Goddess singing in the kitchen

Just another day singing in the kitchen online

When I left for the long plane flight to Denver last month and settled in to flick through the current movie channels in the in-flight entertainment it was kind of ironic to settle back to watch The Goddess. A 2013 musical comedy about the mother Elspeth confined to her home in Tasmania bringing up twin toddler boys while her husband is away. She is tempted by her own ambition for a singing career and finds fame and fortune accidentally through the internet and social media by singing her daily routine through a webcam.  We have the classic conflict of duty and career as Elspeth is offered a lucrative contract in Sydney to promote the new launch of a ”Goddess” laptop – ”for all the women you are” and the story unravels as she tries to do it all.

Twins Goddess

This did happen at home “Where is mummy gone???”

As I sat back in my economy seat and glanced out the window I had to reflect a little bit. Yes I know its just a silly comedy movie and I sure don’t have a Ronan Keating for a husband (nice!) but it was a teeny bit ironic of the similarities.

The fact here I was leaving my twin girls in Australia off to the USA to pursue a dream of working online. No I’m not singing and dancing live in the kitchen but I did a few videos with my my media of choice being a blog. Although I am not a stay at home mum like Elspeth maybe I should have been less preoccupied with work. Was it unfair for me to forge ahead with my ambitions or put it on hold until they were at school?

Then last week on the rare occasion I do watch a movie at home I pressed play to watch The Internship about two salesmen (duo Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson) whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital age find their way into a coveted internship at Google, where they must compete with a group of young, tech-savvy geniuses for a shot at employment. Ok it didn’t get crash hot reviews but I remember first using the Google search engine back in 2002. Then when I studied a Masters of Technology Innovation, Google was that classical case study of the best company to work for. It oozed fun, innovation, freedom, and envious perks. I did have a giggle though as the interview for Google was a Google Hangout and we only just did our first Google hangout a week ago and I have in the past searched for Google Jobs wondering what kind of people they did hire. The underlying story illustrated team work, working to your strengths and pursuing your goal for your dream job.

google hangout

Can you see me!? Google Hangouts

But you do have to laugh a bit. What do  I have in common with the movies Google The Internship and a sprinkle of The Goddess is I love technology. I love being ONLINE or “on-the-line” as Vince remarked. No matter who you are it is a fact that technology and the internet will continues to influence work and shape our lives. So I am embracing it and taking the good bits and making it my own.

I don’t usually do movie reviews but these two were fun. Comments welcome below!



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