Bright red flowers in my wealth corner

I am starting a regular segment on my Blog titled “The Law of Attraction in Action.” If you want to submit a short story (200 words) please email me on

I am looking for your everyday stories of success in family, health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Today my little story is attracting wealth.

Problem: A few months ago I was oblivious about what do with my laundry. Being a busy mum and back to work, clothes were haphazardly piling up in the nursery and in the corner of my bedroom floor. At the time I saw no connection between the wealth corner in my bedroom with the beautiful red flowering painting and the dirty laundry piling up in the corner. Until the day the bill arrived. Another $500 bill from the hospital arguing I owed another excess fee for twin number 2. After phone calls with the hospital and private health trying to sort it out, I came to the conclusion it was another bill I would just have to pay.


Solution: As I was learning more about LOA , I requested for the bill to disappear and I started to also look around my house to identify anything amiss. It was the laundry. On suggestion of K from Connect with Spirit. I moved the laundry to its rightful place, the bathroom.

Result: The very next day I received a phone call. The bill was a mistake. I was told to rip up the bill as I no longer had to pay. Yippee! That works for me.

What is your story of the law of attraction in action?