I recently attended one of the Connect With Spirit Women in Business workshops titled “For Business Success, Work Smarter Not Harder Lightworkers.” Dr Michael and K – whom are internationally renowned healers, teachers, speakers, clairvoyant teach how people can utilize the law of attraction to attract more money into their lives starting with your business.  They understand that the principle behind the law of attraction really does work, so they teach us how to line up your thoughts, which raises your vibrations to the vibration of abundance. We were taught that it is OK to love money and its ok to say out loud affirmations of “I am a Money Magnet!”

There are surefire ways that you can attract more money as well.  The first thing you can do is change the way you are thinking.  If you are harboring negative thoughts about money or abundance, it is time to retrain your brain into thinking positive thoughts.  Take some time to evaluate how your thought life is doing.

Your beliefs about money are incredibly significant.  A belief is a thought that you keep on thinking over and over.  If you think thoughts like, “I’m never going to get ahead” or “why am I so broke all the time?”, then you will not be attracting money. Those types of thoughts lower your vibration level and you want your vibration level to be a high frequency so that it attracts abundance.connect with spirit

It is a good idea to declare ahead of time that no matter what you are facing in the natural realm, you are going to see past the natural and see the spiritual aspect. The natural eyes will look at the balance in the check book and think, “Darn, it’s not enough.” The spiritual eyes, the believing eyes, will look at it and say, “I’m so happy and grateful that I have abundance filling my life in every way!”

Learn to ask for what it is what you want, then believe that you have it whether you see it or not, and do you know what will happen? It will manifest.  One day out of nowhere the heavens will begin pouring out abundance and each day you will be noticing it more and more.  It might not always happen in the timeframe that you want, but keep believing and expecting and it will come.

Increase your vibrational level.

Each person has a vibrational frequency and it can be at different levels.  Low frequency vibes attract negative or unwanted things into your life, like lack, stress, and unfortunate situations. High frequency vibes attract more positive things in your life, like money, health, favor, and more.  You can learn to increase your vibrational level in order to see more positive things manifest in your life.

Reciting positive affirmations will certainly increase your vibrational level.  Engaging in activities that you love will have the same effect. When you do something you love, you feel so happy, which gives you good vibes. I’m sure you have met people who just have such positive vibes about them. Perhaps they understand the law of attraction and practice it daily.

Carry a hundred dollar bill around with you.

I’ve heard several personal development professionals state that when they were learning how to tap into the power of the laws of attraction to attract more money, they carried a $100 bill in their wallet all the time. They would not spend the money, but they would mentally spend it all the time.

They would see something they liked for $100 or less and would say, “I could buy that right now.”  It made them feel good. It raised their vibrational level. They mentally spend thousands of dollars every week and they will testify that the more they did that, the more money would come into their hands.  Their thoughts and speech increased their vibes and attracted more money.

You can attract more money just like these men did. I have personally not tried this technique but I am going to give it ago.

Heed these tips and continue learning more about the powerful law of attraction to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. You can have it!


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