Losing weight has the same similarities to starting an online business

Losing weight has the same similarities to starting an online business

starting an online businessYesterday it was my birthday. Like New Years day the start of a new birthday is also a time I pause to assess my goals and New Year resolutions. So I left the family to take a walk to the local lookout and to get some breath air. Everyone knows exercise is great but keeping to a schedule and resolution to lose weight and get fit is a constant battle with almost everyone I know. I also have a wedding to plan this next 12 months and as my birthday flipped over to another year there was ever right now for another aim to lose a few kilos. No more could I say I only JUST had twins (they are 4!). So off I went up the mountain.

Exercise is also good for ideas and gets blood to flow in the brain as I let my brain ramble on how I could grow my online business. And then as I plodded along I came to a funny conclusion of how similar trying to keep fit was to growing an online business. Here were my similarities I thought of:

  1. Weight loss starts with a goal. Is it a kilo amount, increase energy or something else health related?
  2. To lose weight takes massive action and a change in behaviour. Is it exercise, change of routine, or diet?
  3. To lose weight you are going to have the naysayers who don’t support you by constantly offering you that glass of wine or mock your daily salad or low calorie meals
  4. You will meet people who jump from one diet from another reporting none of them work.
  5. You will be tempted to give up many times.
  6. Only the type of exercise you actually enjoy will keep you getting up and doing it. For instance I like walking, swimming and boxing. Thats it so I am not going to fool myself and make up a fancy routine which I am not going to keep.

Starting an online business is the same. You need to learn something new and take action every day. You need a goal let it be financial or personal reward. You will have naysayers but you need to recognise these and move on. You will have people in your team jump from one deal to another. When your business does not move fast enough and you are not getting the results you want you may be tempted to quit. The action you make in your business will go back to what you enjoy the most. Do you love meeting new people online or are you expert in a particular marketing technique. Focus and have fun and your business will follow.

But as you take each step up your metaphorically mountain just remember you are one step closer to your goal than yesterday. All the people I know who took great steps to lose weight were able to get to their goal by a change of behaviour, action and consistency. Put on your shoes and lets get walking!

What similarities did I miss?


Peak Performance hypnosis is your Athletes Secret Weapon

Peak Performance hypnosis is your Athletes Secret Weapon

Training to be an athlete is not just about the physical and technical rigor. Although there is considerable skills required to exceed peak performance, research says sport is actually 80-90% a mental exercise. But where do you go for peak performance mental training? More and more athletes are being referred to sports hypnosis hence let us introduce the Athletes Secret Weapon Online Program. Athletes Secret Weapon was coined after a certain Olympian finding her edge in performance using this sports hypnotherapy program. With the leverage of online delivery the 8-week program will be the same tools, processes and information the World Champions use. Plus You have Australia’s #1 for Sports Hypnosis to guide you on thispeak performance hypnosis journey.

How Peak Performance hypnosis works

It might be you want to enhance your personal athletic performance or are training for the Olympics, hypnosis is a mighty tool for your winning edge. Hypnosis can let go any mental blocks, fears or limiting beliefs you may have that are keeping you from athletic peak performance. Hypnosis also increases your own self-confidence in yourself and your skills, assisting you to focus on a successful outcome, instead of fearing a poor performance. Hypnosis can also support an athlete acquire the intense focus required to be at the top in his sport. Hypnosis can help an athlete overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters which can make the difference between winning a gold medal and coming in 5th place.

sports hypnosis

Techniques used in sports hypnosis for peak performance

athletes secret weapon

Imagery or visualisation are effective self-hypnosis techniques. An example is a gymnast visualising every movement of her routine over and over or a golfer visualising every swing. These techniques help you quiet your mind, release stress and become 100% focused on the game. The power of hypnosis can help you conquer your mind and achieve amazing levels of success.

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon Online Program

The Athletes Secret Weapon online program is your training for the mind. What you will receive is…

  • 8 week structured program
  • The same tools, processes and information World Champions use!
  • Every process, worksheet and MP3 audios are downloadable for ongoing success.

The total cost is $659 + 10%  GST Athlete’s Secret Weapon is an Online program only. But what about if you are not not a professional athlete or not training for the Olympics. Will this program help me too? YES!

