Get More Business Exposure by Using Pinterest’s Group Boards!

Get More Business Exposure by Using Pinterest’s Group Boards!

Pinterest has seriously taken the social media limelight by quickly evolving from being yesteryears’ niche startup to becoming a social media powerhouse that can be a marketing genie for any business. Rich content, consistent pinning, thriving follower growth, and more re-pins is what every business seeks, to get itself noticed on this digital soft board, and therefore, Pinterest has made it a point to optimize itself for its commercial members.

For those who are trying to figure out a way to penetrate into other pinners’ fan base to get more brand exposure, Pinterest puts an end to your marketing woes by offering you a solution called ‘Group Boards.’

How do Group Boards Work?

Group boards simply refer to Pinterest boards that are administered by multiple contributors who share a common interest. You can simply start by creating a board relevant to your business, and invite other relevant pinners through Pinterest Messenger, to pin to your board. As a result, anyone following the contributors’ profiles gets added to the group board’s following and instantly magnifies your brand’s Pinterest reach.

Follow these five simple steps to convert any board into a group board:
1. Go to the respective board and click edit.
2. Enter your prospective group member’s first and last name, or email address, under ‘Who can add Pins?’
3. Select their name from the drop-down menu
4. Repeat the same instructions for other users you’d like to add
5. Save the Changes

Get More Business Exposure by Using Pinterest’s Group Boards!

How can your business benefit from using group boards?

If you are still thinking of them as virtual folders to organize ideas and bring like-minded people together, you may have another thing coming! Have a look at the following benefits that group boards can offer to your brand and business.

Creating or participating in a group board can radically boost your followers

The best part about having group boards is the dramatic push it gives to your Pinterest following. Once a user chooses to ‘follow all’ of any of your contributor’s boards, they get added as followers to the group board you share with them. This particular advantage of gaining increased exposure and visibility makes group boards instrumental in augmenting your follower growth.

More followers = More Repins = More Traffic to Your Site

Having more followers (and in turn, their followers) ultimately translates into your business idea getting noticed by a larger audience, more people repinning your pins, and eventually, more leads to your business website. The traffic boost can virtually result into more subscriptions, word-of-mouth marketing and even sales.
You get a team of pinners creating content for you!Implement this strategy efficiently and it will put your pinning activities practically on autopilot! Through group boards, you can instantly have a team of pinners responsible for your content and its exposure across their individual networks. So, basically, you get a free-rider’s advantage by having other people create content for your group board!

Having your customers become contributors makes them feel more connected to your brand

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, and by inviting them to contribute to your brand’s group board, you can get them more engaged into your brand’s Pinterest presence and ignite their brand loyalty. And, the fan base that your group board absorbs as a result of having them on board will just be a cherry on top!

5 ways to harness the power of group boards in your marketing mix

  • When creating a group board, make sure to choose a specific topic that other users are actively pinning about, and get into a habit of pinning fresh content daily. A few examples of popular group boards that resonate within their target audience include: Just Good Food, Pinterest Tips + Tricks for Business, and Everyone’s Social Media Resource
  • Novice pinners or group boards can be the perfect platform to get your business content noticed on Pinterest! Start by creating a brand-centric group board that reflects your business idea, and focus on pinning other pinners’ content (handpick the relevant ones!) to that board on a daily basis. This will not only absorb other users’ followers into your following, but your consistency and pinning volume will also help you get recommendations to pinners of similar content. For example, if you run an event management business, and created a group board called, “DIY Party Favors”, focus on pinning DIY hacks and cost-effective party favor ideas to your board every day, and send out group board invitations to pertinent people for the same field to increase you brand exposure and getting enough content without losing your sleep over it.
  • Pinterest only allows you to invite other users to contribute to your group boards, if you both follow at least one of the other boards. Therefore, once you spot a potential contributor, make sure to start following at least one other mutual board in order to send an invite.
  • Your potential contributors would never want to contribute to an empty board, so before you proactively invite others to pin to your group board, grow it yourself to have an impactful first impression. It will take a couple of weeks of continuous pinning before contributors will be able to find your board relevant and decide to invest their content in it.
  • Take this one as a holy commandment for your group board’s effectiveness: Once established, keep an eye on your contributors and the group board content. Keep a track of the genre of the content and ensure that it stays relevant to your brand image. Discourage any personal pins, spam or impertinent promotions on your board. Pinterest allows you to remove a contributor or delete an existing board in case of any unsatisfactory activities.

