Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

Profitable actions to kick start Pinterest for Business

For the past year I barely touched my Pinterest account. I knew it was a source of traffic generation for blogging but had trouble understanding how I could leverage Pinterest for Business. In the past when I was renovating my house I started a few boards on images that inspired me for kitchen and bathroom renovations. As a mother of twins I loved images of multiples and articles of parenting twins. Then as I got engaged in January I started to search and save pins of weddings at the beach and variations of colours of orange and blue. But that was where my experience to Pinterest stopped.

Pinning images of a future world I would like to have like a gorgeous vision board. Pinterest to Profits

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But as an Internet Marketer more and more mentors and coaches started saying to have another look at the using Pinterest for Business. With Facebook changing its algorithms and getting harder and harder for followers to see your content without sponsoring paid posts, I logged back into my Pinterest account to have a look around. The first step I took was to find a short list of Pinterest for Business influencers and follow them and read the strategies they are using to maximise all the features Pinterest has to create profits for businesses.

One of the influencers I found was Pinterest Marketing with Vincent Ng and promptly bought his eBook, Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis. Click here to view more details Now my first impression when I bought the book was WOW this is a real book of over 200 pages of pure actionable content and video tutorials. A considerable amount of thought, research, testing and results have been put into this book and its not just a mishmash of blog posts that I see from other eBooks. I scanned the 7 page Contents Pages and realised there were heaps I wanted to know that I didn’t know I didn’t know, if that makes sense. This is not just a book on how to navigate Pinterest it is a book on strategy with various case studies on how successful businesses are leveraging Pinterest to increase lead generation, profile and ultimately converting that traffic into sales. I was eager to learn and quickly settled down to read it.

A book this size may be too large to print but I printed it off double sided so I could take it with me to highlight and write notes on what actions I could take immediately on my account and one of my client’s accounts to get us up to speed and networking on Pinterest. Over the last two weeks since I bought this book and actively applied some of these strategies I have noticed an increase in traffic of about 20%.

Here are my actions as a relatively new Pinterest to Business marketer since reading the ebook Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis by Vincent NG:

1. Review of my Boards to assist my primary business goals
As mentioned above, previously my boards were of personal interest (house renovations, parenting and wedding planning) and not business focussed. However I recognise I would certainly be a customer for businesses who are targeting people interested in the above so I moved those boards to a secondary level on my Pinterest account. I took a step back and reviewed who my ideal client would be and what they are interested in to create and start new boards following these interests. I have started a few new private boards until I have enough pins to publish.

As my main interest in Pinterest for Business is attracting clients who are building a small business and Entrepreneurship, I started boards about Business Books, Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Affirmations (rather than just another Quote board), Pinterest Marketing and Focusing on Blogging Traffic Generation. They will be my focus over the next few months.

2. Optimise your Pins for Keyword research
I want my pins, boards and my page to be found in the keyword research so I am diligently updating the descriptions to make it clear and inclusive of these words. Overall I updated the photo, description, board covers and names and moved them around a bit. I have also been spending a hour a day in researching excellent pins to include in my boards.

3. Networking and Collaboration
I started to readvertise in my email list, Facebook and Twitter an invitation to follow my Pinterest account to increase my Followers. I joined Facebook and Google Plus, Pinterest communities to meet like minded people and businesses and I’ve helped share their Pins in a group board activities. I also searched and joined a few good group boards and started to contribute to them.

4. Blog Promotion
I selected 30 of my top blog posts and had 30 new Pinterest optimised images created so I can republish the posts with the new images. Graphic design is not my core strength but from listening to one of Vincent Ng’s podcasts I was referred to where even I could turn an average image into something pin worthy. 🙂 Alternatively I recommend you go to or to hire a graphic designer to get a core selection of fresh new pins to promote your content.  I am now drip feeding and republishing my blog posts back into Pinterest.

As a social media/bookmarking platform, Pinterest can suck you in and can be addictive. Ten minutes can quickly turn into an hour especially if you are managing more than one account. I did the above also for a client’s account but this account also has the extra benefit of applying Rich Pin strategy (learn all about how you can sell products via Rich Pins in the Pinterest to Profits eBook) as they have an eCommerce platform. My strategy over the next month is to implement rich pins and continue to grow the account.

In summary, I would not have had a clear plan of action to build a Pinterest account for Business if I had not read the book Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis.

