All mums are amazing whether you have had one or ten children (actually more than ten children these days sounds a little neglectful but that is for another blog post) but it is the multiple mums I love to hear from the most. At the moment we are all waiting to hear of the pending birth (false labour starts on the news everyday) of Princess Mary’s twin girls. As an Australian, Princess Mary’s life reads like a fairy tale. I am sure if I really knew her I woud understand her daily life is probably much more challenging than the tabloid reports but I can dream. Meeting her Prince at a pub in Sydney during the Olympics and then a world wind romance, wedding, castles and two babies… So I was delighted to hear the next pregnancy was spontaneous twins. Will she cope with four children under five? So far she looks radiant and healthy and now I can not wait to the magazines of when she comes home with twin girls.

Princess Mary and Twins

Courtesy of Google.

The other famous mum I confess I love to read about is Angelina Jolie. Besides the fact like Mary she is drop dead gorgeous (do they really look like that ALL the time?) I really do wonder how both these women do it all. We have all heard of Angelina’s huge international brood and I would love to know how she does have the time to spend quality time with all six of her children while she makes movies, travels the work and does all her charity commitments. Maybe I am naive and really both Mary and Angelina have a number of nannies to do the “real” work. Real work as in lack of sleep while attending to babies all night long while wearing a perfectly unsexy nightie or bed time routines of cooking dinner (maybe Brad is the cook), feeding dinner to babies, dinner on floor and all over babies, cleaning floor, bathing babies, and lastly settling babies. For some reason I can not imagine either Mary or Angelina on their hands and knees picking up food scraps thrown from the high chair or negotiating with babies about how much TV they should be watching. But perhaps they do. That is one magazine article and photos I would read.


Courtesy of Google

Last of all the other mums is Australian Westpac CEO Gail Kelly. Ranked the 8th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2010, Gail has four children including Triplet girls. Starting as a teacher and bank teller, this Triplet mum is now the highest paid woman in an Australian corporation. Wow. I love hearing her story because she continued to build a successful career after having Triplets. No, when she had her family she was not famous and no multiples are not the end of the world. Your life does not just stop. If I decided to keep climbing that corporate ladder, I’d like to think of Gail and remind myself that It is OK to pause your career for a few years as there is plenty of time to climb that corporate ladder (if you want too).

Gail Kelly

Gail Kelly. Photo Courtesy of ABC.

Mrs Kelly says having children taught her the importance of balancing work with other parts of life.

“I really am a huge believer in work-life balance,” she said.

“Practices of flexibility, practices of encouraging people to live whole lives, those are principles for me that I’ve lived and believed in all my life and certainly been the recipient of myself.

“I have four children, three of whom are triplets, and in my life I’ve needed employers who were prepared to back me and provide some flexibility to me during different stages in my career. Reference: Market gives thumbs up to Westpac CEO appointment

Just because you have decided to be a mum, if you want to have a career, you can still do it. Multiples and all.

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