Law of Attraction in Action

Law of Attraction in Action

Bright red flowers in my wealth corner

I am starting a regular segment on my Blog titled “The Law of Attraction in Action.” If you want to submit a short story (200 words) please email me on

I am looking for your everyday stories of success in family, health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Today my little story is attracting wealth.

Problem: A few months ago I was oblivious about what do with my laundry. Being a busy mum and back to work, clothes were haphazardly piling up in the nursery and in the corner of my bedroom floor. At the time I saw no connection between the wealth corner in my bedroom with the beautiful red flowering painting and the dirty laundry piling up in the corner. Until the day the bill arrived. Another $500 bill from the hospital arguing I owed another excess fee for twin number 2. After phone calls with the hospital and private health trying to sort it out, I came to the conclusion it was another bill I would just have to pay.


Solution: As I was learning more about LOA , I requested for the bill to disappear and I started to also look around my house to identify anything amiss. It was the laundry. On suggestion of K from Connect with Spirit. I moved the laundry to its rightful place, the bathroom.

Result: The very next day I received a phone call. The bill was a mistake. I was told to rip up the bill as I no longer had to pay. Yippee! That works for me.

What is your story of the law of attraction in action?


Laugh with me to the Last Degree

Laugh with me to the Last Degree

I have always been an advocate for personal networking in my career and I have countless stories of the old adage, “It’s who you know not what you know” working new opportunities for me. My foray into online social media was first introduced with an ICQ account somewhere in the late 1990’s before the Live Messenger was launched. Then I joined Facebook over three years ago just for keeping in contact with my friends and kept it separate to Linked-In for networking with work colleagues. But it was only last week that when I started to research the relaunch of my blog did I open accounts with Twitter and Dig. That is only the start of it and now my head is spinning with information streaming through the social media networks. How does anyone keep track of it all?

To try to focus back onto my blog and provide something of value without getting distracted by the barrage of continual news, spam, jokes and interest. I signed up with hundreds of other bloggers to take part in the 31-Day ProBlogger and the SITS girls The Secret to Success is Support Build a Better Blog Challenge. Perhaps by connecting to this forum all the Helpful People in my Vision Board will come forward to help me develop and grow my blog?

I won’t post each task but yesterday was Day 1 and I am already late with my homework.

The task was to develop an elevator pitch for your blog. A pitch is not something new to me in my day job as I work with scientist and entrepreneurs who need to pitch their ideas daily to find funding and support. So I have had a brainstorm and come up with three. What do you think?

  1. Laugh with me to the last degree to create the life you want.
  2. Laugh with me to the last degree to realise your dreams today.
  3. Laugh with me to the last degree and see the law of attraction in action.

The theme being that no matter where you are in life, nothing can really stop you from realising your drea. I have chosen laugh as besides from the fact I am known for a distintive laugh but life is funny and I hope to always bring warmth and humour into my posts.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, this blog is a resurrection of an old blog titled Ski with me to the last degree to raise awareness for bipolar disorder when I was raising money and awareness for the Bipolar Expedition (hence the url The Last Degree). However as that chapter has closed I wanted to keep the blog and domain name and resurrect it into something new that was current in my life. In the eighteen months since my bipolar blog, I gave birth to twin girls and turned 30 but what has given me a framework and inspiration to my blog is a vision board and a growing list of all my hearts desires. This blog aims to capture that journey of the law of attraction in action.

The Bipolar Expedition Blog

Lets ask what my heart desires

Ok so boldly I best start my new blog with a list of my hearts desires and ask the universe what I want today.

I LisaD, use the full power of my intention and attention to create the following desires now:

1. Finances:

  • I currently earn $200,000 a year.
  • I won $500,000.
  • I have a $1million share portfolio.
  • I have a $2million property portfolio.

2. Home:

  • I own a new family home on semi acreage with 4 bedrooms, study, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounge rooms and a gourmet gas stove kitchen. A deck wraps around to capture the sunlight for a peaceful time to read or enjoy a glass of wine at night. Our home is a place with family dinners by the fireplace and a lounge big enough to put up a nine foot real Christmas tree. At the back is a double shed for N and his cars and a pool to swim in at summer. A huge old tree stands tall ready for a new tree house which N is already making plans. We have a herb and veggie garden with sweet greens ready to be picked. Our home is warm and wonderfully ours to grow and be happy.

3. Relationships:

  • We got married on a beach destination wedding. Moana and Adelaide will wear gorgeous while baby flower girl dresses and we will have two weeks to ourselves by the lagoon in a beachside villa.

4. Health and Body:

  • I am gorgeous and healthy. My post pregnancy belly and bottom are sexy and slim.

5. Work:

  • I am a successful business women who thrives on problem solving and project management.
  • I own my own company.

6. Creative Expression:

  • I am an Author of a successful book.
  • I am an Artist with paintings in local galleries.

7. Travel/Adventure

  • We have packed up the house and travelling around Australia in a caravan for one year.
  • I have been offered a job overseas and we move and work in another country for a few years.
  • We holiday in Europe.

8. Spiritual

  • I have expanded intuitive awareness.

9. Special Intention

  • N owns an auto mechanic workshop and it is very successful.

10. Gratitude

  • I give thanks by tithing to my immediate friends and family.
  • I give thanks to the community by managing special projects in awareness in mental health and children charities.

I trust that what I want; I will receive. Now the journey begins…

That warm fuzzy feeling

That warm fuzzy feeling

I have read a few books on Law of Attraction and selected a few of my favourites to share with you. Last week while the twins and I were treating ourselves to lunch at a coffee book store I picked up this one, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Power of Positive Feelings. Now I am only half way through this book so I can’t give you a full review but the reason I picked it up was something different from the other books I had read. “In our everlasting search to find more happiness in life we devour positive thinking books but the millions. But if those books truly hold the secrets to abundant and joyful life why do we keep buying new ones?” (P 1). This book shows you how to find that feeeeling the feeling or intuition of success and how to hold onto that positive vibrating energy which in effect when is high will meet other like energy bringing the attraction into reality.

So feeling good can be difficult when days are long and there is work to do, chores to do and groceries to pick up. What makes you feel good and how can you hold onto that feeling? Coincidently the other day I had my ipod on random shuffle on my hourly drive home from work and the good old beach boys starting playing;

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama”

I might be a bit of a dag but I like that song. Why? Because in grade 6, my teacher would put the cassette on with this song and instead of the usual catholic songs we would sing this. Even today I have no idea why. She had the words neatly printed on the overhead projector and in chorus 30 eleven year olds would sing:

“Key Largo, Montego, baby, why don’t we go down to Kokomo

We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow

That’s where we wanna go, way down in Kokomo.”

Once my teacher even brought out the map of the world to point out all the locations in the song however the infamous Kokomo was never found. Where is it?

While we stumbled through line by line of the song we often looked at our teacher staring out the louvers of another Queensland school day.

“We’ll put out to see and we’ll perfect our chemistry

By and by, we’ll defy a little bit of gravity

Afternoon delight, cocktails and moonlit nights

That dreamy look in your eye, give me a tropical contact high

Way down in Kokomo”

Now I am a little older and wiser I get quite nostalgic when I hear this song and instantly it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of being high.  I wonder if my teacher ever found her Kokomo?

“Everyone knows a little place like Kokomo

Now if you wanna go to get away from it all

Go down to Kokomo