Some things are just an institution like going to the Royal Ekka Show. I could not remember the last time I ventured to the Brisbane Ekka Show on the exhibition public holiday but this year I braved the crowds to introduce the twins to a day of carnival, Ekka show bags, Dagwood dogs, animals, Ekka rids and strawberry ice-cream.

But what is the best way to take kids to the Ekka Show? Do you have a set routine, structure and budget? After years of going as kid, then being allowed to go with my high school girlfriends under chaperone, then with boyfriends to dismissing it for years, I am now going ahead with my babies and am enjoying it all over again.

 How to do the Ekka Show on a Budget

Brisbane Ekka

  1. My parents took six children to the Ekka Show every year and my most memorable memory were the cut-out tickets my father made. We were all allocated tickets, which read ice-cream, Dagwood dog, 2 X rides, 3 X Show bags etc. When we wanted an item we just handed in our ticket to our parents. I remembered it worked well and helped mum and dad budget food, rides and entertainment for 6 kids!
  2. Kids under 4 are usually free so no excuses and if you get early bird tickets online can save some dollars.
  3. Bring your own snacks. In no way am I saying you you will miss out on all the ekka food but you could save money on water, drinks and some snacks for the kids by bringing them from home.
  4. Realistically limit your Ekka Show bags. The older I got the more I calculated the contents of a chocolate showbag with what I could buy at the supermarket for the same cost and put in in a plastic bag. As kids we were only allowed 3 at a price limit. This year I didn’t bother with Ekka showbags for the girls but mainly the line was so huge by 9am that it kind of turned me off.
  5. I spent $20 on rides for the girls (2 rides each) once I found the little rides suitable for younger children.
  6. I loved all the animals to watch and interact are free! Bonus.
  7. $6 each for a face paint.
  8. There is so much FREE Ekka Show Entertainment so support your local industries.

What are your tips to take kids to the Ekka Show?


Ekka Strawberry IcecreamStrawberry Icrecream Ekka

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