Lisa Devereaux reporting back from Denver! I arrived all the way from Australia a few days ago. Spent the last few days catching up with other Empower Network friends and relaxing by catching up with training and a girl best friend shopping….

I have been updating everyone by Facebook so if we have not connect yet drop by and say Hi on my page Living Life to the Nth Degree

dont be a wussyMeanwhile back at home my sisters and mum headed to the Pink concert we had been waiting for a year to attend. When the Denver event date came up it was a double booking but Denver won out. Pink for Dave and Dave – where a 3 day rock concert explodes personal development, mindset and making money online.

Today after an hour and half wait on registration I am IN! LOL I spent the time meeting some great new Prosperity American team friends where we discussed mindset, careers and internet marketing gurus – who is going to snap a photo of some famous faces??. The best kind of fame is Internet Marketing fame. You earn like a rock star but can be completely anonymous to the rest of the world. Rock on!

So I may have passed in my Pink Concert tickets to another in the crowd but I would rather be in this crowd where transformations happen, friends are made and the real guru slayers are.

If that’s not enough Empower have just lifted it up a notch and released a brand spanking NEW video which you can watch right here:-

==>> .Commission Loophole!

D Verengia

Meeting the lovely D Verrengia at the Prosperity Team

Mike Hobbs

Saying Hi from Australia to Mike Hobbs in the Prosperity Team



I am patiently waiting for my friend Lauren Pykett (check out her blog) to arrive. Here is commitment she arrives Friday night and leave Monday morning all the way from Brisbane Australia to the USA. See what inspires people!

In the meantime have fun and keep safe.




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