If you are not the creator of a group board, and planning to accept a pending invite, be selective as the pins will also appear on your brand page’s feed, and therefore, can make or break your corporate image on Pinterest. Scan the content before you accept a group board invitation, and note the number of followers on the board to determine the potential it holds for brand exposure.

To find Group Boards on Pinterest with ease and search by popularity and category click here for another FREE Tool called PinGroupie.

Being part of group boards can really be an effective strategy, if leveraged to its full potential. In addition to focusing on your contributors and the content, you can really magnify your marketing prospects by tracking your followers and their profiles. An influential follower, with a good size following can be a perfect asset to your group board; and the fact that they have already shown interest in your board indicates their mutual tastes and relevance to your brand.

Who knows their contributions and recognition might as well become a game-changer for your business’s Pinterest popularity?

Another great strategy for your Pinterest business to learn more to boost your business on Pinterest download this eBook Pinterest to Profits now.

Pinterest-to-Profits-with-Pintalysis-2 copy 2

The Power of Pinterest in Lead Generation

The Power of Pinterest in Lead Generation

With an ever-growing fan following, Pinterest is no longer a network solely for ThanksgiPinterest in Lead Generationving recipes, craft pictures and makeup tutorials. The rocketing popularity of this social media power house has gained it a sprawling reputation of being a lead generation machine and an important conversion tool in the eyes of marketing gurus. If you have a business or a blog there are some basic steps that can be instrumental in paving up your lead generation endeavours on Pinterest and convert your Pinterest followers into potential customers for your business.

Pin your main Blog Images

Pinterest is all about images, so use it effectively to lead prospects to your words. If your business website maintains a blog, develop a habit of pinning each of your blog’s main images to your brand network on Pinterest and link them back to the corresponding blog post in addition to including CTAs and links to landing pages to detain lead data. You can further increase your leads by creating  premium offer on your landing page, offering a free video tutorial on a business-related topic or advertising a free eBook in return for their contact information.

Make use of Info-Graphics

Put your creativity to test, and convert boring company data or text-based promotional content into attractive info-graphics. Pinterest followers love tall images with concise content and vibrant colours. By assimilating a lot of information in an appealing manner, Info-graphics can really become an effective player on your lead generation team. Go to to hire someone to design your info-graphic or try yourself at

Get new leads through a contact capture form

Have you explored the power of Pinterest to breed more e-mail sign ups? Well, here’s how to. Simply pin the clip of a contact capture form to one of your brand boards, and instruct the audience to fill it out and register with your website to win a free trial (or a discount voucher) of your product/service. By linking the image to your full website, or landing page, you will be able to generate more leads and acquire new contacts to expand your digital marketing campaigns.

Pin your company’s eBook and Whitepaper Covers

While re-pinning is not always the most idyllic way to generate leads, creating unique content for your brand page every time you sit to pin is also a tall order. Make use of front covers form your company’s eBooks, brochures, published blogs or whitepapers and pin them to your Pinterest network. However, make sure the pins include links to the corresponding document, and include CTAs as well as backlinks to the landing page.

Pinners love DIY resources and instructive content

We all love the DIY Hacks and Top Tips on Pinterest, so why not use them to our advantage? As a B2B company, you can create boards that provide checklists, free templates, and DIY instructions to incentivize your target audience to follow your boards.

Start trending by using Hashtags

Like Google+, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest also supports hashtags to establish trends and make the pinned content search-friendly. If you aim to generate leads for a new business campaign or a recently launched product or service, start by creating an exclusive board around it, and tag your pins with the same hashtags as the ones you’re using on other social media websites for a synched promotion.

