I am so excited to write to you today because I have finally finished writing and editing my very FIRST eBook.

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Why I wrote this book
for you

When I started this journey in online marketing and entrepreneurship, I was working full time and also a single mum to 24 month old twin girls. If you missed my story you can pop over here to read it. So I was at a stage in my business where I was beginning to take on multiple jobs at a time and balls juggling in the air was an understatement. Soon, the dream of spending more time with my kids turned into less time with them as I wMom-Jugglingas working more than ever before. My partner started to complain I was spending less time with him and always rushing away to my computer, my kids were crying under my feet wanting attention, or I’d find myself turning on the TV to entertain my kids as I was rushing back to the computer.

My health declined as I started to pile on the weight as I sat for hours on the computer, while snacking on sugar-laden coffees, ice-cream and chocolate Tim Tams!. I was crawling into bed after midnight every single night and have fitful sleep of only 5-6 hours before struggling to get to work the next morning.

The sleep deprivation was worse than when my twin babies were born! But it was all for a deep ingrained “Why” that made you cry. The “Why” that so many small business owners talk about. The “Why” that drives entrepreneurs to succeed and find solutions.

No doubt I had it but could I do it ALL.

My work in the day was starting to suffer as I began to slack off and lose concentration or even worse, waste my employer’s time on internet marketing activities (which is a real No No!!!). Don’t ruin the job that is paying you. You need your cash flow to support you until your business takes off.

But I reached a point where I finally realised had to make a change. So in this book I will share with you the secret to success online starting part-time.

I have a outlined my strategies to priorities your time with incentives, clarity of vision and exercise my team are using every day. Learn how you too can start your business online part-time by

  1. Establishing a Daily Schedule
  2. Prioritizing Time with a Point Reward System
  3. Knowing where, when and what to Outsource
  4. Plus receive my Bonus Resources!

I would love your feedback to my first book.
Have an awesome day