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I knew bits and pieces of what I should be doing by reading random blog posts here and there but by printing the book out and doing old fashion reading and note taking which then developed into a concise list of task to do each week/day and realigning my goals has even after a week showed dividends (i.e. increased followers and engagement and traffic to my website and my clients). I have a monthly goal now to work with Pinterest and I am already on track after reading and applying the strategies outlined in this ebook. Besides it being fun, knowing the strategies that Pinterest can do for your Business is really a no brainer but to save you time figuring it out yourself just download this eBook and by applying these strategies you will see a difference within a week.

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Comment below what your biggest tip you have learnt when applying strategies of Pinterest to your business. 

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Common Threads of Success

Common Threads of Success

How much work do I need to do to be successful?

This is a common question I get asked. The thing is you need to understand is what ever it takes. Whatever it takes does not have limitations. It appears as the year comes to a close that taking action is a common theme at the moment.

The other week I had the opportunity to listen to an Australian motivation speaker, Pat Mesiti. Pat Mesiti is a Mindset Expert sharing his strategies and teaching how you can shift old beliefs into new ones to create the income and life you like. He used a few different metaphors and one in particular, which resonated with me, was no matter how many times you wish to the universe unless you TAKE MASSIVE ACTION nothing will change. Not a lot wishing can do if you don’t take action yourself to get there.

Is there a right way?

How do you measure success? How do you define it? You need to do, find what motivates you with speed to reach your goals and level of success for your life. Another theme I was reminded of recently is never to settle for the minimum required. Common thread to designsuccess is to go above and beyond what is convenient. Here is an example: You have a family commitment this weekend so do you use that an excuse to not reach your monthly quota of activity to reach your personal goal? No I hope not.

I often get feedback on how do I find time do do the things I do. The thing is I am always effective with my time. Are you? Is it a lunch break, getting up early, waiting for an appointment, giving up on TV in the evening – I am always doing something effective with my time that aligns with my goals. This is what doing above and beyond what is convenient means.

I love meeting like-minded people. But some of you are not doing what it takes – its not a priority. How much is it costing you? One thing I learnt is to get over a mental block that it is too much. It can never be too much.

 You will never get punished by taking massive action

A final take home point is to remove all negativity around you. Get rid of it

IF you are looking for immediate results in your first week don’t whine and quit because it didn’t happen.

Detach yourself from the outcome. Go for your increasing productivity and that should be your focus. Ask your self “Did I do whatever it takes today?”

Another point is to stop focusing on what the person left and right are doing and focus on what you need to do to get what you want. I love reading biographies of successful people. My bookcase is filled with stories of people who stepped out of being average to create a life of prosperity. If you want to have the success other people have the only thing you need to do –and there is no secret – no strategy the only think you need to do is whatever it takes.

Here is to a successful 2015!


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My niche is my life

My niche is my life

ny niche my lifeMy niche is Life. For the past year or so I have had paralysis of analysis in establishing an online market brand. Paralysis of analysis is not great to be in and I see my team go through it when there is so much online training they get stuck and don’t do anything. But it has come to pass I have been blogging and learning all about online marketing since 2008 and like any accumulated knowledge it has come to fruition that I’ve learnt a lot but I lost some of that passion for blogging and the reason why I came online in the first place.
For the past year I have struggled with that damn market niche question. What is my market niche? How do I find my market niche? You can’t market without a niche they say. And once you find your niche, you need to focus it again and again. And well I have struggled with that in regards to my blog. I get it when you start with a problem that market wants to solve and you develop and market a product which meets that problem. From that you can develop a whole online marketing strategy of websites, SEO, targeted advertising and media. But when I look at my little blog on the internet sphere and what brand do I represent and what am I an Authority in (all the terms bandwagon about by the coaches and successful gurus) I get a little stuck. So before I impart with a few thousand dollars on any branding and coaching courses, I stare at the ceiling in my bed and wonder who I want to be. What is my online brand? What do I really have authority in?

I ask Nathan and he responds I am good at computer stuff as we flip over the channel to the Walking Dead.

So back to my blog.
I look at the blogs I like to follow. When I started blogging it was more about raising awareness for a trip I was taking for mental illness and I loved to read fun blog posts of gorgeous photos of people’s lives. I would read the the trials and tribulations other people had which they would have previously only ever written in their diary. I would read of adventures of travel and kids but I confess I haven’t written about my beautiful 4 year old twins in ages or announced I got engaged.

