Motorhome holidays with the family love it or hate it

Motorhome holidays with the family love it or hate it

motorhome holidaysIn January we tried looked at motorhome holidays in Tasmania with the family. We were very excited commenting whether we would love this type of holiday or it would be a disaster and never do it again. I had booked ht motorhome a few months before and selected one that could sleep 5 and had a kitchen, toilet/shower combo. So after 6 nights here are some of my tips and would be loved about a motorhome holiday and holidaying in Tasmania.

1. Have an itinerary that does not include too much driving.

Although I confess I was not the driver the days we spent travelling for 4-6 hours were exhausting. The motorhome lumbered liked a truck and the girls in carseats would be jumping around as it rattled down the road. I spent some time in the back sitting with the girls to keep them occupied and it was not great being bumped around.

2. Consider the full cost of hiring a Motorhome.

The cost of this motor home for us was not a cheap holiday as it was probably the same cost of a 3 star motel every night. With the rental, insurance, petrol and parking in National Parks/Caravan parks still costed about $200 a day.

3. National Parks versus Caravan Parks.motorhome holidays in Tasmania

The first night we stayed at a National Park. After figuring out the honesty system of booking, parking and finding the facilities this night became my favourite night on the trip. There were heaps of families around, a waterfall to walk too, a playground for the kids and wallabies to spot at night. There was a Park Ranger who greeted us and even a campfire late at night which we regrettably deferred for another night thinking there would be another opportunity later. The rest of the trip we stayed at Caravan Parks. This decision was a combination of needing to find a powered site every second day and really the unknown of where we were driving. To say the least some of these parks were very disappointing. Costs ranging from $30 a night plus cost of showers and laundry some of the facilities were substandard at best. We never had an opportunity to have a fire for the kids as none of the caravan parks allowed it. One park was nothing more than a parking lot behind a guy’s takeaway business. Putting my entrepreneurial hat on, Nathan and I started designing our perfect caravan business in our heads – family friendly and on location near the beach. So maybe we just had a bit of bad luck but we should have stuck with the national parks.

What I loved about Motorhome with the kids

1. It really was fun and we all learnt a lot. The girls were involved in maps and locations. It was a new location and environment every day. We kitted the kitchen with some great food and could relax at night playing and enjoying each other’s company. We cheat a little with the occasional TV if we had reception it was turned on for some downtime. The girls and I would go on walks together and one night we went on a little tour to see some fairy penguins. It was a fun trip.

2. Easy to pack up, clean and move on. It was fairly easy to get into a routine very day of waking up, trekking to toilet block, packing up and getting on the road it was fairly easy.

Tip – Have someone who can drive and park this bus! I for the life of me would have been to scared to drive it and in built up cities its difficult to find spots to park. Luckily the towns were small and it was not too much trouble parking on the side of the road.

We may have “cheated” by camping in a Motorhome which had a level of comfort as a 3 star hotel but it was a new family adventure we would consider again. Next time destination New Zealand!

Have you been on a Motorhome holiday?


Personal notes on should children go to a funeral

Personal notes on should children go to a funeral

Winifred Henderson LowMy nan passed away  and last Friday was her funeral. I come from a large extended family of cousins as my Grandmother was one of 8 siblings, had her own 7 children, 25 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. A question that came up indirectly with friends and family was should children go to a funeral? It was not a question to me as yes  instinctively I knew my twins (almost 4 year olds) were to attend but I was a little surprised to see some cousins not attend and a little bit of the reaction of some parents for allowing my girls to attend. So I here are my personal notes on if you are deciding on whether to take your children to a funeral:

  1. As parent it is your decision. The fact is we will all die. Irrelevant of culture or religion or family custom,  it is part of life. So personally inviting my children to the funeral in an atmosphere that was open to questions and warm arms where I could answer (as best as I could) any questions they might have was something as a parent I wanted to cherish as well as not hide away from my kids. So part 1 of my decision was also acknowledging as parents it was my decision likewise it it your decision on how you want to raise your kids.
  2. What is your relationship with the funeral family? This was my Nan and hence the girls Great-Grandmother. So it was no issue to have them along. Everyone knew my girls whereas if no-one knew my girls then it may have not been appropriate.
  3. How old are you kids? My girls are on the cusp of turning 4. Which meant I knew they could sit quietly and not be too difficult to manage. Likewise if they were younger I may have reconsidered as lots of people are grieving in their own way and if there is a church ceremony and burial it may not be appropriate for screaming, attention asking little people to attend. But I was happy at 4 they were okay and they were. Likewise I would expect all children and teenagers of close family member to show respect and attend.
  4. Be open and warm to the questions. My girls had lots of questions on the day and night. Some perhaps sweet and funny and definitely not to be mocked or embarrassing. They continued to ask:

