Flying with Twins

The day after the girls second birthday I went flying with twins. In a Plane. Alone. And no I don’t recommend it. We were off to New Zealand for a week to visit their dad. The girls were late walkers which meant they were not strong enough to walk any distance. So my tip for Flying with Twins (or more than 1 toddler) is – try not to do it alone.

  1. Don’t do it alone unless one child can walk. I had found out I could use a cheap little pram after I checked in to the gate which was a good. So no problems there. Unfortunately when you land you need to walk to through customs and then to the baggage claim, which was further way than when I hiked the Kokoda track when you have to carry two large bags, and holding two 2 year old toddlers or dragging them, or chasing them around the terminal.
  2. If both children are in nappies it is very difficult to change nappies. Yes I know there were change tables in the toilets as I looked longingly down the aisles at the cubicles. My girls started to smell. I knew they needed a change but how could I leave one child without her getting hysterical for mum. How could I try to take both toddlers into the cubicle and change nappies? So I just sat it out.
  3. For the first part of the trip the girls were nicely behaved. I had colouring books, portable DVD player, snacks and drinks, books and toys. Soon crayons were strewn over the floor, the DVD player ran out of batteries, they were bored, no more food, shoes and socks off, nothing would entertain them and they wanted to run down the aisle and stretch their legs. Try as I must to placate them and wish they would go to sleep.
  4. I had booked with the airline for extra help when I landed. Unfortunately this was no help at all. To qualify you have to wait until everyone else has exited the airline. There was only one hostess allocated to assist and I was gazumped to another lady in a wheel chair. So as she whizzed ahead with the wheelchair, I was left far, far behind with a look of utter desperation. Why are airport terminal so long? (see point 1 again).

But although I have no overseas trips coming up in the near future I am dreaming of another one next year but this time the girls will be 3.5. And it will be a whole different experience of flying with twins. What is your experience?

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