I ask my daughters what I am good at. Work is the reply.
“Not housekeeping,” Nathan chirps up.

Over the past few years I find I now know the analytics of a “good” blog post. How to structure it and get it out to social media to entice readers to read it. Solve a problem and give a call to action are the mantras. But what about writing because I want to write not to endlessly look at problems to solve?

What is my passion? What do I enjoy?

Can my niche be enough to be just Life? As I look around the café right now as I sip my cold cappuccino typing on my laptop. Is my life niche enough? I suppose there is no other Lisa just like there is no other like you. My interests span from science to entrepreneurship to mindset training to parenting and twins. So it would be absolutely impossible to find people with the exact combination of niche interests. Which is probably reflective in my high bounce rate in Google Analytics (if you are reading this take a moment to read another blog post eh? Love to lower that bounce rate ha-ha).
I have a healthy appreciation for science which others may think law of attraction and mindset training is a little wacky. I can talk and relate to parents but exchange more stories with multiple mums. I love studying and putting on my entrepreneurial hat to talk online business but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea either. I believe direct sales and network marketing is a legitimate business model but other people run a mile with fear of pyramid scams. So my blog doesn’t aim to please everyone because to tell you the truth it’s just a blog about life, my interests and what I learn and chose to share it with.
So I have come to a simple realisation that I don’t have to try that hard to be me. My niche is my life which is pretty unique enough.

P.S. I wrote this blog post free form with no Google Keyword analytics testing first. Haha Breaking away from the freedom just to blog what I want has a certain freedom around it.


Losing weight has the same similarities to starting an online business

Losing weight has the same similarities to starting an online business

starting an online businessYesterday it was my birthday. Like New Years day the start of a new birthday is also a time I pause to assess my goals and New Year resolutions. So I left the family to take a walk to the local lookout and to get some breath air. Everyone knows exercise is great but keeping to a schedule and resolution to lose weight and get fit is a constant battle with almost everyone I know. I also have a wedding to plan this next 12 months and as my birthday flipped over to another year there was ever right now for another aim to lose a few kilos. No more could I say I only JUST had twins (they are 4!). So off I went up the mountain.

Exercise is also good for ideas and gets blood to flow in the brain as I let my brain ramble on how I could grow my online business. And then as I plodded along I came to a funny conclusion of how similar trying to keep fit was to growing an online business. Here were my similarities I thought of:

  1. Weight loss starts with a goal. Is it a kilo amount, increase energy or something else health related?
  2. To lose weight takes massive action and a change in behaviour. Is it exercise, change of routine, or diet?
  3. To lose weight you are going to have the naysayers who don’t support you by constantly offering you that glass of wine or mock your daily salad or low calorie meals
  4. You will meet people who jump from one diet from another reporting none of them work.
  5. You will be tempted to give up many times.
  6. Only the type of exercise you actually enjoy will keep you getting up and doing it. For instance I like walking, swimming and boxing. Thats it so I am not going to fool myself and make up a fancy routine which I am not going to keep.

Starting an online business is the same. You need to learn something new and take action every day. You need a goal let it be financial or personal reward. You will have naysayers but you need to recognise these and move on. You will have people in your team jump from one deal to another. When your business does not move fast enough and you are not getting the results you want you may be tempted to quit. The action you make in your business will go back to what you enjoy the most. Do you love meeting new people online or are you expert in a particular marketing technique. Focus and have fun and your business will follow.

But as you take each step up your metaphorically mountain just remember you are one step closer to your goal than yesterday. All the people I know who took great steps to lose weight were able to get to their goal by a change of behaviour, action and consistency. Put on your shoes and lets get walking!

What similarities did I miss?


eBook Launch How to Build a Business Online Part-Time!

eBook Launch How to Build a Business Online Part-Time!

I am so excited to write to you today because I have finally finished writing and editing my very FIRST eBook.

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Why I wrote this book
for you

When I started this journey in online marketing and entrepreneurship, I was working full time and also a single mum to 24 month old twin girls. If you missed my story you can pop over here to read it. So I was at a stage in my business where I was beginning to take on multiple jobs at a time and balls juggling in the air was an understatement. Soon, the dream of spending more time with my kids turned into less time with them as I wMom-Jugglingas working more than ever before. My partner started to complain I was spending less time with him and always rushing away to my computer, my kids were crying under my feet wanting attention, or I’d find myself turning on the TV to entertain my kids as I was rushing back to the computer.

