Happy Mum Tips

Happy Mum Tips

It is the holidays and as a busy mum it is a great time to be home with the kids. It is also a good opportunity to pause and reflect. Are you a happy mim? If yes, great! If not, read some special tips below.

Look at your kids

Well, they are a blessing. Shopping for them or moving around with them is a blessing. Don’t turn it into a curse by not recognizing it.

Make a diary

Well, making a note of special or funny things they say will make you happy even years after it actually happened. So, make a note of it. If you do not have a dairy, place an order for it today. You can buy it online at Overstock.com too.

Record them

Yes, every mum loves it but some avoid it because it is difficult to carry a camera or camcorder everywhere. But do you need a professional device to click sweet memories? Not really. You can click their pictures, shoot a video from your smartphone too. However, if you do not have a good quality smartphone, buy a new one online. There are a number of coupons and promo codes that can get you lucrative deals and offers on your purchases. So, make the most of it.

Rock them to sleep

As a mother, you have done it when they were small. However, even as grown-ups, every child feels special when their mum makes an extra effort to put them to sleep. So, don’t miss that opportunity.

Play games

Kids love it and you know it too. So, spend quality time with them by watching kid’s movies or playing a board game with them. If you can, accompany them to the park and be with them while they are running around.


Laugh and cry with them

It is an amazing feeling to copy them. So, laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. However, do it occasionally. Let that feeling stay alive.

Gift them

You cannot gift them everything they love. So, know what they like and accordingly give those gifts. Costly gift items can be purchased from Overstock.com because yo

u can get amazing deals and discounts by using Overstock.com coupons that can get you best bargains on your purchases. Apart from the monetary transactions, it is important to give them love.

That is the best gift a mom can give her children.

Whisper when they shout

Adding to the noise, you are not helping him/her calm down. So, don’t should when they are shouting. Instead, whisper your responses. This will definitely help the volume drop.

Do things you like

Running behind your kids is one of the most important activities moms do. However, revise your ‘to-do’ list and include some interesting activities in it. Include activities like painting, gardening, reading novels, etc. This will act as a stress buster. If you are planning to buy some novels or movie DVDs, check for them online. Purchasing more than two items, you should look for promotion codes and discount coupons.

What are you tips to be a Happy Mum?

Farce photos behind the Parents Work from Home dream

Farce photos behind the Parents Work from Home dream

Farce Photos behind parent work from home dreamParenthood has inspired plenty of families to seek home base businesses to spend more time with their kids at home. Since becoming a mum myself I have seen mums and dads start their own eBay businesses, consulting, network marketing, party planning, making stuff for the markets, sewing, taking up photography, tutoring…. with the same goal in mind.  The types of businesses have been endless as everyone tries to achieve that dream of working from home. In the same token I see those marketers who try to encapsulate the images of what it is to combine Work + Home or Work + Leisure.

Work + Home

Mom And Baby With Computer Working From Home You would have seen images like this one. Ahh to be that fresh faced, beautiful, manicured looking mum tapping away at her laptop while equally gorgeous bub smiles charmingly on in a happy blissful dream of earning an income while at home taking care of your baby. I hesitantly remember when I was home with baby twins juggling night feeding in daggy oversized trackpants while the most laptop tapping was Facebook updates of :


Don’t get me wrong – I have the dream too …especially if it involves a man in front of the computer doing paperwork with a baby sitting on his lap just waiting for daddy to finish. Maybe he can do my laundry, clean my house and cook my dinner too?

Father And Baby In Dining Room With Laptop

Have you actually tried to sit in front of the computer with a baby, toddler or 4 year old in your arms??? But my attempts of working with children are probably more realistic to this photo (minus the equally washed hair and manicure) but you get what I am saying.

business woman with laptop and her baby girl

Have you seriously ever tried working with children? Of course if you plan to park your kids in front of the television on Dora the Explorer re-runs 8 hours a day while you throw biscuits over the safety gates, sure it can be home biz bliss but is that the real dream you have for your kids?