Give a human feel to your Pinterest boards by creating a Video Gallery

While a picture is worth a thousand words, never underestimate the power of motion, music and human voice in engaging your audience. Many new pinners are not aware of the fact that they can actually pin videos and create a video gallery on Pinterest. Well, if you are one such novice, then make sure you use this revelation to the best of your business interests! Start pinning your brand-centric or promotional videos to your Pinterest brand page, but remember to add links to your full website and appealing call-to-actions to direct your prospects down the sales funnel.

Measure the effectiveness of your Pins through Analytics

Your social media marketing efforts may go in vain if you don’t track your progress. If you are using Pinterest’s business account, the dashboard provides a very useful analytics tool to measure your lead generation performance and the impact of your pinning activities in driving web traffic. Evaluate the kind of images that are working, establish success and failure patterns and devise a future pinning strategy accordingly. A different approach to track the number of leads is to use a ‘’ link in the description box that tracks the volume of people who actually click and follow the pin description.

Click the banner below and grab my FREE Toolkit Top Pinterest users use. 

Pinterest in Lead Generation

Use coupon codes and exclusive offers to promote your whitepapers

Customers love freebies, exclusive coupon codes and limited offers, so make the most of these to promote your company’s whitepapers (or even e-books and brochures) and generate more leads. You can do this by pinning info-graphics, visual data, charts and images from such promotional documents, and linking them to the contact form on your landing page. Once a prospect submits a filled form, you can send them a time-constrained code or a limited offer to ensure quick conversion.

Post photos of Satisfied Customers to earn a positive foothold

Your happy campers can be your biggest marketing asset to inspire prospects! Pin photos of satisfied customers and link them back to customer reviews and case studies on your company’s website. However, it is vital that to seek permission from your respective clients to avoid any trouble!

While the above-mentioned tactics focus on strategies and game plans that augment lead generation, here are a few quick tips on enhancing the quality of your pinned content and in turn boost the traffic on your boards, and ultimately your business website.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your old pins and create new ones to replace the older pins. For example, you may earn more traffic as spring approaches by replacing your Christmas recipes with ones aimed at Easters.
Make your pins appealing to different age groups, genders, classes and ethnicities.
It is imperative that you use high resolution pictures on your boards with vivid colours, and attractive outlook. Use descriptive captions that describe your pins and make them easy to locate.
Follow popular boards and take inspiration from their pins to create your own. This would help you determine what resonates within your target audience and plan your pins accordingly.

Pinterest-to-Profits-with-Pintalysis-2 copy 2For more in-depth strategies for Pinterest in Lead Generation I recommend you download the eBook Pinterest to Profits.

What strategies have worked for you in lead generation using the Pinterest platform?


The 3 steps taken towards my Liberation Shift

The 3 steps taken towards my Liberation Shift

A Liberation lot of people dream of change. Making something different of themselves. Setting themselves free from whatever is holding them back from achieving a life’s dream. Most people want the lifestyle, the travel, the income, the great love and flexibility but a lesser few will invest in themselves to make it happen. Making it happen falls into doing what it takes, educating yourself, identifying true mentors, personal development and making sacrifices and focus. So when the opportunity to step into the Liberation Shift 3 Day “Closer To Free” Bali Retreat with Jody Jelas and Victoria Gibson came up in early January  this year, I dared to believe that I too could start to let go of things holding me back from achieving my business goals. The Liberation shift was all about celebrating each individual and what ever their vision is for inspiring businesses.  It is also about experiencing first hand what up leveling is by creating an epic lifestyle while in the company of inspirational leaders and high level thinkers.

You see my life is busy. No I mean it. CRAZY BUSY. I accept lots of jobs, help lots of people, work very late every night and with the twins starting school this year and a wedding to plan I don’t get much for myself. So when I was selected to come with Jody and Victoria to Bali for the first “Closer To Free” Bali Retreat, I ever so dared to believe that I needed such a break. It didn’t matter that I could only escape for 3 nights and bought the cheapest flights possible – but six hours on the plane was nothing in return for some peace, me time and time to reflect where I was and where I was going and what I would learn by hanging out with some inspirational women who are achieving dreams of lifestyle, travel and getting it right.

