Law of attractionHaving a career that you enjoy is a wonderful feeling. There’s nothing like getting up in the morning with a feeling of happiness as you prepare to head off into work. Too many people settle for jobs that they don’t like or that are so stressful they can’t enjoy them. Granted, sometimes in life you have to take a job that is less than ideal for a season, but know that you don’t necessarily have to stay in such a job.

I’d like to help you realize that you can use the law of attraction to attract your ideal job. If you are going to spend the largest part of your day at a job, it might as well be something that is appealing to you.

The law of attraction is a law that asserts that like attracts like. It basically means that whatever types of thoughts you are thinking or words you are speaking, you are attracting more of the same. If your thoughts and words are positive, then you are attracting more positive things into your life. If your thoughts are negative, you are actually attracting more negative things into your life.

To utilize the law of attraction in getting your ideal job, you must first realize what your ideal job is. What is it that you have been longing to do? Have you dreamed about entering a certain field? Do you wish you could turn your talents and hobbies into a business? Go ahead and brainstorm about possible careers that you think you would enjoy.

Don’t choose a job simply for the prestige or money, but really consider whether you would find fulfillment in the job. A great paycheck is wonderful, but if it is solely the money you are after, you may end up disappointed and unfulfilled in the long run.

Once you have decided upon your ideal career, it is time to put the law of attraction to work for you. A key factor in the law of attraction is using your attention and energy to focus on what it is you want. What you put your attention on, you attract.

Write down a positive statement about your ideal job, such as, “I am so happy and grateful that I am a Massage Therapist.” This positive statement sends out positive vibrations into the universe and the universe will surely send back to you positive things that line up with that statement. It will also increase your vibration, which will allow you to receive what comes your way.

By using positive affirmations and visualizations concerning your ideal job, you will speed up the manifestation of getting it. Start confessing positive statements about being in your career choice, visualize yourself smiling as you go about your work day, and feel the excitement of living out your dream job. These law of attraction tools have been proven effective in helping many people achieve their goals.

At the same time, perform actions that will bring about your ideal job. You may have to take a class, go to college, create resumes and send them out, research, or network with others in effort to begin working in your desired career. Belief plus action will certainly cause the law of attraction to work for you in a wonderful way and before you know it, you will have manifested your ideal job and be smiling from ear to ear each day at work.

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