Where is Nan?
When would Nan jump out of the box?
Why were we sad?
Where is the Angels?
Why are we burying the box?
Where did Nan go?
Is she with Kevin (aka Heaven?)
Why are we 1. Throwing flowers, letting go of balloons….

5. Symbolism doesn’t always relate to a 3 year old. We had helium balloons for all the grandchildren to release but girls defiantly said No to release their balloons. Balloons are for parties and we love balloons. So be open to them not following “ceremony” if they don’t want to. There was curiosity. The wanted to peer in and lean into the grave.

6. Show a response to comfort. The nicest way to respond to grief is a cuddle.

Farewell Nan!  – Winifred Mavis Henderson (nee Low) 1927-2013

Until we meet again xxx

Winifred Henderson Low

An earlier blog post you may like to read was part of the eulogy. I wrote this as a 14 year old English Assignment. When I interviewed my Nan so many years ago.

5 Reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help you build your business faster

5 Reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help you build your business faster

5 Reasons why selling Tupperware could help you build your business fasterMy first foray into a home-based business was joining Tupperware in 2007. A friend I worked with was selling Tupperware as a second job to earn a bit extra cash for the family. In the past I had always juggled two or more jobs but I was tired of the double shifts so I was initially attracted to Tupperware to the flexibility around my already busy full-time job. I had just bought a house, in a new relationship and no children so I signed up for my kit and entered the world of Tupperware. I have written briefly about my life as a Tupperware Consultant here.

So as a previous Tupperware consultant before starting my current business online I would have argued  Tupperware is one product/network marketing company that would be very difficult to sell and recruit online. The traditional party plan is live and well (especially in Australia) where people (mostly women) like to get together, touch the product, share stories and flip through catalogues. Not just last week I attended my to be sister-in law’s Tupperware afternoon tea to catch up and a few months before I attended a friends’ daughters’ housewarming Tupperware party. But what about the people who just don’t want to have a party. Not everyone knows a demonstrator to make a direct order.

What do they do? They search online.

Where to buy Tupperware Products Online

tupperware products online

Upfront, I do not encourage buying Tupperware products online through eBay. Usually these sellers are not Consultants and like most network marketing companies it is against their policies to sell products on eBay. What I have found in a lot of cases is that the winning bids are higher than the Retail prices! and then you have to cover the cost of Postage which is also quoted very high.

If I was a customer searching of where to buy Tupperware Products online I would be attracted to a website and blog of a Tupperware Consultant who passionately loves the company and product. I would read from a Consultant her why he/she started her Tupperware business. I would buy from a Consultant who was mostly likely a local and blogged about different product features and benefits. I would watch a Consultant demonstrate online how to cook with the products  and how each product was designed and what different uses it had.

5 Reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help you build your business faster

Tupperware is a business where the party plan is the life blood of the business but working online is just another marketing tool you can benefit from. So in summary here are my 5 reasons why selling Tupperware Products Online could help build your business faster:images

  1. Selling Tupperware products online is targeting people who just don’t want to have a party or are just too busy to have a party. Targeting this group of people will boost your sales.
  2. You can sell and recruit new Consultants 24-7 by your website and blog posts
  3. You can start to build an email list of potential customersor new recruits so when product launches, new season catalogues, and weekly specials are announced you can broadcast it to your email list to generate sales.
  4. You can be creative and run monthly online parties and competitions which work the same as offline parties without leaving your home.
  5. You can sell geographically a little bigger than your home town depending on postage and distribution of products.

How to sell Tupperware Products Online

You need an online presence if you want to grow your business online. You will need a blog like this one and some training in internet marketing to get the most up to date strategies that are working online today. By using a system you can literally sell your products and sponsor new reps 24 hours a day 7 days a week… even

whilst you’re asleep.

