2015 and already it feels like a very good year. For once I have had no need to read through magazines and newspapers of lofty predictions of what they foresee of your average Aries girl. As I already know it will be a good year. This year routines are changing as the girls start school, we are learning new things like the piano, my work online continues to open up new opportunities and I am getting married. Unfortunately we are starting to grow out of our little blank canvas house. My office had a great spring clean this week to freshen up for the new year but our bedrooms are starting to feel small. The bunk bed I bought to make room in the girls room now just causes more daily arguments as the top bed is now abandoned and no one wants to sleep there. Another year older and wiser and ready to embark on some new adventures. Already I am booked to go to Bali, California, Cook Islands and UK this year. Brilliant. This year I am also getting back to basics with blogging. Blogging for fun and not to be all too stressed on topics, niche marketing, keyword analysis and traffic. After getting stuck in paralysis of analysis of what niche am I in? Making money online? I am not a fashion, pet, food, wedding,,,,, blog. I think I am a “Balanced Life” Blog.

Do you have a balanced life?

Here are the 5 F’s I follow to achieve a balanced life.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Faith
  4. Fitness
  5. Finance

This year in addition to writing goals for each, I am going to check in with each of these every week to make sure it is a good balance and one not being neglected over another I pursue one more strongly.

Happy New Year! And see you here soon,