Training to be an athlete is not just about the physical and technical rigor. Although there is considerable skills required to exceed peak performance, research says sport is actually 80-90% a mental exercise. But where do you go for peak performance mental training? More and more athletes are being referred to sports hypnosis hence let us introduce the Athletes Secret Weapon Online Program. Athletes Secret Weapon was coined after a certain Olympian finding her edge in performance using this sports hypnotherapy program. With the leverage of online delivery the 8-week program will be the same tools, processes and information the World Champions use. Plus You have Australia’s #1 for Sports Hypnosis to guide you on thispeak performance hypnosis journey.

How Peak Performance hypnosis works

It might be you want to enhance your personal athletic performance or are training for the Olympics, hypnosis is a mighty tool for your winning edge. Hypnosis can let go any mental blocks, fears or limiting beliefs you may have that are keeping you from athletic peak performance. Hypnosis also increases your own self-confidence in yourself and your skills, assisting you to focus on a successful outcome, instead of fearing a poor performance. Hypnosis can also support an athlete acquire the intense focus required to be at the top in his sport. Hypnosis can help an athlete overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters which can make the difference between winning a gold medal and coming in 5th place.

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Techniques used in sports hypnosis for peak performance

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Imagery or visualisation are effective self-hypnosis techniques. An example is a gymnast visualising every movement of her routine over and over or a golfer visualising every swing. These techniques help you quiet your mind, release stress and become 100% focused on the game. The power of hypnosis can help you conquer your mind and achieve amazing levels of success.

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon Online Program

The Athletes Secret Weapon online program is your training for the mind. What you will receive is…

  • 8 week structured program
  • The same tools, processes and information World Champions use!
  • Every process, worksheet and MP3 audios are downloadable for ongoing success.

The total cost is $659 + 10%  GST Athlete’s Secret Weapon is an Online program only. But what about if you are not not a professional athlete or not training for the Olympics. Will this program help me too? YES!

Hypnosis can help you attain higher levels of performance in whatever sport you play. The benefits of an online hypnosis program means you can refer to the online program at any time without appointments and regular visits to the hypnotherapist. You can learn various  self-hypnosis techniques to create positive expectation in your choses sport. You may find your performance improving much more than you thought possible!

Start athletes secret weaponnow to access the Athletes Secret Weapon Online program 

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