If you are like me, going to the gym can be overwhelming. There is so much equipment to chose from and some look very similar. Two such equipment are the elliptical and the treadmill.  Both are very popular for losing weight but what is the difference?.  These fitness equipments are found at the maximum number of gyms and home gyms around the world and the reason behind this is simple-they are highly effective. Whether it is toning your legs or shaping your glutes, burning calories or losing weight, treadmill like NordicTrack commercial 1750 and elliptical are the number one choice for most people. But when it comes to choosing one from these two for losing weight, people face as much confusion as choosing where to buy an elliptical trainer and treadmill from.

To help you with making this choice, we have brought a detailed comparison between an elliptical and a treadmill:

  • A treadmill is one of the best cardio machines out there. It is tried and tested and emulates the natural motion and movements of those who use it. It serves multiple purposes of walking, jogging and running and can be adjusted in terms of speed, incline and resistance. Working out on a treadmill on a regular basis can help you to improve your heart health.
  • The elliptical on the other hand is a relatively newer machine, but helps you to burn the same amount of calories as the treadmill does. This machine targets both your upper and lower body since it also has moving handles that can also be used. It has a gilding foot motion which helps you get toned legs.
  • When it comes to burning of calories for losing weight, then the elliptical proves to be a little better and more efficient than the treadmill. The amount of effort you apply on an elliptical to lose the same amount of calories is less than the treadmill. Even though the intensity of workout on a treadmill may be high, people tend to get worked up or tired sooner and this may lead them to shortening their treadmill workout time period.
  • An elliptical is a cross trainer which allows you to work both your upper body and your lower body. This machine not only facilitates front motion but also reverse strides. You can train both your arms and both your legs at the same time and hence target several different body parts at the same time. In case of a treadmill, your arms do not get any workout and the main attention is on the legs and thighs.

It is difficult to say which machine will help you lose weight more efficiently because the actual amount of calories burnt depends upon the intensity and time of the workout. For example, if you are working out on the treadmill regularly for a longer period of time then it will prove more effective than using the low impact elliptical. However if you are using more resistance in your elliptical workout and spend the same time on the treadmill only walking, then elliptical proves to be a better machine in terms of weight loss. Thus it is best to go for a combination workout.

Which one do you prefer?

Group of people running on treadmills

Group of people running on treadmills

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