I thought I would participate in Shell’s linky – posting a favourite baby picture from the Blog, Things I Can’t Say, Rockin’ the Baby.

I confess I am really disappointed on my hospital-just-born baby photos. I blame the camera as being old and defunct. I confess I did bring the video camera but did not really use it. The photos we did take were mostly out of focus and not really pretty. Unlike my friends who have files and files of beautifully digitally crafted photos. I think for the most of the week I was a little overwhelmed and there was noone really around with a camera to take lots of photos. However here are my favourite ones.


6 days old. Juggling twins (37 weeks/1 week old) - camera phone

Twins crying

Newborn twins crying - unposing camera phone of "what the hell am I doing!" (40 weeks now/4 weeks old)


smiling with daddy

New camera :). This is another spur of the moment photo Moana at about 5 months old with daddy.


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