Some of the most up to date strategies you will learn would be:

  • Super advanced blog hacks to suck more leads into your sales funnel
  • “Compelling Content Mastery…” Aka: How to make $15,000 a month – just blogging
  • No creativity? No problem… You’ll discover our secret stash of places to get killer content that will keep your team and prospects foaming at the mouth for more
  • How to create massive traffic spikes using the one little trick
  • How to get even more free traffic using our sneaky syndication formula
  • The uncommon, outside of the box tactic we use to engage more readers and get them buying our stuff
  • The five step formula to creating simple videos that sell like crazy
  • How to use embedded commands in your videos and presentations that unconsciously cause people to click the buy button
  • How just one simple blog post ranked on Google page one and got 48,000 visitors
  • Learn the art of “Solo Ads” from 7 figure earners
  • Master the secrets of Email Marketing

For a much better explanation of how you can start selling Tupperware Products online, click the link below put in your email and watch the FREE  training video that will show you how you can take your Tupperware business to the next level…

tuppware products online

To rest on a Feather Quilt hugged by mother goose

To rest on a Feather Quilt hugged by mother goose

I was getting used to large comfortable beds and fluffy quilts and doonas while travelling. There were no little people squeezing me off the edge and pulling and fighting for blankets. Quilts and pillows are one of those items you don’t regularly buy and you get can get quite complacent with what you have. So when I had the opportunity to try the Deca Home Queen Bed Duck Down/Feather Quilt & Pillow Pack from Only Online I couldn’t wait to steal back that holiday bed time feeling of a feather quilt hugged by mother goose.

Buying a new doona could be the fresh change you need to your bed. Since every night is bed time stories and cuddles, the rare occasion for a luxury sleep in or snuggle with a book, your quilt needs to be inviting, comfortable, warm and did I say luxurious again?

As one of my friends said, “No point having great bed with crap doona.”

Snuggling up in bed with the iPad

twin cuddles

Twin cuddles











So I welcome you to check out the range of manchester home bedding online for some great discounted bed and bath linens. You can search by prices and sales, brands, colour, delivery options and product types. Customers have the opportunity to write product reviews which illustrates support for the products sold online. Delivery was fast and the quilt was tightly packed and vacuumed sealed. Presents at the door a welcome answer to shopping online. If you are interested in this doona check out the details below or drop over to to compare other products online.

Deca Home Queen Bed Duck Down/Feather Quilt & Pillow Pack

Crawling into bed has never felt better with Deca Home’s down and feather quilt. Filled with 90% white duck down and 10% white duck feather, this new quilt features premium quality and amazingly soft duck down, and a 100% cotton japara (down-proof) cover. The boxed construction ensures that the down remains evenly distributed to prevent cold spots, and helps maintain maximum loft. The ultimate in softness and comfort.

This pack also contains two Deca Home feather pillows. Treat yourself to a great night’s sleep with these 100% white duck feather pillow, which also feature a 100% cotton japara (feather-proof) cover. The pillows offer excellent durability and support, as the pillow moulds to your head and neck, providing excellent medium soft support.

Includes: 1 x Quilt Cover & 2 x Pillows

Quilt Specifications:

  • Quilt fill: 90% duck down / 10% duck feather
  • Fill Weight: 650 grams
  • Quilt cover: 100% cotton
  • Quilt Size: 210x210cm.

Pillow Specifications:

  • Pillow fill: 100% duck feather
  • Pillow cover: 100% cotton
  • Fill Weight: 600 grams per pillow
  • Pillow Size: 48x73cm.The quilt and pillow have been vacuum sealed; please shake well before use to restore loft. Please retain the bag for future storage of your quilt and pillow.



