Many years ago when I was doing my research on the prevalence of Chlamydia in the koala population, I spent some time out at the Moggill Koala Hospital. Besides learning about the hospital, it was the volunteers that impressed me most of all. This hospital is one of many that accompany zoos, wildlife centres and sanctuaries and people volunteer their time to care for sick, injured and orphaned native Australian animals. They spend their rostered times cleaning out cages, feeding, collecting, data entry, supervise and training and reintroduction of animals back into the wildlife.

In addition to these groups there are the animal fostering groups who rescue dogs and cats providing temporary accommodation until a permanent home can be found. Thankless and loving tasks.

So I was very excited when I found online the innovative Cuddle ‘Carry Shirt. A specially designed garment pet carrier, this shirt can carry your pet in a special pouch. The pouch is designed so it sits between the outer layer of the short and the payer that is against you. Hold pets less than 10 pounds it is an idea garment for fostering small kittens, puppies or small bread animals.

I have imported a few select stock from the US in Medium and Large and Black and Blue. My stock is available for purchase on my ebay store under Pet Carriers: FaddySwoosh Pets.

Do you currently volunteer at a Pet Refuge?

Black with Dog Pet Carrier Cuddle n Carry

Black with Dog Pet Carrier Cuddle n Carry

Kitten Pet Carrier Cuddle n Carry Shirt

Kitten Pet Carrier Cuddle n Carry Shirt

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