The Top Pinterest Podcasts to Follow

The Top Pinterest Podcasts to Follow

Today’s podcasts are another brilliant way to share information and training online. As podcast listenership grows, so does the content so this inspired me to check out what Pinterest Podcasts there are for people like myself learning as fast as I can how to leverage Pinterest for business. From a quick search for Pinterest specific Podcasts there were only 3 that really focused just on Pinterest Marketing whereas other popular Podcasts were an accumulation of broader topics of Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing. In these other podcasts, Pinterest topics were certainly discussed at time to time but there were only 3 Pinterest Podcasts that continued to track and explore strategies to leverage your business with Pinterest.

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Taking a Stand against Cyberbullying

It amuses me to recall but I am not that old but when I went through high school we only just had the internet and we didn’t have social media. Somewhat I am grateful for as now I am in my 30’s it appears my age is not immune to the effects of cyberbullying in... read more

Fears that started from teenage years

I was asked recently what are you afraid of? I have been doing lots of personal development this past year and part of the process was identifying with your fears and taking responsibility to overcome them. What am I afraid of? Well I used to have a lot of fears that... read more
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