I am not one to believe in Mondayitis. The problem is people who suffer from Mondayitis just don’t like what they are doing. They don’t like their job. I work. I have a technically good job. I am thankful for employment. But motivation is dragging my heals into the office every morning. My performance review is looming and I confess I get more excited earning a $25 commission than my daily salary combined. So I wonder why I am spending all night on my business, loving the creativity only to wake up each day to spend 8 hours behind a desk pushing administrative papers. Perhaps motivation is not to blame but just that I am doing something I just don’t want to do.

Q. What to do when Motivation is Low?

A. Identify what is it about the activity whether its your job or project that has stopped you concentrating on the task and spending hours on Facebook instead. Here are some solutions: Lower our goals to be more attainable, keep a consistent pace, don’t be a perfectionist, find a signal that actually gets you to take action, purge your to do list and focus on important things first, improve your skills and find personal meaning in the activity.change you

“If you don’t like your job, Quit”

In most cases a lack of motivation has something to do with your job or getting fit. My Holstee Manifesto lined up on my desk screams “If you don’t like your job, Quit” Quitting is not always the answer as I don’t believe in quitting just because something is hard. Quitting in this context is to give you a strong word to find your passion and pursue that instead of what you are doing. Or another way is to focus on developing niche skills in demand and your passion will follow.

However ,who hasn’t heard the quote “Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day” which according to Forbes is Bad Career Advice, out-dated and clichéd. The article reads”

Yes, it’s a wonderful goal to strive for finding work that you enjoy.In fact, it should be a goal for everyone. But this absurd axiom suggests that you can simply take what you already love, turn it into something for which you get paid (meaning, you have clients and bosses and deadlines and obligations…) and it won’t ever feel like anything other than that thing you love.

This is a blatant, hurtful lie that far too many people fall for. And they end up feeling like something is wrong with them, when really something is wrong with the idea they’ve been sold.

When something you love becomes work, it fundamentally—and unavoidably—changes the way in which you interact with it.

Work IS NOT Play

Work is Work.

I think my problem is, I crave creativity. I like to be challenge, given responsibility to manage and test out my ideas. I have a desire to succeed. I love networking with like-minded individuals and learn things that are challenging and inspirational. When I have those then work is a joy. I write my lists. I concentrate and get them done and motivation turns into excitement. But I have got it all backwards. Working for 8 hours during the day in a job I don’t enjoy to losing time with my family and sleep to passionately work online till the early hours of the morning is all backwards! But when you have a dream and desire and doing it part-time like the most of us I trust the tipping point is soon when I don’t have to struggle to get to work to do something I don’t want to do.

What do you think of the quote If you don’t like your job Quit?

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