Media say you can have it all – kids and career but there isn’t enough time in the day to be good at both at the same time.


Have you tried to take a business call while the kids crying for your attention in the background as you race around the house trying to find a quiet spot to finish the call? This is one I had quite recent as I was on a teleconference trying to manically silence my children in background while trying to concentrate on the conversation on hand was not an awesome impression.

parents work from home Mother Using Telephone

So what do REAL Parents do when they attempt to work from home with kids?  To tell you the truth from ‘my experience’ it is unrealistic to expect to be able to work more than a few hours at home on your business with children at home with no assistance. Sure when you have one baby and it just sleep and feeds at the start it could be achievable but as soon as you add another to the brood and babies become crawling, walking toddlers it is a challenge. In the end parents have had to look at either home help (nannys or babysitters) or assess the very reason they may have embarked on a home business by enrolling them in the dreaded daycare (which isn’t so bad from my experience) so you can have the quiet time to actually get that work done. You need to be super organised to work from home with kids with most parents then spending late nights after the family are in sleep to finish off tasks for the day. My personal favourite is outsourcing tasks that are labour intensive but cheap to delegate. Download my eBook how to start an online business part-time by clicking the banner to learn more. 

Work + Leisure

Mashing work and leisure images are creative images for the Make Money Online or Make Money at Home niches. What do you see? You see lovely fabulous people, sometimes wearing suits enjoying their work day away from the confines of a cubical office, horrid bosses and repetitive meetings to a glorious day at the BEACH. Its always at the Beach. A Beach equals holidays, freedom and lifestyle! The actor is also represented in a suit and is always accompanied with a laptop to marry the two images together as a wonderful solution to working form home.parents work from home

So it was no surprise when I hired my photographer to create some images of me at the beach working with my twins that made it all so real and hysterical at the same time. Would you really bring your laptop to the beach? Would I really bring my laptop to the beach and work and not mind the kids in the background? No not really.

I challenge you though to tell me what are the better images to inspire someone who wants to be a parent work from home?

How do you balance being an attentive awesome parent to growing a profitable business?

Why do these images capture the imagination of so many but are so hilariously unrealistic?

L xx

Personal notes on should children go to a funeral

Personal notes on should children go to a funeral

Winifred Henderson LowMy nan passed away  and last Friday was her funeral. I come from a large extended family of cousins as my Grandmother was one of 8 siblings, had her own 7 children, 25 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. A question that came up indirectly with friends and family was should children go to a funeral? It was not a question to me as yes  instinctively I knew my twins (almost 4 year olds) were to attend but I was a little surprised to see some cousins not attend and a little bit of the reaction of some parents for allowing my girls to attend. So I here are my personal notes on if you are deciding on whether to take your children to a funeral:

  1. As parent it is your decision. The fact is we will all die. Irrelevant of culture or religion or family custom,  it is part of life. So personally inviting my children to the funeral in an atmosphere that was open to questions and warm arms where I could answer (as best as I could) any questions they might have was something as a parent I wanted to cherish as well as not hide away from my kids. So part 1 of my decision was also acknowledging as parents it was my decision likewise it it your decision on how you want to raise your kids.
  2. What is your relationship with the funeral family? This was my Nan and hence the girls Great-Grandmother. So it was no issue to have them along. Everyone knew my girls whereas if no-one knew my girls then it may have not been appropriate.
  3. How old are you kids? My girls are on the cusp of turning 4. Which meant I knew they could sit quietly and not be too difficult to manage. Likewise if they were younger I may have reconsidered as lots of people are grieving in their own way and if there is a church ceremony and burial it may not be appropriate for screaming, attention asking little people to attend. But I was happy at 4 they were okay and they were. Likewise I would expect all children and teenagers of close family member to show respect and attend.
  4. Be open and warm to the questions. My girls had lots of questions on the day and night. Some perhaps sweet and funny and definitely not to be mocked or embarrassing. They continued to ask:

Where is Nan?
When would Nan jump out of the box?
Why were we sad?
Where is the Angels?
Why are we burying the box?
Where did Nan go?
Is she with Kevin (aka Heaven?)
Why are we 1. Throwing flowers, letting go of balloons….

