Hi people, in this article I will address how subliminal audio messages can help you change your mindset.

What are subliminal messages

First, let’s talk about what subliminal audio messages are.

For those that do not know, subliminal audio messages are messages that communicate with your unconscious mind by sending positive subliminal affirmations to it directly.

They send positive affirmations over and over, as long as you take the time to listen to the subliminal audio. If you do listen to subliminals consistently over a period of a few weeks, you should gradually be able to have positive mindset and an optimistic outlook on life, full of hope, desire, motivation, passion and courage to go after what you have always wanted, but didn’t dare.

This is achieved trough repetition. Like all learning we did from the time we came to this world, what we repeat enough times we learn. It gets ingrained into our (subconscious) minds.

Subliminal audio vs positive affirmations

If you repeat positive affirmations like “I always notice the positive side in situations” enough times, you will eventually really start seeing the positive side of everything, instead of the negative.

subliminal-messagingWhat differs when you “hear” the same messages with subliminal audio is that they communicate with the subconscious directly.

First let me just say that I put “hear” in brackets as you do not actually hear the subliminal messages. They pass below the level on which you can consciously hear them, and that is the reason they work.

Allow me to elaborate.

The two parts of our minds

We all have the conscious and the unconscious mind. To really understand subliminal messages you need to understand the relationship between those two parts of your mind.

First, the unconscious mind controls the way you will feel, behave and act. It is the part of the mind that we all developed first, when we were babies.

But, like babies or small kids, that part of the mind is suggestible and believes anything an authority figure would tell it.

That is why we developed the conscious mind. It is meant to protect the subconscious by being a “scanner” of thoughts and messages. Our conscious mind scans the thoughts (both our own, and those coming from other people or the media in the form of messages) and discards the ones it considers harmful.

Unfortunately “harmful” thoughts are all thoughts we do not believe in deep down. So, if you do not really believe yourself to be an optimist, but want to become one, and you start using positive affirmations, chances are that the conscious mind will screen those out before they can even reach the unconscious mind and really influence you.

The benefits of using subliminal audio

Positive subliminal audio messages are sent on frequencies we are not able to hear with our conscious mind, but our unconscious does receive them and can act upon them.

You can hear some relaxing sounds of nature, fire or similar sounds so you know that subliminal audio is playing and working.

I know it is hard to grasp how effective subliminal messages can be without trying them out first, so I suggest you get a free subliminal audio mp3 file and test it out right now.

When you do, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

I wish you a happy and positive day!

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