how make money internetFor many years if I wanted to earn more money it meant I needed a second job. It wasn’t too bad although the hours were long. When I was studying my Honours degree I was employed by 3 companies. I worked nights as a Main Foyer Commissionaire collecting tickets for patrons visiting the theatre, during the day I worked for the university as a Casual demonstrator for first year Microbiology and on weekend I worked as a Sales person at the Myer Department Store. When I graduated and started my first full time job I was happy to quit my weekend work but then I swapped my night time gig from ticket collection to specimen testing as a night scientist at medical laboratory all while working full time else where. Yes it was hard work but it enabled me to save up for a house deposit and a holiday to Europe. When I had kids working one job was hard enough but its almost impossible to leave the house to work a second job. So the question arose How do people make money on the internet?

Here are the ones I have tried and work

1. eBay or other auction website like QuickSales and Amazon

When I started to make money on the internet I started with eBay. I have two successful Aunties who started on eBay and I followed suite. I am not just talking about selling your old stuff but actually researching a market, opening a wholesale account, importing or drop shipping and selling on eBay. Don’t start before you read The Magic of Making Money on eBay for strategy and steps to scale up.

2. Blogging

Everyone knows you can make money blogging but noone tells you how. Writing content on a page is only one piece of the puzzle. The second part is generating traffic to your blog. How do people find your blog? and that is what Internet Marketing is all about. The best blogging platform and Internet marketing course is the Empower Network. Once you have traffic you can sell all types of things on your blog. This includes banner advertisments, text advertisments, affiliate products, and your own products. These are all multiple streams of in income where you earn money by either a commission, per click or per sale.

3. Freelancing

A lot of  people make money on the internet by freelancing. Do you have a current expertise or service you can sell online? Examples are graphic design, copywriting, programming, coaching, or even as a Virtual Assistant (VA). Check out or odesk for both ideas of the types of freelances sought as well as how to advertise your skills.

4. Domain name or website flipping

The closest I have got to earning money selling a domain name was when I had an enquiry to buy Although my trip to the South Pole never eventuated another explorer was embarking on the expedition and wanted to buy the domain too. Negotiation s never really started before he settled with .org instead (which reminds me if you have a good brand don’t forget to register it

how do people make money on the internetin multiple domains if you need too). Domain name flipping is like real-estate buying old websites with good keywords, redesign and sell them.

If you are good at setting up niche websites this can also be a good strategy. Go to and check out the websites for sale. There are some gems.

5. Selling Handmade Goods

Like eBay there are specialty online websites targeting handmade, artistic and crafted products. Check out etsy and you are in heaven if you love this stuff. The disadvantage of selling handmade goods though is leveraging your time. How many hours does it take to create your product. Is the cost less than the profit? Make sure if is something you are passionate about and if you want to make some serious income look at ways you can outsource and leverage parts of the marking process.

All of these ways to make money on the internet involve a product and service and then internet marketing to promote yourself to an audience to buy your product. I think what most people forget it they might get really excited they have a product or service but don’t know how to do the marketing bit. Your website can be very lonely with no visitors.

To learn how to generate traffic to your product or service to make money on the internet is through the 15K Formula. Brand new for 2013 this Formula Creates $15,000.00 Or More Each Month Using The Most High-Level (Yet Simple) Tactics You’ll Ever Use…” Click here to access the 15K Formula and you will be one of those people who makes money on the internet too. 



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