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Retracing steps when no one wants to die

Retracing steps when no one wants to die

I hadn’t walked the local cemetery for a long time. I used to enjoy the history and the quietness of different cemeteries around town. The local cemetery opened its doors in 1918 and I guess one day too I will be there somewhere in the lawns. Today I had an impulse to go on a walk and visit someone who I used to know. I hadn’t visited since the funeral and felt compelled to quiet my thoughts and say hi. If saying hi to a grave site is normal than that is what I intended to do. But as I retraced my steps I could not find where he was buried so I just wandered alone up and down the rows of past women, men and children.funeral flowers

Generations of families as the old lawns made way to new. I counted back the years from plots in 2012 back to 2000 and earlier. I came across two ladies quietly clearing away the old flowers while sitting in two deck chairs sharing a cuppa in front of one site as if they were sharing a tea party. As I parked my car to have a final second search in an area, I privately watch as one young man pulled up, tended to a grave site with fresh flowers before pulling away to leave. As I silently walked by and glanced at the stone I notice the date was one year passed for a young wife and mother.

I stumbled upon twin boys who found their angel wings one day from birth and a surviving twin brother passing one day later. I paused to reflect on all the babies and multiple births born too early.

As I meandered to another lot obscured with Australian bush at the perimeter, I found graves less loved, tendered and overgrown.  I was compelled to clear the weeds and dirt from one grave plaque to see the names and photos of a married couple underneath. I wondered if visitors to these sites were long gone.

I sat in solitude. It was hot.

I thought back to when my grandmother died when I was 13. I was told at breakfast. The funeral was my first and I was embarrassed to know more about my grandmother at her eulogy than in life. About 4 years later my grandpa joined my grandmother after time in a nursing home. They are buried in a lawn cemetery another hours north of here. Its been 20 years now since my grandmother died and I have never visited. I feel a bit bad about that. But I remember and think about it.

My other Nana lives in a nursing home. The Living History of Winifred Henderson

She has dementia and no longer recognizes most of us or knows she has great-grandchildren. I feel blessed I had wonderful grandparents who were parts of birthdays, Christmas, holidays, school events and sacraments.  Family. My girls have doting grandparents who spoil them to pieces but it does sadden me their father does not have parents to share in the joy. But families make up all types.

I feel grateful.

The cemetery brought me quietness so desperately needed from a few hectic weeks as new decision and business opportunities have arisen.  I did not find the person I intended. I brought my small bunch of flowers home.  Will try again another day.

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.
Steve Jobs
Wedding on a Budget: Ideas to Get Married for Less

Wedding on a Budget: Ideas to Get Married for Less

With the average wedding costing over $20,000 it is no wonder that many of us are turning to creative and unusual ways to keep the costs down. The most important thing to remember is that your special day has to be just that – special. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, getting creative with your wedding ideas will surely make your special day even brighter.

wedding on a budgetHere are some of the best ideas for creating the perfect wedding day on a limited budget.

Look for a venue with a difference

By far the most expensive item you will pay for is your wedding venue. How much you pay will depend upon the type of venue you are looking for and where it is located. The most important thing to remember is that the venue has to be personal to you and thus so you should budget for this carefully. The dress, flowers and place settings are the areas that you can get creative, so try focus your attention on finding the perfect spot to say your “I do”.

The best place to start your research is by doing an online search in your local area. For example, using a search engine to look for weddings in Melbourne will give you a good overview of what is available in the region. It will also lead you to other weddings that have taken place in your area, giving you ideas and inspiration for your own wedding.

Make, create and have fun

Invitations, guest books and place settings are all expensive. Maybe you have a very specific design in mind, or you want to tread with subtlety; either way, why spend the money when you can make your own?

This may be a daunting thought, especially if you are not artistic or crafty, but there is no right or wrong when it comes to your big day. There are many ways you can have fun doing these things. Get all your bridesmaids involved and have a craft day, or sit with your other half and play around with different graphics or photos. Either way, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and save yourself those extra dollars.

Let’s all have cake

Many people are surprised when they find out the prices of wedding cakes. If you consider the amount of artistry and time that goes into creating them, then it soon becomes clear why they are so expensive. So what can you do if you can’t afford them? Well, you make your own of course.

One of the most inexpensive ways to do this is to opt for a tier of cupcakes. You can enlist family and friends to help if needs be. Cupcakes are great because you don’t have to be a master baker to decorate them; you can choose your favourite flavours and test them out before creating the final batch.

Overall, however creative you get when planning your big day, there are two things to remember. Firstly the day has to be personal to you as a couple, if you want to decorate a tree then do so. Secondly, enjoy the moments; you will only be doing this once.