Hypnosis can help you attain higher levels of performance in whatever sport you play. The benefits of an online hypnosis program means you can refer to the online program at any time without appointments and regular visits to the hypnotherapist. You can learn various  self-hypnosis techniques to create positive expectation in your choses sport. You may find your performance improving much more than you thought possible!

Start athletes secret weaponnow to access the Athletes Secret Weapon Online program 

Top Benefits of Regular Health Screenings for Today’s Modern Family

Top Benefits of Regular Health Screenings for Today’s Modern Family

There are many reasons that regular health screenings and check ups are beneficial for each member of the family. The greatest benefit of regular health screenings is early detection of conditions- this can literally save your life and give you a chance to take preventive measures and make lifestyle changes to improve your health. The pain, suffering and cost of advanced illness can all be avoided with early detection. Routine testing can catch conditions that you might not even notice or relate to the actual cause. They can also provide you with peace of mind and lessen stress over possible health issues.


health screeningFor individuals, it is obviously more beneficial to learn about potential health issues prior to them becoming serious illnesses. Health screenings for kids usually also include regular immunizations that can help maintain their health and prevent major illnesses from developing. Whetheryou go for a health screening, you should find these common but important tests listed below to be included.

Common Health Screenings

1. Blood work generally reveals a variety of conditions ranging from diabetes to high cholesterol and triglycerides.

2. Colon cancer screenings can reveal trace amounts of blood that may be associated with colorectal cancer.

3. Ophthalmologists routinely test for cataracts and glaucoma at routine appointments.

4. Pelvic examinations can reveal STDs, cysts and other female organ issues.

5. Urinalysis tests reveal kidney function and dangerous sugar levels.

6. Prostate exams may reveal signs of potential prostate cancer.

7. Blood pressure checks are performed to reveal hypertension.

8. Pap smears are performed to detect cervical cancer.

9. Mammograms can detect early stage breast cancer.

10. Skin examinations identify potential skin cancers.

11. EKGs reveal potential heart problems.

Health Screening Access

1) Nearly all insurers offer some type of wellness benefit that provides for routine examinations for cholesterol, sugar and other blood level checks which often result in dietary and exercise advice. Regular screenings may also be paid for separately when insurance policies do not cover them. However, one of the goals of the Health Care Reform Act was to make it possible to provide these screenings to everyone through both public and private insurance policies as of 2014.

2) Local community organizations typically have resources that can directpeoplewhose insurance policies do not cover health screenings. Additionally, most communities offer annual health screening fairs that are open to the public for free or very minimal cost.

3) The federal government Department of Health and Human Services offers resources to connect individuals and families with low cost health care alternatives, most of which include screening services.

4) Church groups and other charitable organizations are often affiliated with local hospitals that provide screenings at low and no cost for people at certain income levels.

5) State and federally funded clinics all offer basic health screenings that are performed on an annual basis.

6) Local pharmacies in many communities offer routine health screenings at affordable rates in connection with their limited clinical services. Also, many pharmacies have blood pressure machines available at all times for the public to use. Finally, there are over the counter tests available that can be purchased for consumers to use for health screening purposes.

The main benefit of health care screenings for families is that prevention ensures healthier overall lives. This is important to ensure that unnecessary pain, suffering and expense can be eliminated. When main breadwinners become ill, this impacts the survival of the family. Therefore, early detection also helps to protect the financial resources of the entire family.

Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body & Soul: 6 Things You Must Do

Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body & Soul: 6 Things You Must Do

While the rest of the world happily celebrates the arrival of spring, you’re sitting at home with the blinds drawn. You’re watching T.V. while eating ice cream straight out of the tub, completely oblivious to the fact that it’s sunny and 72 degrees outside.

If that sounds like you, it seems like you have a serious case of the winter blues. Yes, winter is over, but you can’t shake it off. Maybe it’s time to spring clean your mind, body, and soul! Once you brush off the cobwebs that keep you back from happiness, you’ll get to greet this sunny and cheerful season with open arms! To get started, start doing the following 6 things:

Start eating better.

