This isn’t just another twin blog. You know I do love these twin girls and feel very blessed to have them in my life. I haven’t written about the girls much but I can’t believe how beautiful and smart they are growing up. Over the past few months I have been actively learning internet marketing and making money online through various affiliate programs but it can be easy to lose sight of what you love about blogging. I recently had a very experienced and successful online entrepreneur give me feedback that target market wise my poor blog is a mess. You are right, it is. You see my blog is like a moving living object which is my life.

The issue is I started it when I was accepted to go to the South Pole to raise awareness for Bipolar disorder (Tagline “Ski with me to the Last Degree to raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder” ) It had a custom awesome theme. Then 2008 GFC happened, sponsors withdrew and the trek was cancelled. All what is left is the original domain name, The Last Degree.
In 2009 I was new to the technical side and changed hosting overseas and didn’t know how to backup the blog and I lost the original posts.


Moana (left) wanted to wear her ballerina dress to daycare this week.

In 2009 I feel pregnant with twins and starting to blog like other mummy blogs about twins and babies. The blog started to be well received fromĀ  other blogs and forums and facebook from the niche Multiple Mums Blogs.
Then in 2010 I became interest in the Law of Attraction and Entrepreneurship and started to blog about that too (In real life I work at the university as a Project Manager so started to introduce business like posts into the blog).
Then in 2012 I wanted to learn how to make money online. I paid for some good coaching overseas and started to write about that.

Now I have bit of problem dear readers. You may have found me while searching for the following:
1. Bipolar Disorder (it still ranks on Bipolar Alltop top blogs etc)
2. Parents with Twins/Triplets (its registered on heaps on Multiples sites)
3. Law of Attraction (people wanting to learn and practise more about LOW)
4. Various make money from home searches……
5. Business and entrepreneurship…

In real marketing terms I am a bit of target market mess.

Not just another twin blog

So I am ready to give my blog an overhaul. Refocus and stick to one theme or two… I have moved all posts about internet marketing and entrepreneurship over to my other website. Over the next few months I am going to freshen up and clean up this blog as much as I can and maintain fresh content on being a mum to multiples and my other passion of law of attraction. There are some great twin blogs in the blogging sphere and some inspirational blogs which I hope to aspire too. So stay with me. Stay tuned. And send me a comment below.



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