gym franchiseTraditionally the brick and mortar type franchises were considered the best alternative to a JOB and if you look at the business directory of Franchise Council of Australia they list over 1,200 franchise opportunities across a range of prices, locations and types. These are legitimate buy yourself a job business with high upfront costs and no guarantees of success but regardless a few years ago a girlfriend and I were considering going into partnership with a Curves gym franchise so it was interesting to learn today’s video of Mike Hobbs also considered a gym franchise model many years ago.

But what would have happened if we went down the franchise route instead of an online business model?

In the video Mike shared an article that discussed what the success rate of a small business loan over ten period. The article concluded the biggest the loan the less failure rate of unpaid loan repayments.


Because there is more skin in the game and the business owner are more motivated for their franchise to succeed. But how much does it cost to buy a franchise?

In the Planet Fitness franchise it costs $1.3 Million Dollars per store. How many years of working in your franchise does it take to pay off $1.3 Million dollars. In comparison with our online business franchise you can be in profit with one sale.

By duplicating the franchise business model we do have the best online business franchise.

Click here for the Benefits of our online business franchise opportunity

Here’s just some of what you will be able to have access to as in your online business franchise…
*Personal ‘Business Plan’ Training
*Unlimited Done-For-You Traffic
*(PBA’s) Your own Personal Business Assistants
*High Converting Sales Funnels
*Offline Business Success Kits
…literally everything you need to put  your business on full autopilot!

We are the ONLY team that has the “Done For You Traffic” and “PBA” (Personal Business Assistants) to help you generate leads and sales on total autopilot! It’s all explained as you go through our step by step videos…

Click this link to find out how we can help you build an Online Franchise instead of investing 1.3 Million for an Offline one!

This Online Business the most inexpensive franchise opportunity!

Make it a great day!


Mike Hobbs Denver

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