Gone are the days of sipping hot chocolate and eating hearty mac n’ cheese by the fireplace. Winter is the season of comfort food… and expanded waistlines. With comfort food comes lethargy, so naturally we’re a bit sluggish by the time spring rolls around. Get out of that funk and ditch the hot chocolate for a healthy smoothie! Skip that potato casserole and have a yummy salad. Forget that ooey-gooey piece of German chocolate cake and opt for a fruit salad. After a few weeks of eating more greens, fruits and vegetables, you’ll find yourself more energetic, alert, and, most of all, happier. If you want to take this one step further, swap your juice or soda for water and keep doing this for a few months. Water helps you detox your body’s organs.


Pictured is a cranberry spinach salad. You can find the recipe here.

 Take up an outdoor workout activity.

As useful as gyms are, they can become depressing after a while. Simply jogging on a treadmill at a gym while gazing at the blue sky, green grass, and the chirping birds outside is enough to discourage you from going to the gym. What you need to do is to drink in the fresh spring air and soak up all the cheerful goodness spring has to offer… by exercising outside. Grab your running shoes and go jogging in the park. Wheel out your bicycle and put it to good use. Bust out your yoga mat and attend an outdoor yoga class. The possibilities are endless!

Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Reconnect with the most important people in your life.

The weather’s getting better. That alone is a great reason to venture out of your house and reconnect with the positive people in your life. Actually, improving your relationships is a surefire way to boost your spirits. Ignore the Negative Nellies in your life and instead call up the friends and relatives who are great, happy, positive people who encourage and support you no matter what. If you’re in a relationship and you feel that it’s becoming stale, whisk your significant other out on a spontaneous date!

Donate your old winter clothes.

Detox your closet for spring by getting rid of all the ratty winter clothes you wouldn’t even dream of wearing again next winter. Not only will you breathe a sigh of relief at the lighter and brighter closet void of dead weight, you’ll also feel good about yourself for donating your old winter clothes to those in need!


Old Navy has this super cute collection of spring dresses.

Buy some cute spring outfits!

Now that your closet’s been detoxed, you need to invest in some bright and colorful spring goodness! That means cute spring dresses, frilly skirts, stylish jackets, and yoga pants. By filling your closet with cute spring outfits, you’ll get a lot closer to getting rid of your winter blues. You know what they say, shopping is the best therapy!

Invest in a new pair of sandals and sunglasses.

Greet spring with the two things that remind you of spring – sandals and sunglasses! Simply purchasing a cute pair of sandals and sunglasses will officially commence the arrival of spring, and if that doesn’t make you feel all happy and giddy, what will?

About the author: This is a guest post from Anita, whose favorite niches are Healthy living and Fashion. She is a professional writer for Higherclick.com, currently writing on behalf of Macys.com. 



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10 Tips To Make Your Happy Brain Chemicals Surge Today

10 Tips To Make Your Happy Brain Chemicals Surge Today

How would you like to feel more happiness today? I know life can get busy with work and tasks, and our busyness can sometimes drag us down. In order to combat this, there are simple things that you can do everyday in order to get those happy chemicals moving in your body.

There are many things you can do to spark happiness in your life and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to do so. There are even plenty of things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. Here are ten things you can do to feel happier today and make your happy brain chemicals love you.

1. Hang out with a friend. Friends make life happier. You can invite a friend over, play games, watch a movie, or simply talk. You can also go out to get coffee, go for a walk, go see some live music, or a host of other things. Friends are amazing to spend quality time with because you can have fun with them by just being together.happy brain chemicals

2. Watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. If you want to laugh, watch a comedy. If you want to cry, watch a dramatic movie. Watching movies can take your mind into new places and make you feel as if you are living the same experience.

3. Exercise. Exercising releases hormones called endorphins which is a natural mood lifter. It can make you feel powerful and accomplished, which in turn will make you happy. You’ll feel better physically and mentally; plus it’s great for your health.

4. Snuggle. Try snuggling up to your significant other and just relax. Relaxing and not having a worry in your mind is a great way to stay happy and loving. For some, snuggling makes them feel like nothing can go wrong and at that moment, everything is perfect.

5. Read. If you love to read, try finding a book that sparks your interest. Reading can bring your mind right into that book and nothing else in the world matters. Try sitting in a comfortable chair, drink some tea, and emerge yourself in a good book to help you relax and feel content.

