Hi guys this is HOT HOT HOT off the press and still bit secret but I want to share with you today some super new stuff for you… In 60 days EN are launched ENV2. Move over WordPress, Typepad, tumblr and Blogger. This brand new blogging platform will surpass them all and revolutionize internet marketing.

When I started with Empower Network one of the challenges I had was blogging on a second blog as well as teaching all the intricacies of WordPress to new people. This new platform which and new social network (move over Facebook) will now fix that. Watch the video below and check out my list of product features below.

ENV2 Features and Benefits

1. Brand new social media functionality newsfeed in back office similar to Facebook and GooglePlus. All your posts will be shared, liked and commented straight in newsfeed for all Empower Network members. EN members to have their own profile pages. You posts can go VIRAL on the EN network.

2. Multiple blogs in one account. Multiple domains. You do not have to be restricted to the empowernetwork domain anymore. You can post from your Empower Network account to any blog using this platform .

3. Empower Network has its own video sharing hosting where all your videos will be hosted but if you want to use other hosting all you need is the url to embed in the your posts.

4. A new mobile App. Any audio video you take can be posted on your blog/s in minutes without using a computer.

5. All your Empower Network products and blogging can be done on mobile devices.

6. Sales conversion engine. you can segment your team by product and email or Private posts to them. For instance if you just post to your team on the 15K product the rest of your team will see there is a post/email but can not open it unless they upgrade – additional incentives to upgrade your team. Additional email notification features for Active and non Active people.

7. You can see all your team blog posts in your news feed. Your posts can go viral in the en network… ( i.e. EN – Facebook by the comment, like, sharing features)

8. Improved blog theme customization and graphics and upload of banners, images graphics etc Footer data change, page customisation,

9. Multilingual platform for different language support. Local language translation

10. The new blog is super easy to use “Grandma Proof” (that’s what they said) really easy.

There is a 60 day pre-Launch to the 21st of Sept. Then the network closes for 7 days while they transfer all EN to the new platform where it goes from one domain to something hundreds and thousands of domains plus.

Cost: $25!!!! No change in price (hear the crowd go wild)

Click on the link below to get started to promote your business and learn internet marketing.

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