The Dear Diary ProcessA few months ago I was introduced to The Dear Diary Process. As an avid reader and collector of law of attraction books since Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret was launched, I was eager to see what made this one so different. As a kid I had written in diaries outlining everything had happened during the day and on the occasional times where I flip through those old diaries the script bemoans frustrations of school, friends, boredom, and sibling arguments. As I approached high –school my journaling was replaced by yearly day calendars to keep appointments, write down goals and record appointments. So when I read the Dear Diary Process it introduced me to a whole new way of writing in a diary. If I could describe it as a combination of writing as if the following day had already finished setting your intention in advance by visualising each goal and appointment.

“Why write about what you did, it is now history? Why remind yourself of it, especially if it was bad?”

That is probably why all my childhood journal entries are consistently lethargic. I wonder how well I could have achieved at school and friends if I had written each night for the next day?

The Dear Diary Process

So the Dear Diary Process book introduces you to a new way of thinking giving you the tools to do it. The method is not onerous and once you get the hang of the wording, intent and structure it starts to become fun. Fun as when you see your days unfold exactly as you intended the night before.

What I enjoy about the process is the habit of doing it every night as the last thing you do before going to bed and then you have the option to quickly read it when you wake up but then it is advised not to read it again. Already since I have started doing the Dear Diary Process I have recognised some changes. For instance my meetings have had more positive outcomes, opportunities have opened up, financially I have had some great wins in my business and my relationships have improved. Whatever you want in your life you can have just by the simple nightly activity of writing in your Dear Diary book. So grab your copy (ebook or soft copy available) and then send me your testimonial click here. Books available for order on the Global Mind Mastery product website. 

About the Dear Diary Process Author:

Stuart Walter is a Brisbane-based sports psychologist who works with elite athletes to maximise their potential and improve their performance in competitive situations. Drawing on his work with champion athletes, Stuart has developed a simple, powerful and effective process for anyone seeking to maximise their potential in their everyday life. This book is both an instructional manual on the Dear Diary Process and a daily journal for five months of entries to “turn the page to a new you”.

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