blogging, I’ve met some wonderful friends. Kept up friendships with people based around the country. Found a whole pile of bookish friends.

It’s brought us so many wonderful opportunities – not least to be able to spend my time working from home so that we can have the home educating family based life I adore. And that in turn means that the children can be involved with the opportunities the blog brings!

But yes, sometimes there’s a downside. Sometimes I spend far too long sitting behind a screen, haunting social media, trying to keep up with the latest trend, linky, hashtag. And sometimes I lose perspective on what’s really important in life, paying too much attention to my stats, instead of to my children.

So today, I’m going to use this opportunity to share the words of a very good bloggy friend of mine, who was once wise enough to tell me that the best way to have things to blog about is to concentrate on living. Life is the very best inspiration there is.kids-outside

With that in mind, I hope you’ll excuse me. The sun is shining and it’s time to get outside with the children. We’ve got bubbles to blow and flowers to find, shadows to jump on and holes to dig.

Good to meet you all. Hope to catch up again soon.

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Thank you so much to Jax Blunt. Visit her blog at LiveOtherWise 
Follow her on Twitter @liveotherwise

This post was brought to you courtesy of International Blog Sway day, arranged by Tots100 and Digital Mums and there are lots more swaps going on around the blogosphere – check out the linky here. #IBSD

Lisa Notes

Thanks so Jax for this reminder. Some days I do too spend my time too long behind the screen as my little ones want to play and some days I procrastinate for too long on what to write when you are right – I just need to live my life to find things to write about. I love blogging and my best writing is when I am free to ramble via the keyboard. Thank you.