I own a lonely green Fitball. I bought my Fitball when I am sure every gym group exercise listed Fitball Class in its timetable.  But where has the group class gone? I don’t know when but somehow I miss its drop from the program. Fitball was one of those classes I did join in. The instructor would inform you there were two sizes of ball, as the ladies (usually always women) would scramble to the corner with the balls. You would sit and wobble, jump in the air and bounce around in circles, sit ups and push up and holding balls in your knees. Fun but absolutely ridiculous. I suppose the fitballs took up too much room so they disappeared.

Later in my attempt of fitness adventure I tried a class called BodyJam. It is one of the Les Mills franchise programs that sits with BodyPump, BodyBalance and BodyStep. I wasn’t too bad by the time of weeks of practice I could do some moves only to see the program change. I see on my Fitness First Program poor Jam was guzumped for Zumba.  So I rocked up to my first Zumba class on my birthday ready to start a new year trying something new. And no. I did not get it. I must be the only one who could get the groove. As much as I think I like Latin music (I dFitball_Group_Fitness_Classid go to South America when I was 18) the groove just did not get me. Then again anything more complicated than the grapevine always gets my left foot stepping on my right.

On the other hand, Bodypump is ok but just a bit boring. It’s predictable and besides from the change of music the moves are the same – warm up, quads, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lunges. Same repetitive moves while I stare at the clock praying for the time to hurry up and end.

I don’t mind an Aqua aerobics class. I should have done more of those when I was pregnant. But I confess I probably never work out as hard as I should in the pool but the ladies are lovely, they wear lipstick in the pool and they all go out for tea and scones after. Never joined them though.

Today I went to my first Thump Boxing class.  My personal trainer had dumped me a fortnight ago (its not you, its me – here is half your money back) and I had enjoyed boxing back in my hiking Kokoda days. My smugness soon turned into exhaustion as super fit women (once again it is women who take up group exercise) ran circles around me. The sit up and punches were a killer and my little petite partner kept chanting about a non existent vision of me in bikinis as a source of motivation. Argh I miss the Fitball class.

Now the poor lonely Fitballs at the gym only sit in the warm up and core exercise corner never to join a group again.

What classes do you enjoy?


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