I decided to review my Onlywire Social Media Syndication account to really see if I am getting any value from it and I have decided I have not so I am seriously considering closing my account.

In summary this is what I concluded from checking all my Social Media accounts compared to what traffic I received in the past six months. The advertised benefit of Onlywire is to promote and market your website/blog/brand to the top 50 social networks. Currently to sign up is $9.99 a month. I have been with it for over 6 months but am now considering it a waste of money.

My reasons as follows:

  1.  Not all social media sites are relevant for your content/niche.
  2. The most important Social Networks I consider to drive traffic to my blog can be syndicated for FREE through WordPress Plugins. I didn’t search all of the Social Network sites but I have already syndicated for free Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr and Yahoo. Other free ways to promote your post are browser downloads like Stumbleupon.
  3. I have learnt that if you are not engaging with the Social Media sites it is highly unlikely anyone is going to be reading or sharing your posts. Also each Social Media Site has a different target audience, rules and social structure. For instance I logged onto Reddit recently and automatically all my posts were going to the subreddit “General”. The only way to select the appropriate Subreddit was to do it manually. For instance I would have better chance in posting my articles about Law of attraction in the LOA subreddit groups and likewise anything about parenting in the many parenting subreddits.

So I then trawled through some of the other other 50 social networks. About half I had never heard or visited again since opening an account.

I next checked out NetLog and Tagged.  For months every time I syndicated a post I would get “Friend Requests” from both these sites but they both sound like dating or pick up sites. All my new “Friends” were just interested in chatting and wanting to date/meet me. That’s not the goal here! No traffic from any of these sites have been tracked on my blog.

social media syndication

I popped over to Newsvine and decided my content really didn’t fit in a News site so not to bother.

On the other hand KarmaLynx look ok but after six months none of my posts have been submitted as thought on Onlywire.  It is divided into 10 categories so my articles do fit with Art & Living so I might trial it now but will have to do it manually.

I reacquainted my self with delicious to bookmark my URLs. They say it is one of the most popular social bookmarking services but I’m not really sure I understand how it works.  You can add sharing on your browser.

I am in trouble with Google Plus and they have locked my account. 🙁 I have been testing out TribePro which is a crowd type syndication tool and Google Plus says I have been spamming the account because of all the syndication. So that was not good and trying to work out how I resolve it because I like having the full suite of Google accounts.

Some of the these sites I have never heard of but checked out again were :

  • Kaboodle is a style and shopping site so not relevant to me.
  • Slashdot looks like a Technology submission site so not relevant.
  • Serpd looks good for internet marketing for the Empower Network Blog.
  • MySpace I thought now is mostly music sharing.
  • Folkd looks messy and old and I am just a bit tired now.
  • Diigo looks ok but I am too tired to research it more and requires you to add to your browser.

Most of these site require you to tag, vote and make friends. Mostly I am too busy to do that. Which is why I understand Onlywire helps alleviate syndication by doing it “automatically” but if your content is not targeted, you are not getting the traffic, or you appear to spamming the wrong sites I really don’t think it is good internet marketing and SEO anyway.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what works for you on Social Media Syndication.



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