My health declined as I started to pile on the weight as I sat for hours on the computer, while snacking on sugar-laden coffees, ice-cream and chocolate Tim Tams!. I was crawling into bed after midnight every single night and have fitful sleep of only 5-6 hours before struggling to get to work the next morning.

The sleep deprivation was worse than when my twin babies were born! But it was all for a deep ingrained “Why” that made you cry. The “Why” that so many small business owners talk about. The “Why” that drives entrepreneurs to succeed and find solutions.

No doubt I had it but could I do it ALL.

My work in the day was starting to suffer as I began to slack off and lose concentration or even worse, waste my employer’s time on internet marketing activities (which is a real No No!!!). Don’t ruin the job that is paying you. You need your cash flow to support you until your business takes off.

But I reached a point where I finally realised had to make a change. So in this book I will share with you the secret to success online starting part-time.

I have a outlined my strategies to priorities your time with incentives, clarity of vision and exercise my team are using every day. Learn how you too can start your business online part-time by

  1. Establishing a Daily Schedule
  2. Prioritizing Time with a Point Reward System
  3. Knowing where, when and what to Outsource
  4. Plus receive my Bonus Resources!

I would love your feedback to my first book.
Have an awesome day


3 More Words to Ban from your Vocabulary Now

3 More Words to Ban from your Vocabulary Now

Words to BanThis year I have decided to be a conscious writer and speaker. While starting some study into conversational hypnosis and embedded word commands I have decided to start with banning the following words in my vocabulary right Now. The most common words authors say to ban from your vocabulary are: But, Should, Don’t, Never and Have To. These words can be dis-empowering and secretly discouraging to the unconscious mind so good-bye they are to my emails and speech. Some of these words are not necessary wrong but what they do is they stop you from taking action. They fool us into thinking that we have no power or choice.  However I am carrying another 3 words I plan to ban as well. I thought about what words I use on a regular basis and why it may also serve to drop them. Do you recognize these additional 3?

No 1 is Try

In the past I might have said I would try my best to do something. The intention being I was unsure of the how or not confident of my success so I would say or write in an email that I would TRY. I would try to save money. I would try to lose weight. I would try to build a business online. But as I discuss the TRY phenomenon we all use I have now been taught that there is NO TRY.

“Do or Do not. There is no try.”

try or not to try

Actually while Googling for this article I found it was a Yoda quote. LOL I had no idea. Don’t you love Google?

My favourite two analogies are please try and pick up that pen. You either pick it up or you don’t. Or another favourite one. A tree does not try to grow. It either grows or doesn’t.

Are you a growing tree? I am.  Learning, stretching and reaching for the stars while bedding roots to secure me. So goodbye try that word no longer exists.

Another one I am eliminating in my writing is Hope.

Hope is like Try but has a feeling of helplessness. I hope for something better that will never come along. Hope gets me excited about things, makes me think that maybe things can be different, that something new that will change things for me is right around the corner. But it never is. I refer to hope in an email or speaking when I am hoping someone will do something I have no control over. No more Hope for me. It is a loss leader word and I am sure more empowering words of belief and and will, will replace it.


I get asked how I am or even more prophetic how has your last X years been and I usually reply, “Busy.” Sure we are all Busy. Busy to sum up my life has now been banned because all I am doing it attracting more busy in my life. Be gone! Instead my intention is for a cleaner, focused, streamlined life. I intend to remove the busy of activities and sum up my life. Cut out the stuff which is just stuff.

Talk to any personal development expert and you’ll hear that the words you use have the power to change your life — whether you’re talking to other people or to yourself.  Exchange words that sound negative and carry low energy (never, nobody, bad, guilt) for positive, uplifting ones (can, good, will, love), and you’re well on your way to a happier life. Now, it’s fairly easy to recognize how using undeniably negative terms can cut into your happiness bucket. But what about the more subtle words, the ones that sneak in and sabotage you in ways you may not know? Do you have words you want to take control of which will impact your thoughts, actions and life?

Reply in your comments below and I would love to share them.


Words to Ban from your Vocabulary Now