So with last minutes excitement and an itinerary that read a combination of activities from surfing, yoga, massages, palm reading, combined with getting specifics done with one-on-one coaching and mentoring, I said goodbye to my partner and the kids for a quick flight to Bali. A place I had only visited once before as a gangly 13 year old and certainly a place where major changes had taken place over the past 20 years from the hair braiding on the beach and cheap Billabong clothes from my memories.

It is a luxury to take time out. I mean real time, not half an hour escape here and there while in the car or bathroom. How often do you take real time out away from your partner, kids, colleagues, work and all those other commitments to focus on you and your business?


 To relax without any other distractions to ponder, write and talk business.

In reflection over the Bali retreat I welcomed 3 new shifts in my mindset towards Liberation.

My first Liberation shift was the metaphor of a fence-less pool.

Note: This story is for metaphor only. I do not endorse pools with no fences due to child water safety 🙂

As I walked into the gates of my own private villa, a clear blue pool welcomed me and a bizarre feeling of complete freedom.  Just the feeling to be living in an apartment with not a pool fence was a bizarre feeling of bliss which just set the feeling for the rest of the of the weekend. A pool to let go and float in at midnight, a pool to dive in after a long afternoon sun and a pool to wake up too to freshen up the day was the start of letting go of all the busyiness I had created that was holding me back in my life and business. Since coming home, every time I do have those spare 5 minutes I shut my eyes and remember that feeling of a fence-less pool and I can hold that feeling of peace once again.

My second Liberation shift was made made clear during the group coaching session.

The old saying you need to work ON your business not in your business rang true. Time again it was made clear that in order for me to grow my business, I needed to stop working. As soon as I stopped “working” and trying so hard, the creativity opened up like a tap. Ideas and solutions came easily and stress to give results and perform disappear. To hold on to creativity, I need to let things go. Now I am taking action to let that happen and already there has been some positive things happening since I got home.

My third Liberation shift was confirmation that I am on the right track and continue to dig deep and believe in myself.

A Balinese palm reader was part of the itinerary and a highlight I was looking forward too as its a must for any Eat, Pray, Love inspired retreat. Completely open to what ever was to be said, I was initially disappointed to the lack of any significant amazing future telling stories. This differed from the anecdotal stories of wonderful messages received from friends. Over the past few weeks I have pondered over the reading and have now come to a slow positive realization that what he was telling me was fortunately there will be no massive disruption, all past hurts are long gone and I am definitely on track to achieve my goals.  Everything I have asked for is in progress. Everything I want, I can achieve. No need for fear of the future as every hear will build on success from the last. So with that shift in thought it was a relief and gratitude.

So as the “Closer To Free” Bali Retreat came to a close I felt to fortunate to be with a wonderful group of smart inspiring women who have come together for all different kind of reasons and journeys. Slight shifts in my business have already been happening and I am looking forward to what 2015 brings. I can’t wait to keep tracking my goals and seeing the results it brings with these few liberation shifts for personal freedom. What will be your Liberation shift this year?

Bali Retreat Liberation Retreat

Lisa x

Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

For the past year I barely touched my Pinterest account. I knew it was a source of traffic generation for blogging but had trouble understanding how I could leverage Pinterest for Business. In the past when I was renovating my house I started a few boards on images that inspired me for kitchen and bathroom renovations. As a mother of twins I loved images of multiples and articles of parenting twins. Then as I got engaged in January I started to search and save pins of weddings at the beach and variations of colours of orange and blue. But that was where my experience to Pinterest stopped.

Pinning images of a future world I would like to have like a gorgeous vision board. Pinterest to Profits

Click here to view more details

But as an Internet Marketer more and more mentors and coaches started saying to have another look at the using Pinterest for Business. With Facebook changing its algorithms and getting harder and harder for followers to see your content without sponsoring paid posts, I logged back into my Pinterest account to have a look around. The first step I took was to find a short list of Pinterest for Business influencers and follow them and read the strategies they are using to maximise all the features Pinterest has to create profits for businesses.