5. Symbolism doesn’t always relate to a 3 year old. We had helium balloons for all the grandchildren to release but girls defiantly said No to release their balloons. Balloons are for parties and we love balloons. So be open to them not following “ceremony” if they don’t want to. There was curiosity. The wanted to peer in and lean into the grave.

6. Show a response to comfort. The nicest way to respond to grief is a cuddle.

Farewell Nan!  – Winifred Mavis Henderson (nee Low) 1927-2013

Until we meet again xxx

Winifred Henderson Low

An earlier blog post you may like to read was part of the eulogy. I wrote this as a 14 year old English Assignment. When I interviewed my Nan so many years ago. http://thelastdegree.com/2011/08/31/living-history-of-winifred-henderson/

Retracing steps when no one wants to die

Retracing steps when no one wants to die

I hadn’t walked the local cemetery for a long time. I used to enjoy the history and the quietness of different cemeteries around town. The local cemetery opened its doors in 1918 and I guess one day too I will be there somewhere in the lawns. Today I had an impulse to go on a walk and visit someone who I used to know. I hadn’t visited since the funeral and felt compelled to quiet my thoughts and say hi. If saying hi to a grave site is normal than that is what I intended to do. But as I retraced my steps I could not find where he was buried so I just wandered alone up and down the rows of past women, men and children.funeral flowers

Generations of families as the old lawns made way to new. I counted back the years from plots in 2012 back to 2000 and earlier. I came across two ladies quietly clearing away the old flowers while sitting in two deck chairs sharing a cuppa in front of one site as if they were sharing a tea party. As I parked my car to have a final second search in an area, I privately watch as one young man pulled up, tended to a grave site with fresh flowers before pulling away to leave. As I silently walked by and glanced at the stone I notice the date was one year passed for a young wife and mother.

I stumbled upon twin boys who found their angel wings one day from birth and a surviving twin brother passing one day later. I paused to reflect on all the babies and multiple births born too early.

As I meandered to another lot obscured with Australian bush at the perimeter, I found graves less loved, tendered and overgrown.  I was compelled to clear the weeds and dirt from one grave plaque to see the names and photos of a married couple underneath. I wondered if visitors to these sites were long gone.

I sat in solitude. It was hot.

I thought back to when my grandmother died when I was 13. I was told at breakfast. The funeral was my first and I was embarrassed to know more about my grandmother at her eulogy than in life. About 4 years later my grandpa joined my grandmother after time in a nursing home. They are buried in a lawn cemetery another hours north of here. Its been 20 years now since my grandmother died and I have never visited. I feel a bit bad about that. But I remember and think about it.

My other Nana lives in a nursing home. The Living History of Winifred Henderson http://thelastdegree.com/2011/08/31/living-history-of-winifred-henderson/

She has dementia and no longer recognizes most of us or knows she has great-grandchildren. I feel blessed I had wonderful grandparents who were parts of birthdays, Christmas, holidays, school events and sacraments.  Family. My girls have doting grandparents who spoil them to pieces but it does sadden me their father does not have parents to share in the joy. But families make up all types.

I feel grateful.

The cemetery brought me quietness so desperately needed from a few hectic weeks as new decision and business opportunities have arisen.  I did not find the person I intended. I brought my small bunch of flowers home.  Will try again another day.

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.
Steve Jobs
Worldmark Wyndham Resorts Reporter

Worldmark Wyndham Resorts Reporter

About eight years ago when I was rich and single (aka before kids!) I joined the WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham. My motivation was the desire to continue to afford to travel and holiday both locally and internationally forever in the years to come. I certainly visited a few resorts while both in the luxurious solitude of my own company and with previous partners but it wasn’t until I started a family of my own did WorldMark Wyndham Resorts brought the word Holiday to Family!

