love yourself firstLow self-worth is probably one of the saddest things I can think of.  To think that men, women, and children walk around day in and day out thinking they are not worthy of love or approval.  For one reason or another, they have allowed their thoughts and beliefs to center around the thought that they are simply unworthy and that they are unlovable.

Maybe you have felt this way before or you know others who do. Most likely there are many people that you encounter on a weekly basis who may seem fine on the outside- wearing their smiles and saying the right things- but on the inside they are probably struggling.

Loving yourself means that you completely accept you for who you are despite flaws, mistakes, character defects, etc.  Everyone makes mistakes and absolutely no one is perfect.  I understand that many people look for approval and love from others, but it is your own adoration for yourself that is important first. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t love others until you love yourself first?”

Though that statement is true, it is not entirely true. You can love others and show them love even if you don’t love yourself first, but if you come to a place in which you feel worthy of love and adore yourself, your quality of love for others will simply be better.

You are a divine creation that is worthy of abundant love.  No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you do, you are worthy.  If you have been looking at others to feel loved, you’ve been looking in the wrong places.  This is why so many relationships are in trouble.  People look to their mate to “make” them happy, when in reality no one can “make” you feel happy.  Happiness truly does come from within and when you begin to realize this, you will expect less from others and fall more in love with yourself first

I know of a woman who struggled dearly with low self-worth. She only felt loved when she was doing things for other people and if she did not get recognition or affirmation, she would feel terrible about herself. She was looking for love outside of herself, which was really setting her up for a lifetime of disappointment and frustration.

Finally, after many years of toxic relationship problems, this woman surrendered to the fact that she needed to learn how to love herself and find fulfillment there.  She began focusing less on others and more on her. Someone told her to romance herself so she did. She began doing things that she loved. She paid attention to her own needs.  She devoted time to investing in her personal and spiritual growth.  She began meditating to try to get in touch with her innermost being, which is so full of love, peace, and joy.

Guess what.  After journeying on that path for a year or so, she got to a point in which she felt worthy of love, she adored herself, and she adored others.  She let go of her past and learned how to live in the present, loving abundantly and lavishing her love on others.  She discovered underneath layers and layers of “junk”, there was a love river bubbling inside her, wanting to gush out.  She learned how to let it flow and it is still flowing today.

What about you?  Do you feel worthy of extreme love? Do you adore who you are at your core?  Do you seek affirmation solely from others?

Awaken to the divine, beautiful essence of who you are.

You deserve love. You are loved. You are love.  Love yourself first. Romance yourself. Fall in love with yourself and let the feelings that arise out of that to flow into your loved ones.  Look in the mirror and affirm who you are.

Walk taller with your chin up.

You are worthy.



Believe it.

Be it.

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