Law of Attraction in Action

Law of Attraction in Action

Bright red flowers in my wealth corner

I am starting a regular segment on my Blog titled “The Law of Attraction in Action.” If you want to submit a short story (200 words) please email me on

I am looking for your everyday stories of success in family, health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Today my little story is attracting wealth.

Problem: A few months ago I was oblivious about what do with my laundry. Being a busy mum and back to work, clothes were haphazardly piling up in the nursery and in the corner of my bedroom floor. At the time I saw no connection between the wealth corner in my bedroom with the beautiful red flowering painting and the dirty laundry piling up in the corner. Until the day the bill arrived. Another $500 bill from the hospital arguing I owed another excess fee for twin number 2. After phone calls with the hospital and private health trying to sort it out, I came to the conclusion it was another bill I would just have to pay.


Solution: As I was learning more about LOA , I requested for the bill to disappear and I started to also look around my house to identify anything amiss. It was the laundry. On suggestion of K from Connect with Spirit. I moved the laundry to its rightful place, the bathroom.

Result: The very next day I received a phone call. The bill was a mistake. I was told to rip up the bill as I no longer had to pay. Yippee! That works for me.

What is your story of the law of attraction in action?


I used to be a Tupperware Demonstrator and I enjoyed it.

I used to be a Tupperware Demonstrator and I enjoyed it.

Tupperware demonstratorShock horror! Seriously if you ever wanted to start your own business join a party plan business just to get your feet wet. I have had friends become Tupperware Demonstrators, & Intimo Consultants and I have attended my fair share of jewellery, candle and linen parties.

Lessons Learnt being a Tupperware Demonstrator:

The benefits of joining these businesses are

  • You already have a product (which hopefully you love so it is an easy sell).
  • The administration is already organised.
  • You learn new skills and Training is provided.
  • Most have zero upfront starting fees.
  • The marketing material is already provided.
  • There is a support network and team with managers wanting you to do well.
  • There is a rewards program (in addition to money there is usually free products, cars and trips overseas)
  • You meet new people and make friends through customers and colleagues.
  • It is a great second job if you work full time or are a mum. An extra $500 a week doing a party of two was fabulous.
  • You work around your own commitments.

As my Tupperware Manager used to say, “It is your Business. You put in what you get out.”

With these benefits in mind I stayed with Tupperware for 3 years and I had a lot of fun. Of course there were the annoying customers and the dud parties where no one turned up.

I also had my fair share of trying moments:

  • The night I went home after

    Brisbane Tupperware Sessions 2008

    driving all the way to the Gold Coast and got a speeding fine (there went my earnings),

  • The time I forgot a major ingredient in the 5 Minute microwave chocolate cake after it starting cooking (major flop)
  • The night my Tupperware Manager and I demonstrated for a party of two guests, signed them up and then they vanished from all contact and never picked up their orders,
  • The day I arrived an hour late because I got the time mixed up,
  • The massive fundraiser we organised with the Royal Brisbane Hospital to raise money for Breast Cancer – Cups4Cups. It was a high-tea with guest speakers and demonstrators. However all that effort and marketing barely made a profit after the expenses,
  • The time I went to a party, after emailing and confirming the date and time only to arrive and no one was home,
  • And lastly the Party I did when only two hours before I found out I was pregnant.

Now I have three cupboards overflowing with Tupperware and a converted partner who takes his green sandwich keepers to work everyday.

Market Stall research Day 2

Market Stall research Day 2

Part two of Market to Market.

Saturday @ The Mathilda Markets

It was bright and early Saturday and I needed to drop the girls off at my parents before breakfast to be at the market to set up by 7am. N needed the day to dig up the yard and my parents had offered to dress the girls in My Island Baby designer wear as little models later in the day. The Mathilda markets are only held about five times a year in each capital city and showcases the most gorgeous baby and kids goods. Stall holders are chosen to deliver divine and original clothing, accessories, homewares and toys.

We had our three trolleys of clothes, a banner proudly displayed at the back and a table showcasing signature items such as baby bloomers and singlet dresses.

The three of us worked for the full two hours setting up before the first round of shopping mums and dads arrived. Women and children, prams and babies soon filled the aisles. Quickly pointing out the benefits of each item, “The dresses will become skirts or which dresses will be tops” highlighting the multiple uses of different items to maximise the value. We did well and it was fun. My little girls were a highlight – wonderfully dressed and sold the products just as well. My mother later said I should pay the girls in an account for each modelling assignment.

Adelaide our little model.

Adelaide our little model.