January 2011 was our first Family Holiday where we braved going away with twin babies. Our twin girls had recently had their First birthday and we were off to our First Family holiday to Port Macquarie Northpoint. I had booked a Wyndham holiday to Port Macquarie many years before so was familiar with the area and eager to visit the beaches and restaurants with a small family in tow.

We got there by car which was no easy feat of packing the boot for the 8 hour drive from Brisbane. The extensive list of double baby things meant the usual paraphernalia of nappies, formula, bottles, sterilisers, 2 high chairs, bags, bags and bags. We chose JTwins Beachanuary as the traditional Summer Holiday period to be amongst the atmosphere of the school holidays and post New Year festivity.  Some of the biggest highlights was single pleasures like carpet in the apartment! Our house is split level hard wooden floors so an apartment with carpet was luxury to two exploring crawling babies. We were starting swimming lessons so we were in the Resort Pool every day. We braved our First Restaurant for a family dinner and even had a lovely BBQ on the beach. It was a lovely week of relaxation and for a new family WorldMark Wyndham Resorts gave us a great taste of many more holidays to come.

See short photo montage attached.

Disclaimer:  Application for the WorldMark Resort Report Position


Why Multiples and Play Yards Make the Perfect Match

Why Multiples and Play Yards Make the Perfect Match

Today’s guest post is by Akilah Richards who chats to us about pillows and play yards

Being a parent provides much joy, but it also requires a great deal of resilience. Most parents would agree that having one child can be challenging, but having more than one, particularly when they are young can be much more tricky. Still, the idea that having a second child will mean double the work is simply an untrue statement. Why? Because the work more than doubles! More children means a larger emotional and practical commitment to ensure that they are receiving the care they need.

Help During the Early Months 

For many mothers, the first few months of motherhood are about cementing the bond with their child.  This is why nursing, whether by breast or bottle, is such an important part of mother and baby’s time together. Until a baby can sit upright on his/her own, anyone feeding baby has to be careful about how they position them, the feeding portions, and even often-unconsidered details like the type of perfume or cologne they wear if they’re going to be close to the baby.  Add more than one child to the equation, and the considerations increase significantly.IMG_0424

Feeding Multiples

For feeding multiples, most moms will tell you they rely on family support and the best nursing pillow they can find.  The pillow often acts as an extra pair of arms to cradle the baby’s neck, or to make the person feeding the baby more comfortable during the process.  For example, dads can use the pillow to prop one baby in their right arm and minimize choking risks or other feeding accidents.  That way, mom can nurse the other baby, or use another nursing pillow to help her nurse the other two babies with ease.

The Toddler Years

Once out of the infant stage, a baby play yard can be very useful. They’re great for a single child, but could be considered a godsend, if not a necessity, for parents of more than one baby or toddler. Also, they are great for play dates, allowing for parents to visit with one another without constantly being concerned about where the babies may be headed. Also, when there is more than one baby, the play yard offers a way for them to learn how to play with each other while providing interesting things for them to do independently.

Managing Play and Naptime 

At any stage in a baby’s journey, pillows and play yards can be great for laying them on their stomach for back rubs, or to help them build their core abdominal muscles for crawling.  Laying the baby on a nursing pillow, particularly on their back, often encourages self-play, including grabbing their own toes or playing with age-appropriate toys, which is great for a fun engagement session before naptime!  When multiples are involved, and if they tend to nap at different times, the pillow can offer a way to gently engage one baby while another baby (or babies) naps.

Overall, parents of a new child, whether one or multiples, can use the “pillows and play yards” approach to offer them the in-the-moment support they need for engaging, feeding, and just being with the young ones.

Akilah Richards is a mother of two daughters who are less than two years apart.  She speaks from personal experience about the benefits of a good play yard and the best nursing pillow she could find. These easy solutions for the beautiful chaos of motherhood offer much-needed reprieve for moms looking to simplify the tasks that come with parenting.