motorhome holidaysIn January we tried looked at motorhome holidays in Tasmania with the family. We were very excited commenting whether we would love this type of holiday or it would be a disaster and never do it again. I had booked ht motorhome a few months before and selected one that could sleep 5 and had a kitchen, toilet/shower combo. So after 6 nights here are some of my tips and would be loved about a motorhome holiday and holidaying in Tasmania.

1. Have an itinerary that does not include too much driving.

Although I confess I was not the driver the days we spent travelling for 4-6 hours were exhausting. The motorhome lumbered liked a truck and the girls in carseats would be jumping around as it rattled down the road. I spent some time in the back sitting with the girls to keep them occupied and it was not great being bumped around.

2. Consider the full cost of hiring a Motorhome.

The cost of this motor home for us was not a cheap holiday as it was probably the same cost of a 3 star motel every night. With the rental, insurance, petrol and parking in National Parks/Caravan parks still costed about $200 a day.

3. National Parks versus Caravan Parks.motorhome holidays in Tasmania

The first night we stayed at a National Park. After figuring out the honesty system of booking, parking and finding the facilities this night became my favourite night on the trip. There were heaps of families around, a waterfall to walk too, a playground for the kids and wallabies to spot at night. There was a Park Ranger who greeted us and even a campfire late at night which we regrettably deferred for another night thinking there would be another opportunity later. The rest of the trip we stayed at Caravan Parks. This decision was a combination of needing to find a powered site every second day and really the unknown of where we were driving. To say the least some of these parks were very disappointing. Costs ranging from $30 a night plus cost of showers and laundry some of the facilities were substandard at best. We never had an opportunity to have a fire for the kids as none of the caravan parks allowed it. One park was nothing more than a parking lot behind a guy’s takeaway business. Putting my entrepreneurial hat on, Nathan and I started designing our perfect caravan business in our heads – family friendly and on location near the beach. So maybe we just had a bit of bad luck but we should have stuck with the national parks.

What I loved about Motorhome with the kids

1. It really was fun and we all learnt a lot. The girls were involved in maps and locations. It was a new location and environment every day. We kitted the kitchen with some great food and could relax at night playing and enjoying each other’s company. We cheat a little with the occasional TV if we had reception it was turned on for some downtime. The girls and I would go on walks together and one night we went on a little tour to see some fairy penguins. It was a fun trip.

2. Easy to pack up, clean and move on. It was fairly easy to get into a routine very day of waking up, trekking to toilet block, packing up and getting on the road it was fairly easy.

Tip – Have someone who can drive and park this bus! I for the life of me would have been to scared to drive it and in built up cities its difficult to find spots to park. Luckily the towns were small and it was not too much trouble parking on the side of the road.

We may have “cheated” by camping in a Motorhome which had a level of comfort as a 3 star hotel but it was a new family adventure we would consider again. Next time destination New Zealand!

Have you been on a Motorhome holiday?