do-what-you-love-and-do-it-oftenThe second line in the Holstee Manifesto reads “Do what you love and do it often.” A subtle reminder to do the the things you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be about work as initially this line reminded me of a similar cliche “Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day” but that’s not necessarily true. The thing is if you do what you love for a living, you’ll probably end up loving it a little bit less. When your income depends on doing what you love there is a somewhat responsibility and dependance on that activity. So putting work aside and going back to the fundamental do what you love can be simple but a nice reminder to do something for yourself.

What mentally, physically, socially or spiritually activities do you enjoy?

Why do I find this question a challenge?

Its like being asked what is your hobby on a biography or questionnaire. I don’t have much time for a hobby. The classical hobbies like a taking a class, team sports, competitions, volunteering, gardening, stamp collecting, acting…. feel like wonderful pursuits if I just had more time.

If I had more time I would spend my time doing what I think I would love which would be quiet time to write, attend art classes, travel, network with intelligent online entrepreneurs and meditate. Perhaps I know what I love but I am stuck on “do it often” bit. I would love to do what I love and do it often. But with juggling twins in the morning, rushing to get to work on time, sitting at the job, sitting in traffic (golly gosh I sit alot), doing the night dinner, bath and bed routine to be back on the computer at night doesn’t give me much time to do the “do what you love and it often” bit. That’s a bit of a kick in the guts. So maybe what I love has to make room for the do it often bit. My interpretation of the Holstee Manifesto, This if your Life poster is really telling me to take the time to enjoy your life and be in the moment when you do.

So with that in mind I will.

Send me a comment below. How do you make time to do the things you love?

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