One of the influencers I found was Pinterest Marketing with Vincent Ng and promptly bought his eBook, Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis. Click here to view more details Now my first impression when I bought the book was WOW this is a real book of over 200 pages of pure actionable content and video tutorials. A considerable amount of thought, research, testing and results have been put into this book and its not just a mishmash of blog posts that I see from other eBooks. I scanned the 7 page Contents Pages and realised there were heaps I wanted to know that I didn’t know I didn’t know, if that makes sense. This is not just a book on how to navigate Pinterest it is a book on strategy with various case studies on how successful businesses are leveraging Pinterest to increase lead generation, profile and ultimately converting that traffic into sales. I was eager to learn and quickly settled down to read it.

A book this size may be too large to print but I printed it off double sided so I could take it with me to highlight and write notes on what actions I could take immediately on my account and one of my client’s accounts to get us up to speed and networking on Pinterest. Over the last two weeks since I bought this book and actively applied some of these strategies I have noticed an increase in traffic of about 20%.

Here are my actions as a relatively new Pinterest to Business marketer since reading the ebook Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis by Vincent NG:

1. Review of my Boards to assist my primary business goals
As mentioned above, previously my boards were of personal interest (house renovations, parenting and wedding planning) and not business focussed. However I recognise I would certainly be a customer for businesses who are targeting people interested in the above so I moved those boards to a secondary level on my Pinterest account. I took a step back and reviewed who my ideal client would be and what they are interested in to create and start new boards following these interests. I have started a few new private boards until I have enough pins to publish.

As my main interest in Pinterest for Business is attracting clients who are building a small business and Entrepreneurship, I started boards about Business Books, Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Affirmations (rather than just another Quote board), Pinterest Marketing and Focusing on Blogging Traffic Generation. They will be my focus over the next few months.

2. Optimise your Pins for Keyword research
I want my pins, boards and my page to be found in the keyword research so I am diligently updating the descriptions to make it clear and inclusive of these words. Overall I updated the photo, description, board covers and names and moved them around a bit. I have also been spending a hour a day in researching excellent pins to include in my boards.

3. Networking and Collaboration
I started to readvertise in my email list, Facebook and Twitter an invitation to follow my Pinterest account to increase my Followers. I joined Facebook and Google Plus, Pinterest communities to meet like minded people and businesses and I’ve helped share their Pins in a group board activities. I also searched and joined a few good group boards and started to contribute to them.

4. Blog Promotion
I selected 30 of my top blog posts and had 30 new Pinterest optimised images created so I can republish the posts with the new images. Graphic design is not my core strength but from listening to one of Vincent Ng’s podcasts I was referred to where even I could turn an average image into something pin worthy. 🙂 Alternatively I recommend you go to or to hire a graphic designer to get a core selection of fresh new pins to promote your content.  I am now drip feeding and republishing my blog posts back into Pinterest.

As a social media/bookmarking platform, Pinterest can suck you in and can be addictive. Ten minutes can quickly turn into an hour especially if you are managing more than one account. I did the above also for a client’s account but this account also has the extra benefit of applying Rich Pin strategy (learn all about how you can sell products via Rich Pins in the Pinterest to Profits eBook) as they have an eCommerce platform. My strategy over the next month is to implement rich pins and continue to grow the account.

In summary, I would not have had a clear plan of action to build a Pinterest account for Business if I had not read the book Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis.

Click here to view more details

I knew bits and pieces of what I should be doing by reading random blog posts here and there but by printing the book out and doing old fashion reading and note taking which then developed into a concise list of task to do each week/day and realigning my goals has even after a week showed dividends (i.e. increased followers and engagement and traffic to my website and my clients). I have a monthly goal now to work with Pinterest and I am already on track after reading and applying the strategies outlined in this ebook. Besides it being fun, knowing the strategies that Pinterest can do for your Business is really a no brainer but to save you time figuring it out yourself just download this eBook and by applying these strategies you will see a difference within a week.

Click here to view more details

Comment below what your biggest tip you have learnt when applying strategies of Pinterest to your business. 

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