It is the holidays and as a busy mum it is a great time to be home with the kids. It is also a good opportunity to pause and reflect. Are you a happy mim? If yes, great! If not, read some special tips below.

Look at your kids

Well, they are a blessing. Shopping for them or moving around with them is a blessing. Don’t turn it into a curse by not recognizing it.

Make a diary

Well, making a note of special or funny things they say will make you happy even years after it actually happened. So, make a note of it. If you do not have a dairy, place an order for it today. You can buy it online at too.

Record them

Yes, every mum loves it but some avoid it because it is difficult to carry a camera or camcorder everywhere. But do you need a professional device to click sweet memories? Not really. You can click their pictures, shoot a video from your smartphone too. However, if you do not have a good quality smartphone, buy a new one online. There are a number of coupons and promo codes that can get you lucrative deals and offers on your purchases. So, make the most of it.

Rock them to sleep

As a mother, you have done it when they were small. However, even as grown-ups, every child feels special when their mum makes an extra effort to put them to sleep. So, don’t miss that opportunity.

Play games

Kids love it and you know it too. So, spend quality time with them by watching kid’s movies or playing a board game with them. If you can, accompany them to the park and be with them while they are running around.


Laugh and cry with them

It is an amazing feeling to copy them. So, laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. However, do it occasionally. Let that feeling stay alive.

Gift them

You cannot gift them everything they love. So, know what they like and accordingly give those gifts. Costly gift items can be purchased from because yo

u can get amazing deals and discounts by using coupons that can get you best bargains on your purchases. Apart from the monetary transactions, it is important to give them love.

That is the best gift a mom can give her children.

Whisper when they shout

Adding to the noise, you are not helping him/her calm down. So, don’t should when they are shouting. Instead, whisper your responses. This will definitely help the volume drop.

Do things you like

Running behind your kids is one of the most important activities moms do. However, revise your ‘to-do’ list and include some interesting activities in it. Include activities like painting, gardening, reading novels, etc. This will act as a stress buster. If you are planning to buy some novels or movie DVDs, check for them online. Purchasing more than two items, you should look for promotion codes and discount coupons.

What are you tips to be a Happy Mum?