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How many keywords can I add in a title! Haha well a little highlight to my blog is a few free samples at my door to do product reviews. Last week I received a much-needed box of NuviaCafe Instant Healthy Coffee Ganoderma sachets and I truly confess they taste quite good. My box is almost empty as I succumb to about 4 coffees a day starting off with that morning coffee (in lieu of breakfast some days) as I rush around in the mornings getting the twins ready for day-care and myself ready for work. The past week my NuviaCafe  (white with one sugar thanks) has followed me from the kitchen, to the bedroom to the bathroom and if I still have not had time to finish it, it is poured into a travel mug to be consumed on my way to work. At night as I toil away on my computer it sits warm and welcoming at my fingertips leading me on in the night.

So what’s so good about this coffee? It wasn’t until I had consumed half a box, offered it my mother and a house guest did I pick up the box and read a little closely about what I was drinking.

This is what I found – ingredients, health benefits and taste. This coffee Nuvia is a Sumatran Arabica coffee infused with a trifecta of legendary ingredients:

  1. Ganoderma (an immune enhancer),
  2. African Mango (a natural appetite suppressant) and
  3. Pomegranate (a super antioxidant).

In regards to taste, the box reads, “Sumatran coffee beans are roasted to perfection yielding a superior flavor that is rustic, yet rich and full bodied. “ What do my taste buds say?  For an instant coffee the taste is quite rich and smooth. Fine like a hot chocolate which is probably why I keep drinking it.

My only complaint is the sachets. They are very difficult to tear open which has caused a painful incident involving a knife, a finger and many Dora the Explorer bandaids. Use scissors.

You can buy a box here


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