6. Have a family or friend game night. Games can bring out your inner child and cause the whole environment you are in to change. Games usually bring laughter, and laughter is a key to being happy. Having a bunch of people together laughing can make you feel amazing and happy in every way.

7. Be grateful. If there are certain things in your life causing you to worry and stress, try focusing in the good things in your life. Try to not worry about things and trust that everything will fall into place and work itself out. Be grateful for what you have and what you have accomplished. Keep your focus on the positive in your life.

8. Healthy lifestyle. Feeling good about yourself physically can definitely affect how you feel about yourself emotionally. If you do not feel happy with yourself, you will not feel happy about much else in your life. Eating healthy and exercising are just a couple ways you can feel good about yourself and that can greatly affect your happiness.

9. Take a trip. An amazing way to clear your mind and forget the stress of everyday life is to go on mini vacation. Vacations do not necessarily need to cost a lot of money and you do not need to go somewhere fancy. Take a day trip into the city. Go for a night at your local campground. You can even try going to the next town over just to experience something new.

10. Avoid negativity. Avoid people who have negative feelings and negative energy. Staying positive about your life and focusing on the good instead of the bad will make you feel happy and content with life. Negative people tend to suck your happy energy right out of you. Steer clear as best as you can.

I hope that you can employ some of these tips into your life today and every day. It is a wonderful feeling to be happy in and throughout the day. Sometimes you have to make extra effort to get those happy chemicals going, so remember to do things that make you happy. Sure, life gets busy with duties that you may not necessarily love, so offset such tasks with fun, interesting activities that will warm you heart and bring you joy.

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Health This Christmas

Give Yourself The Gift Of Health This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I know in the back of most people’s mind are thoughts of all the delicious foods and desserts of the holiday season.  With that being said, many are also wondering how they can eat up all the yummy food without gaining any weight.

The good news is that you can. You can certainly enjoy the holiday spirit in moderation if you put your mind to it.  I encourage you to give yourself the gift of health this Christmas season, as you focus on keeping a healthy and sensible eating plan during the holidays.

How to beat the holiday weight gain with some Christmas Health Tips

What does that look like?

It certainly does look like baking Christmas cookies and desserts for the family and friends and feeling free to eat some of your favorite treats.  The key is moderation and being sure that you are eating healthy foods at the same time.

The art of balance

You can certainly indulge in glorious holiday meals and Gramma’s ultimate Christmas cake, but learn the glorious art of balance.  Your body needs a certain amount of calories per day, so if you stick to under that amount you will be fine.

Let’s say you need 2,500 calories per day.  Commit to eating one fruit and one vegetable everyday. More is better but let’s keep it at one for this example.  Cut out unnecessary junk foods that you eat out of boredom. You have to plan how you are going to get those 2,500 calories per day and at the same time ingest healthy foods.

Many health conscious people who want to have liberty to indulge in some treats during the holidays have found that concentrating on eating healthy for breakfast and lunch works well for them. Come dinner and dessert time they feel like they can splurge a bit more.

For example, if I am planning on attending a holiday party, I might eat a banana for breakfast, a light salad for lunch, skip soda’s and snacks for the day, and then come time for dinner and dessert I feel as if I can eat whatever I wish without feeling guilty.  Of course I would not stuff myself because it is no fun to feel like an overstuffed turkey, but I will delight in some good food and friends!

Other avenues to health

Along with the art of balancing diet, you can also purpose to exercise regularly during the holiday season.  Commit to some sort of exercise 3 to 4 times a week, as this will simply be great for your mental and physical health.  Who knows, you might come to enjoy the benefits so much that you continue your exercise regimen permanently.

Be sure that you partake in some sort of relaxation through the season as well.  Do whatever it is that relaxes you: take a bubble bath, pray, meditate, get a massage, or go take a walk in nature.  The holiday season can be full of hustle and bustle so it is wise to have a plan in place so that you do not get caught up in it.

Give yourself the gift of health this holiday season and continue on afterwards.  Becoming more health conscious will empower you in so many ways. You will benefit not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Happy holidays!

Lisa xx

Christmas health

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