The Beach Bum Millionaire
The Beach Bum Millionaire visualizes a lifestyle of making money while on holidays. This is the ultimate work life balance of perpetual freedom to live your life away from the traditional norm of getting a job and working by the hour.

This book, The Beach Bum Millionaire, How to Build a Million Dollar Business The Lazy Way by fellow Australia entrepreneur Anthony Khoury does just that. It inspires you seek opportunities in online businesses and teaches you how to market your business online with over 30 short chapters of core value.

Meet Anthony Khoury and why you should listen to him. I was very excited to have a chat with Anthony on the phone one afternoon and quickly got into discussion about affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship. Anthony has built very successful online businesses by quickly learning the online business and marketing mix, which can be applied again and again no matter what your business venture.

Why should you buy this book?

Have you ever wanted to be paid for your skills and value instead of been limited by a pay scale? Have you ever wanted to travel and earn an income to support that lifestyle? Or if you just wanted more from life to do the things you really wanted to do and support the family like you dream of. Then one answer is learning how to start an online business from someone who did it not once but several times over.

Time is not wasted in this book as it gives pure direction and content. Learn where to find opportunities, research your market and turn your idea into an online business while using the authors’ real life experience as basis for the case study. Discover the importance of mindset, the advantages of an online business with a tight budget, fun outsourcing tips and even the nitty gritty of how to manage staff and hire an assistant.

Be a Problem Solver and not a Salesperson

Going into business is exciting; you become the leader and make decisions. I think what most people forget when they start to promote their business online is they don’t know how to generate traffic to their website or product on offer. That is the key to Internet Marketing so I was very happy to discover Anthony Khoury had focused the second half of his book to Marketing the Business.

Some of these techniques are secrets of the internet gurus but you will find them all listed in The Beach Bum Millionaire. Anthony will walk you through the anatomy of a website, the importance of a sales funnel and the social media and marketing techniques to get your customer there. No matter what your product if you plan to sell it online than this book is a must for your library or perfectly bookmarked for that trip to the beach.

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